A Stress Test is a development tool accessible by players used to measure Memory Leaks. Four variations of the tool can be accessed from the login page that consists of endlessly spawning Grineer, Corpus, Infested units, or Warframes. The player is not present in the environment and is confined to being a spectator, using a camera that focuses on a single entity.

How to utilize a Stress Test[]


grineer.outbreak in Login Screen

  1. Login to your own account, open the menu and go to Options > HUD > Show FPS. Show your in-game FPS counter (so you can see how much RAM the game-code is using)
  2. Quit the game and disable any overlays that are accessible in-game; this may include the Steam overlay, GeForce Experience, or streaming overlays.
  3. Relaunch the game and login (no password is required) as either:
    • grineer.outbreak – Grineer vs Infested
    • corpus.outbreak – Corpus vs Infested
    • crossfire – Grineer vs Corpus
    • hostile.takeover – Rathuum Executioners vs Index Brokers
  4. Record the in-game RAM value and the Commit Size for Warframe in Task Manager.
  5. Let it run for a fixed amount of time (30 minutes to an hour is recommended).
  6. Compare memory values from the start.


Warframe Stress-Test Easter-Egg
Warframe Development Tool - Stress Test.

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