Stunning Speed is a mod that increases reload speed and status chance by 10% and 2.5% per rank for a maximum of 40% and 10%, respectively.


Rank Reload speed Status chance Cost
0 +10% +2.5% 6
1 +20% +5.0% 7
2 +30% +7.5% 8
3 +40% +10.0% 9


  • Stunning Speed is additive with similar mods. For example, a Sicarus Sicarus with a max rank Stunning Speed and Mod TT 20pxSure Shot will have a 6% × (1 + 10% + 15%) = 7.5% status chance.
  • This mod doesn't directly reduce reload times; it increases reload speed. The calculations are far different, and that can cause some confusion.
    • The calculation of reload time using reload speed as a variable is almost the same with melee charge speed, which is Base Reload Time÷(1+ Reload Speed Bonus).
    • The 40% reload speed bonus at max rank equates to a ~29% reduction to reload times. You can calculate the reduction as 1-(1÷(1+s)), where s is your total reload speed bonus.
  • Stacking this with Mod TT 20pxQuickdraw should reduce reload times by 47%.


Patch History

Update 9.0
  • Introduced.
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