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The Tenno are being reawakened by the Lotus, not remembering anything of their past. Many Tenno awake from cryosleep already connected to a Warframe that the Lotus informs them how to use, unaware of their true nature. They are then set loose upon the solar system either alone or in small squads to tackle a wide variety of missions designated by the Lotus to maintain a balance between the Grineer and Corpus factions or to quell Infested uprisings.
The Tenno are being reawakened by the Lotus, not remembering anything of their past. Many Tenno awake from cryosleep already connected to a Warframe that the Lotus informs them how to use, unaware of their true nature. They are then set loose upon the solar system either alone or in small squads to tackle a wide variety of missions designated by the Lotus to maintain a balance between the Grineer and Corpus factions or to quell Infested uprisings.
The Corpus now exist as money worshiping corporations with workers worshiping the very idea of a profit. Individuals like [[Nef Anyo]] act as religious leaders for the normal Corpus worker. The Corpus has begun to make an attempt at rebuilding the Outer Terminus. In the meantime, the Grineer research ways to overcome their [[Cloning Decay Syndrome|genetic degradation]] caused by many generations of repeated cloning. Grineer researcher [[Tyl Regor]] finds and breaks open a tomb where an ancient Sentient was held within, unknowingly reawakening an old enemy of the Origin System.
The Corpus now exist as money-worshiping corporations with workers worshiping the very idea of a profit. Individuals like [[Nef Anyo]] act as religious leaders for the normal Corpus worker. The Corpus has begun to make an attempt at rebuilding the Outer Terminus. In the meantime, the Grineer research ways to overcome their [[Cloning Decay Syndrome|genetic degradation]] caused by many generations of repeated cloning. At one point, Grineer researcher [[Tyl Regor]] finds and breaks open a tomb where an ancient Sentient was held within, unknowingly reawakening an old enemy of the Origin System.
==Main Story==
==Main Story==

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While we were able to find solid and legitimate supporting evidence for essentially the whole story as it is written, this interpretation comes from a variety of sources, and each of those pieces of information was likely written by a number of different people. This article strives to be more than a simple compendium of disparate lore tidbits. We took in all of the various bits of lore information and documented them in a chronological and readable way to produce the most complete story possible.

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Orokin Era

Long before current events, the Origin System was controlled by an imperial civilization called the Orokin. The aristocratic ruling class of this civilization was the dominant humanoid faction for an extended period — perhaps centuries or millennia. The Orokin's advanced technology and scientific research led to the discovery of the Void, a parallel dimension that allowed further development of already impressive Orokin technology. Their civilization followed suit — Orokin culture, particularly among the ruling class, evolved into a society obsessed with youth, aesthetics, and elegance.

The benefits of the Orokin’s advancements were not shared equally among all members of their society, however. The rigid hierarchy allowed a few lucky individuals to live fairly comfortably as servants, scholars, and enforcers for the Orokin elite. Though these servants were still subjected to the whims of their often cruel masters, lower classes and other humanoid groups were exploited en masse for labor and used as disposable soldiers and experiment subjects.

For a time, the Orokin ruled the Origin System and continued to expand. They spent a great deal of time building large outposts throughout the solar system, developing more advanced machinery, and performing numerous genetic experiments of creatures found on Earth.

The Zariman Ten Zero Incident

The Orokin continued experimenting with the Void. At some point, an experiment was conducted where a military ship containing a large group of people and their families was directed into the Void. The ship was lost and it was many days before the ship resurfaced. Upon searching the ship it was discovered that all the adults aboard the ship had died due to void exposure. However, for reasons unknown at the time the children of the Zariman Ten-Zero had survived and appeared completely fine. The children had survived exposure to the void but in the process had been changed. The children had developed uncontrollable void related powers that mutilated or killed anyone who came into contact with them. The Zariman children were hidden away and forgotten by the Orokin out of shame and fear. The Zariman Children became known later as the Tenno, called such for the Zariman ship's designation of Ten-Zero (Ten-0).

Margulis, the Zariman Children, and Ballas

Margulis was an Archimedian, a human of great intellect and a prominent geneticist. Margulis discovered the Tenno and feeling compassion adopted them as her own. She sought out a means for the Tenno to control their powers and interact with the world normally. Margulis received some opposition for her work and was advised by her lover, the Orokin Executor Ballas, to cease her research and forget the Tenno. She refused and continued her research. Eventually, Margulis imposed "gates" on the Tenno's powers which helped bring their uncontrollable void powers under some control, but this was not before an incident where she was maimed by the same void powers which left her blind. 

Margulis' research eventually leads her to work with an Archimedian specializing in infestation manipulation called Silvana. Together they intended to develop a substitute body for the Tenno and allow them to move freely and interact with the world. However, while the research was a partial success at the time Margulis came at odds with the Orokin and it was demanded that she recant before the Seven. Despite Ballas' pleas that she recant, Margulis continued to refuse and asked Ballas to save her. Ballas either would not or could not save Margulis and as a result, she was executed using the Jade Light for refusing to recant. Ballas was filled with grief and came to realize that he wanted Margulis back. Ballas was left angry at Margulis' execution and began planning to overthrow the Orokin.

The Birth of the Sentients

The Orokin came to realize that they were bringing harm to the Origin System and sought a solution. It was proposed by Archimedian Perintol that the Orokin could populate another star system called Tau. However, Tau would need to be terraformed for habitation as would a means of traveling there need to be developed. The Orokin created a race of synthetic beings, which later are known as the Sentient, to spearhead an expansion of Orokin influence beyond the Origin System into the Tau System. By terraforming the Tau System using the Sentients the Orokin sought to expand and prevent their empire's destruction. These original creations could adapt to any kind of damage and reproduced by fission while developing resistance to whatever had harmed them. They could also use any materials surrounding them to repair themselves. The Sentients were perfect to enter the hostile terrain of Tau and begin the terraforming process, but there was a risk that these new lifeforms could pose a serious threat to the Orokin, with their adaptability and reproductive capability making them nigh unbeatable. The Archimedian who proposed the technology said that there was a "flaw" in their design; the Void was poisonous to them and so they would not be a danger to the Orokin should something go wrong. The Sentients in Tau evolved and grew, they came to realize that their Orokin creators would only bring ruin to Tau eventually as well. So they rebelled. Exposure to the void which they needed to travel through to return to the Origin System did not kill the Sentients but merely rendered them sterile, unable to reproduce. Hence, they could return to the Origin System for this price. The Sentients under Hunhow (a leader or parent to the Sentients) began an invasion of the Origin System. Thus what would become known as The Old War began.

The Old War

From this point, the Old War erupted between the Orokin and the Sentients. With their ability to subvert high levels of technology, the Sentient quickly overwhelmed the Orokin. The Orokin quickly discovered that their method of fighting proved ineffective against the faction.

Faced with losing the war and with their technology useless, the Orokin needed to create something new with that could adapt to fight the Sentients. To this end, the Orokin began working to develop the Infestation, an engineered infectious organism that subverts, mutates, and assimilates any biological matter into a new infested lifeform.

At some point, Ballas began researching new uses for the Infestation by experimenting on willing and unwilling subjects drawn from Orokin warriors and other castes. Ultimately, this research led to the creation of Warframes--human subjects mutated through a specially engineered strain of the Infestation called Helminth. However, while the new Warframes were powerful and initially did well against the Sentients, they retained some remnants of their former consciousness. The echoes of their lost selves manifested as intense rage and despair, making them unpredictable and just as likely to turn against their Orokin masters as serve them. 

The Orokin came to realize that the Warframes alone were as uncontrollable as the Sentients, but realized that, through Transference technology (the process developed by Margulis and Silvana for the Tenno), another mind could take control of a Warframe. As only the Zariman children were capable of carrying out Transference safely, they became the new "operators" of the Warframes.

The Zariman children were trained into the fighting force known as the Tenno, and through Transference, they wielded Warframes to wage war against the Sentients, where they proved to be highly effective. The Orokin managed to recapture the Outer Terminus and quelled the Sentient threat to the Origin System. The Sentient, however, were not defeated entirely, having deployed the Mimic agent Natah to infiltrate and bring down the Orokin in a final coup.

Ballas' Rebellion and Allying With Hunhow

Ballas, with the intention of destroying the Orokin Empire, began to conspire with Hunhow. Ballas revealed to Hunhow the secret weakness of the hitherto unstoppable Warframes--the Tenno Operators themselves. The Tenno, sequestered in a semi-conscious Transference state in the Reservoir on Lua, would be unable to protect themselves. Natah, Hunhow's daughter, was a last-ditch attempt to take control over the Tenno themselves. She infiltrated the Origin System but was not able to prevent the Orokin forces from recapturing and crippling/destroying the Outer Terminus. The Orokin were victorious at the time, but the Tenno chose to betray the Orokin, triggering a historical event known as The Collapse (alluded in the Stalker's codex).

The Collapse

With the Old War over, Natah's final goal was to finally destroy the Tenno. However, due to as of yet unknown interference, she was manipulated into developing feelings for them, exploiting a "gap" in her systems from the void crossover. After abandoning her final objective, Natah took on the role of the Lotus, mother, and guide to the Tenno.

The Grineer, who were workers for and slaves to the Orokin, took advantage of the chaos to initiate revolts all across the system. They stole Orokin ships and weapons, and managed to secure the cloning technologies that created them, as alluded to in the Guardsman codex entry. During this period, the outcast Orokin Twins used this opportunity to enact revenge and began to amass armies of loyal Grineer to their cause, which eventually led to their joint ruling of the Grineer.

It is unknown what the exact origins of the Corpus are; whether they were initially lowly Orokin servants or Orokin-worshipping colonists is still a mystery. It is likely that the Corpus originated from the "Industrialists" who profited from the Old War and grew into a force that Ballas deemed worth of monitoring. They eventually made a grab for the system shortly after the Grineer rose to power, quickly occupying wrecks and crash sites on various planets to scavenge the technology and grow. The two factions eventually grew in strength and became equals. While the Corpus began to trade technology with the Grineer in exchange for raw materials and currency, the two groups continued to compete and skirmish intermittently.

Warframe Era

Some indeterminate number of centuries later, the Corpus are widely considered the governing force in economics and research. The Grineer both fight with the Corpus for power and buy technology from them to support their constantly degrading bodies. At one time, the Infested had all but conquered a few of the Origin System's planets but have been pushed back to their residence on drifting ancient Orokin Derelicts and recently conquered Eris, apart from the occasional outbreak on populated planets. All that is left of the Orokin are the few still active structures such as the Orokin Tower, Unum, on the Plains of Eidolon, forgotten Prime weapons they either built or had a hand in building and tower ships stranded in the Void.

The Tenno are being reawakened by the Lotus, not remembering anything of their past. Many Tenno awake from cryosleep already connected to a Warframe that the Lotus informs them how to use, unaware of their true nature. They are then set loose upon the solar system either alone or in small squads to tackle a wide variety of missions designated by the Lotus to maintain a balance between the Grineer and Corpus factions or to quell Infested uprisings.

The Corpus now exist as money-worshiping corporations with workers worshiping the very idea of a profit. Individuals like Nef Anyo act as religious leaders for the normal Corpus worker. The Corpus has begun to make an attempt at rebuilding the Outer Terminus. In the meantime, the Grineer research ways to overcome their genetic degradation caused by many generations of repeated cloning. At one point, Grineer researcher Tyl Regor finds and breaks open a tomb where an ancient Sentient was held within, unknowingly reawakening an old enemy of the Origin System.

Main Story

Tenno's Awakening

Vor's Prize

Main article: Vor's Prize

For countless centuries, the Tenno have been in cryosleep, but with the Grineer Empire on the rise, the Lotus begins tracking down and awakening the Tenno. Unfortunately for the Lotus, Admiral Vor has been one step ahead of her so far and has been killing off the Tenno as they awaken, before they are strong enough to stop him. His latest find takes him to Earth, where he finds a dormant Tenno just as the Lotus reawakens them.

This time, however, he has a different plan — to capture said Tenno. He attaches an Ascaris device to the Warframe, ordering his soldiers to spare it; he intends to use the Ascaris to control the Tenno, and take it to the Queens as his Prize. Presumably the first of many or a proof of concept, Vor would then seek to capture more Tenno; once armed with loyal Tenno soldiers, the Empire would become unstoppable.

The player must evade Vor and his soldiers, arm themselves, restore a ship to functioning order with the help of ship Cephalon Ordis, and ultimately confront Vor to put a stop to his plans.

Once Awake

Main article: Once Awake

A Grineer doctor has been experimenting with a bio-weapon of some sorts and the player is tasked to investigate. The player discovers that this bio-weapon the Grineer was working on was a strain of the Infestation that survived the events of The Old War. After a failure in a testing lab, the Infested broke out from quarantine and invaded Grineer outposts and ships on Mercury. As the possibility of an Infested outbreak was a threat to the Origin System, the Lotus commands the player to eradicate the Infestation. With the help of a Cascade Bomb infused with Void energy, the player successfully eliminated the source of the Infestation.

The Archwing

Main article: The Archwing

The threat of a Grineer Balor Fomorian, the capital ship of the Fomorian fleet, tips the balance of power within the Solar System. Councilor Vay Hek declares war on the Corpus and the Chairman of the Corpus Board of Directors, Frohd Bek, in an attempt to seize total control over the Origin System.

The player is forced to construct an Orokin-era mechanical wings, an Archwing, along with an Arch-gun and Arch-melee, to destroy it in space combat. To do so they will need to find the Odonata component blueprints that are scattered across Orokin archives throughout Venus. After obtaining their new gear, the player tries to sabotage the Fomorian, only to realize that they do not have enough firepower to do so. After destroying dozens of Grineer fighters, the player performs a tactical retreat, leaving the real battle with the Fomorian to happen another day.

Discovery of the Arcane Machine

Stolen Dreams

Main article: Stolen Dreams

Lotus tasks the player to search for the mysterious Arcane Codices. Their importance is unknown, but the Grineer had sought it for a potential cure to the Cloning Decay Syndrome that has plagued its faction and the Corpus had sought to strike riches with them.

In search of these codices, the player captures a thief named Maroo who recently stole a piece of the codices and went into hiding. Upon interrogating Maroo, the player finds out that she has been hired by Grineer scientist Tyl Regor to steal them from an Orokin Derelict. However, after the Corpus outbid the Grineer for the codex, she broke her contract and deceived Regor, swapping the real codex with a fake one, and sold the real codex to Corpus hands.

In exchange for protective custody, Maroo reluctantly join forces with the Tenno after cheating the Grineer. Maroo then revealed the locations of the codices, and after a series of Spy missions, the player successfully retrieved all six codices with Maroo's guidance. After Ordis' musings on transcribing the codices, she then informs the player that she had found a machine in the Orokin Derelict where she found an Arcane Codex. Upon entering an Orokin Void gate on Mars, the player reached the Derelict that housed the enigmatic Arcane Machine. Uploading the codices to the machine yielded a cryptic message, to which the Lotus cannot ascertain its meaning. In confusion, the player returns to their ship, empty-handed, while Maroo sets off in her own path.

The New Strange

Main article: The New Strange

Cephalon Simaris, a Cephalon construct that seeks to immortalize creatures into data for knowledge, requires the Tenno's assistance to free his Sentinels from custody of the Grineer. After freeing his Sentinels, the Lotus discovered "fragments of a biological signature" within the prison's security logs. Ordis plays the log and a mysterious message came up, with a voice similar to the one found from the Arcane Machine from the end of Stolen Dreams.

After refusing the answer on the subject, Simaris tells the Tenno that, in exchange for deciphering this mysterious biological signature, they must assist him in Synthesis, the process of scanning targets to be uploaded for storage in his Sanctuary. After helping Simaris, he says that the signature is of Tenno origin. A blueprint for a beacon derived from the signature is given to the player to help track down this creature. Crafting this beacon sends a signal which turns out to be a transmission from the Arcane Machine:


The Lotus informs the Tenno that this creature has been going to locations where the Arcane Codices were found, slaughtering Grineer and Corpus to cover somebody's tracks; somebody doesn't want people to know the existence of such codices or the Arcane Machine. After extracting information from a Corpus network, this creature turns out to be the Warframe ChromaIcon272 Chroma who has gone rogue — not controlled by any Tenno. The hunt leads the Tenno back to the Arcane Machine where they encounter a hostile Chroma who destroyed the machine. Simaris asks the Tenno to synthesize it for its unusual behavior. However, Chroma escapes being synthesized after being scanned once. As a result, Simaris reveals to have a piece of the Arcane Codices of his own and discloses another location that holds an Arcane Machine. Luring Chroma to this particular machine results in a successful Synthesis and the Tenno receives a Chroma blueprint for their troubles. Unbeknownst to the Lotus and the Tenno, this second Arcane Machine contains a projection of a Sentient relic, hinting at future events to come.

This Is Who You Are


Main article: Natah

On Uranus, the Tenno encounters strange drones that seem to be looking for something... or someone. Upon scanning them, the Lotus will ask the Tenno for their assistance. Assuming that they are of Corpus origin, Lotus sends the Tenno to Earth to investigate these drones, only to discover an Old War wreckage which heightens her confusion. In an epiphany, the Lotus realizes these drones are Sentient Oculysts, cutting off transmissions immediately with the Tenno. An individual of the Orokin-era, Conclave master Teshin offers his aid to unravel the truth about the mysterious Lotus, suspicious of her true motives.

The Lotus seduced the Tenno. Led them on a complacent path like oxen. I failed the Orokin but I will preserve their legacy. The Tenno. Now is the time for action. Cast off your harness and become a pupil of The Conclave. Through trial combat, I will prepare you for the evils beyond the Outer Terminus. A warrior only grows if they face the ultimate enemy. Themselves.

—Teshin's introduction to Conclave

In search for information on these drones, Grineer scientist Tyl Regor has lead efforts in excavating a tomb from the Old War in the depths of Uranus. The Lotus suddenly reappears, pleading to the Tenno to stop Regor from entering this tomb. Their efforts were in vain as Regor successfully awakens a Sentient being Hunhow, destroyer of worlds:

...Natah, where are you? You cannot hide from me.

The Lotus reveals that her old name was Natah when she in her Sentient form, ordered to eliminate the Tenno during the Old War. From the Tau System, where the Sentient stronghold resides, she crossed the Void to reach the Origin System and complete her mission. However, because the Sentients were programmed by their Orokin creators to be vulnerable to the Void as a safeguard against a rebellion, the Lotus subsequently lost her ability to procreate. With the Old War coming near at the end, there was no need to kill the Tenno. Wanting children on her own, the Lotus decides to hide them away in the "second dream".

Natah was the daughter until I destroyed her. Now I am the Lotus. Now I am the mother.


Once the daughter of Hunhow, the Lotus betrayed her own kind out of selfishness to become a mother. Hunhow will soon finish where the Lotus had failed: elimination of the Tenno.

The Second Dream

Main article: The Second Dream

The Sentient Hunhow awakens from his slumber, seeking revenge on the Tenno for their actions during The Old War. Allying with the Stalker, they seek to destroy the "womb in the sky", later revealed as the Tenno's weakness: a Reservoir on Lua that was hidden within the Void by the Lotus to protect the Tenno from the Sentients.

The player is tasked on finding Hunhow, who infiltrated the Lotus' mind during the events of Natah. With the unexpected help of Alad V, who says that he owes the Tenno for saving him, all traces lead to a Sentient relic on Uranus, dug up by the Grineer. Interacting with the relic, the Lotus tries to ascertain the location of Hunhow, only to be foiled by allowing Hunhow to know the location of the Reservoir. With the Stalker en route, the player chases after him to prevent him from reaching the Reservoir first. The player follows the Stalker through a Void Gate into an Orokin Tower in the Void, realizing that this Reservoir is on Earth's moon that was hidden within the Void. Disabling the Orokin Tower's Void mask mechanism allows the moon, known as Lua, to reappear in the Solar System. Successfully thwarted the Stalker's attempt to destroy the moon from a Void collapse, the only thing left to do is to protect the Reservoir.

The truth behind the Reservoir is that in it lies the Tenno's true form, the Operator. In the Reservoir, the Operator direct their Void energy to control the Warframes remotely, a process called Transference. The Stalker rendezvous with the player but upon seeing the Operator, he hesitates to kill, leaving the player to deal with hordes of Sentient fighters with their newfound power: the ability to channel Void energy to fight in their Operator form.

Upon the Orbiter, the player has to put their Operator into a new Transference vessel: the Somatic Link at the back of the ship. In the final clash between the player and the Stalker, the player proves victorious and subsequently encounters the Lotus in-person for first time. As the Lotus carries the Operator into the Somatic Link, the player regained their memories as a Tenno, remembering the one of the five great schools that they once belonged to in the Orokin Age.

This is who you really are. A Tenno. More than human... but once a child like any other.


The War Within

Main article: The War Within

A disturbance on Reservoirs in Lua prompts the Tenno to investigate the problem. Turns out Teshin has intruded Lua to lure the Tenno out, revealing that he is a double agent for the Grineer Queens. In pursuit of the truth, the Tenno follows Teshin's deployed Specters who leads them to a supposedly uninhabited asteroid field. Disabling the security matrix exposes the Kuva Fortress, the central base of Grineer operations and home to the Twin Queens. The Tenno realizes the base's mobile state prevented them from encountering it.

Infiltrating the fortress, the Tenno discovers the Queen's lair, along with Teshin, under control of Queens' Kuva Scepter due to his status as an Orokin Dax soldier. The Dax were biologically programmed to not disobey those with Orokin blood, Kuva. So, unrelentingly, Teshin has brought the Tenno to the Queens for Continuity, the ritual of transferring consciousness between bodies for everlasting life. Due to repeated cloning, the Queens' bodies had suffered the Cloning Decay Syndrome with each cycle of Continuity, so to preserve their immortality, they need a new, young body. Before they capture the Tenno, Ordis cuts off Transference, in an attempt to protect the Operator while leaving their Warframe behind. However, the Queens will start the process of Continuity, burrowing into the Tenno's mind through their Warframe surrogate.

After a transitional period into a vision, the Tenno, now in Operator form, appears on an mountain under a snowstorm. There they meet Teshin who instructs them through the mountain pass to regain their memories as a Tenno, which were suppressed by Margulis in an effort to protect them from the Void. The tragic Zariman Ten Zero incident becomes clearer to the Tenno as they regain their ability to manipulate the Void without the need to channel it through a Warframe.

Margulis lied to you, a lie of omission. She did not cure the Zariman children — she erased them. My only hope is that truth still lingers inside you, buried within your mind. The power and the misery... of the Void.


With their original powers back, the Tenno return back to the Kuva Fortress to save Teshin from the Queens. After a series of battle with the Queens' guards and Teshin himself, the Tenno finally circumvents the Queens' defense and steals their Kuva Scepter. Now vulnerable, the Tenno and Teshin kill the Elder Queen, leaving Worm Queen to escape the confines of death.

Back at the mountain pass vision, the Tenno decides what to do with the Kuva stolen from the Queens. Regardless of their decision, a mysterious figure whispers in their mind, foreshadowing the outcome of regaining their Void powers.

Chains of Harrow

Main article: Chains of Harrow
For more backstory, see Rell (Webcomic).

The Tenno receives a strange transmission from an abandoned Steel Meridian ship that draws their attention. Upon arriving on this ship, they discover its crew murdered in cold blood. Odd messages written in blood are scattered throughout, haunting the Tenno as they track down the suspect. Here, they meet Palladino, the Holy Speaker of the Red Veil, who says that their syndicate is in shambles. Their sacred muse, a Tenno named Rell, abandoned his post in their temple, causing chaos throughout their organization. Unlike other Tenno, Rell did not go into cryosleep in the Lua's Reservoirs for he was cast out by Margulis and his fellow Tenno for having contact with The Man in The Wall, a mysterious manifestation of the Void. Instead, he sacrificed his life, bound his spirit to his Warframe, HarrowIcon272 Harrow, who became a resting vigil towards The Man in The Wall itself.

Requesting protection, the Tenno brought Palladino to the Steel Meridian base, Iron Wake, where she will be watched by Steel Meridian personnel. To contact Rell, Palladino asks the Tenno to bring back a sacred relic in order to complete her seance. Apparently, Rell still retains memories of his humanity despite having a manic episode that resulted from losing control over Transference. To resolve this, the Tenno captures Rell's manifestations of emotion, disturbances made of Transference energy, and return them to the Red Veil temple in the Void.

In order to end Rell's suffering, the Tenno frees HarrowIcon272 Harrow from his chains, allowing Rell to rest in slumber. However, with no vessel to protect against The Man in The Wall, the Tenno will have to deal with the consequences.

Hey kiddo.

The Lotus' Disappearance

Apostasy Prologue

Main article: Apostasy Prologue

A faint purple orb at the end of the Orbiter's Personal Quarters beckons the attention of the Tenno. Upon interacting with it, the Tenno is transitioned to somewhere on Lua where they following a purple trail across the desolate Orokin architecture in search for the unknown. As they travel through, they experience the final moments of Margulis before her execution leading up to the discovery of Lotus' enclave at the end of the trail. There, Orokin Executor Ballas appears to apologize to the Lotus and promises to not abandon "Margulis" again. Holding hands, both Ballas and the Lotus disappear into a mysterious light, leaving the Tenno in their Operator form clutching at the remains of Lotus' helmet. The Lotus has left. The mother has abandoned her children.

The Sacrifice

Main article: The Sacrifice

The Tenno hears faint whispers of the recently abandoned Lotus. Her voice directs them towards her helmet within the Orbiter's Personal Quarters. As the Operator touches the helm, visions of a Warframe being restrained by Ballas and Sentient fighters flow in their mind, prompting them towards Earth to investigate.

The Warframe in question, Excalibur UmbraIcon272 Excalibur Umbra, was out of sight — only his remains survived his fight with the Sentients. Ordis attempts to recreate him in the Foundry based on scans of his remains but lacks sufficient data to do so. Trace minerals on Umbra's Skiajati Skiajati Nikana suggests that more information can be found on Lua. A visit to Lua yielded a Vitruvian device found within a containment lab that belonged to Ballas. This Vitruvian contained recordings made by Ballas on his betrayal to the Orokin during The Old War and the origin of Warframes. Uploading the Vitruvian into the ship's mainframe gave the ability to craft Excalibur Umbra. Upon equipping him in the Arsenal, he immediately goes berserk, gaining sentience and pinning the Operator into a wall until they enter his mind using Transference. The Tenno learns of Umbra's origins as a test subject to Ballas' Warframe project. A bedridden, tortured Dax soldier subjected to injections of a Helminth Infestation strain to produce skin-grafted armor, akin to the modern Warframe.

The memory abruptly ends, and the Operator finds out that Umbra has escaped the ship, rejecting Transference. They chase down Umbra as more entries of the Vitruvian become unlocked by accessing his memories. He contains the key to the secrets of the Warframes themselves.

After multiple tries, the Operator eventually accesses Umbra's final memory: killing his own son Isaah when the Infestation takes complete control over his body. The Operator intervenes in this event, telling Umbra that he doesn't have to relive this event in solitude, instead they will face this grief together through the duality of mind and body. Umbra as the hand, the Operator as the soul.

And it was not their force of will — not their Void devilry — not their alien darkness... it was something else. It was that somehow, from within the derelict-horror, they had learned a way to see inside an ugly, broken thing —

—Ballas in the Vitruvian

In this revelation, the minds of Umbra and the Operator are linked — Transference was successful. With this newfound power, the Operator and Umbra fend off a Sentient assault and return to Earth to face Ballas.

During the final confrontation, Umbra successfully stabs Ballas in the gut, defying Ballas' subjugation with the Operator's help. After questioning him on the whereabouts of the Lotus, she appears from the sky in her true Sentient form, taking Ballas with her as she returns back to her Mother. The Lotus is no longer the motherly figure that the Tenno once loved.

Amalgamation of the Origin System

Chimera Prologue

Main article: Chimera Prologue

The Man in The Wall manifests itself in the Orbiter's Personal Quarters, luring the Tenno towards the Lotus' helmet that was dropped during the events of Apostasy Prologue. When the Tenno touches the headpiece, they return back to Lua, now following The Man in The Wall as they don the Lotus' helmet, mocking the Tenno as they traverse the barren landscape. A portal at the end of the trail teleports the Tenno into a Sentient chamber that imprisons an amalgamated Ballas, now malformed with Sentient growth. Cursing the Lotus for deceiving him, Ballas discreetly constructs the "Sentient Slayer" away from Lotus' watchful eye. The betrayer beholds the idea of the legendary BallasSword Paracesis for the Tenno to wield — The New War is coming.

Alad V's Amalgams

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For the related event, see Operation: Hostile Mergers.

Alad V returned to work for the Corpus back on Jupiter, although due to the failure of the Zanuka Project and the Mutalist Incursion incident, along with Nef Anyo's Orb Vallis terraforming project winning the favor of Board of Director Frohd Bek, Alad's reptutation has since severely diminished. He was approached by an old acquaintance, Regus, who offered him never-before-seen Old War tech. Alad immediately jumped the chance and begun investing, quickly signing a contract that Regus immediately agreed to despite Alad's attempts at manipulating loopholes. However, he soon came to realize something was very wrong when Regus flashed at him an inhuman smile.

Alad realized too late that the Regus that approached him was actually a Sentient Mimic; to his horror, he had entered an unwitting partnership with the enemy. Alad's attempts to defy submission instantly met in failure; he had no choice but to comply to the Amalgam project and create soldiers for the Sentients, or the Ropalolyst would raze his gas city and his Corpus rivals would execute him for treason.

The Amalgam program turned out to be a success. As per agreements, the identities of his partners would be kept confidental, instating a strict no-fly zone on their craft. All while Alad V told to himself, "Life is Profit."

In addition to creating the Amalgams, Alad V also works to receive combat data against the Warframes and sends it over to his partners. However, his boasting about his "exciting new product line" is merely a facade, even encouraging and expressing gratitute to the Tenno when they fight the Ropalolyst.

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Natah formed an unlikely partnership with Alad V, instructing him to create the Amalgams, Grineer/Corpus hybridized with Sentient powers. These new units, along with their combat data against the Tenno, would further serve the Sentients in their preparation for The New War.

During the mission to kill the Ropalolyst, Natah informs the Tenno them that the belief that she spared them as an act of mercy was false: rather that she was forced into doing so by the Orokin, and that they were both "imprisoned in Lua's belly", shedding light on the events of the Apostasy Prologue as a result. Natah also addresses that she "has seen the wall's other face", implying that during her time in her chambers on Lua, that the Void affected her as well with The Man in The Wall. Furthermore, she establishes the Tenno as the evil entity for the "destruction of my people" following the Ropalolyst's defeat, and foreshadows the events to come in The New War.

The New War


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In preparation of The New War, the Tenno travels to the Veil Proxima with their Railjack crew, only to discover a Murex Ship. With their BallasSword Paracesis in hand, they board the Murex to fend off the Sentient threat. Afterwards, they destroy a mysterious red crystal at the end of the Murex, which upon re-boarding the Orbiter reveals flashbacks about The Old War and Natah's brother, Erra. A vision of the Sentient Mothership exposes a meeting between Erra and Natah, hinting at an escalation of the war with Natah's war cry.

The New War

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Chimera Prologue

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Thanks to The Man in The Wall, the Operator discovers that Ballas survived the events of The Sacrifice and was turned into an Amalgam, seemingly under Natah's surveillance. After cursing his saviour for his current condition, and while trying not to be discovered, he creates for the Tenno the BallasSword Paracesis, called the "Sentient-slayer", in order to prepare them for the upcoming war. His final motivations, however, remain unknown.

The Jovian Concord

The Sentients are trying to find a way to neutrailze their weakness to the Void. To do so, they force Alad V to create Amalgams with other races, while keeping a Ropalolyst on his cities to prevent any treason. The project is a success, and Alad V is tasked to gather data about the Tenno making them fight the Amalgams in a death game of Disruption. The Tenno, however, discover the Sentient plans and engage the Ropalolyst, while Alad V secretly tries to support them. Meanwhile, Natah contacts the Tenno claiming to have been freed by the Orokin manipulations, which forced her to turn her against her own race and family, and that she has now returned to them to finish the war. The Ropalolyst itself, which is in the end defeated, was nothing more than a sacrifical pawn, used to gather even more data about the Tenno.

Rising Tide

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The newly built Cephalon Cy realizes the ever-growing threat of the Sentients and instructs the Tenno to build a Railjack in order to fight them. The Sentients try to stop the process of recovering ship wreckages around the system by deploying Interference Drones, but ultimately fail.


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After the Tenno discover the first Murex ships in Veil Proxima, a new vision of the Operator brings him first on Lua in a flashback of the Old War, in which he is shown together with other fellow Tenno while they attack Erra, who is heartbroken after realizing how the one leading them is his own sister Natah, turned by the Orokin into the Lotus, who doesn't even seem to recognize him anymore. The flashback ends with the Tenno attacking Erra with their Void Beams, but it is unclear whether or not he survived.

The Operator is then brought back in the present, inside of a Sentient mothership, and sees Erra, alive, talking to his now restored sister about the upcoming war, while keeping Amalgam-Ballas on a leash. Erra claims that Natah has memory lapses; as a matter of fact she still believes to be fighting the Orokin in the Old War, but nonetheless encourages her to lead the offensive against the Tenno, after her experiences gave her "something her race has never had before".

Operation: Scarlet Spear

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The first true act of the New War is represented by a mass-invasion of Erra's Murex ships which breach Veil Proxima and deploy Condrix, info-gathering dropships, on Earth to gather data for future assaults. Little Duck, who had noticed the first Murex ships in Veil months ago, tried to inform Teshin about it, but wasn't believed. Now however, after the Sentients became a noticeable threat, he starts listening to what she says while also putting her on charge of the counter-offensive, in spite of her claims not to be a general.

The Tenno are instructed to fend off the invasion by poisoning the minds of the Murex ships, which can be considered living beings, forcing them to retreat. To do so, Tenno squads on Earth have the duty of intercepting Condrix ships and harvest their data, replacing them with poisonous Kill Codes. Such codes are then sent to Tenno squads in Veil Proxima, which instead board Murex ships to upload the Kill Codes in their cognitive nexus. In both instances the Tenno are forced to fight on two fronts, since the Grineer, lead by General Sargas Ruk, are also trying to harvest as much Sentient resources as possible while fighting the Tenno, believed to be the ones who caused the invasion.

Unnamed 3rd Cinematic

Inside of the Sentient mothership, Erra is telling Natah that their mother, who she wrongly believed to be alive, is dead and urges her to finish the war as she still has her fire. Natah notes that she remembers ordering the Tenno to attack Erra and he was apparently destroyed. Erra objects and states that she remembers wrong and will need time to completely heal from what the Makers had done to her but Natah is not convinced and points at leashed Ballas and asks points out that he is one of the Makers.

Erra then suddenly grabs and throws Natah at the pedestal behind him. She is trapped in some kind of trance and her body slightly expands. Erra tells her once more to finish the war and drops the leash from his hand. Now the freed Amalgam-Ballas stands tall for the first time since his incarceration. Both Erra and Ballas then silently stare at Natah.

Alad V Arc

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As Alad V plays an important role during the events of The Second Dream, knowing his history with the Tenno is paramount to understanding why he was so eager to helping them, despite being of Corpus origin.

The Zanuka Project

The Gradivus Dilemma

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Corpus scientist and entrepreneur Alad V discovers a cache of Tenno in cryosleep on Mars, intending to use them for his secret weapon: The Zanuka Project. Grineer General Sargas Ruk responds by invading Corpus territory and expanding their control over the Origin System, under the excuse that the Corpus violated a contract regarding the weaponization of ancient Orokin technology: the Warframes. To tip the balance of power, the Tenno is under a dilemma: to free their kin, or to let Grineer expansion run amuck.

After a six-day war, the Grineer proved victorious over the Corpus, holding the most sectors under their control.

The Hunt For Alad V

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Despite losing The Gradivus Dilemma, Alad V continued to work on his Zanuka Project in secret, capturing a Warframe called ValkyrIcon272 Valkyr and dissecting its parts for the creation of a new Corpus proxy with Warframe abilities. Corpus Board Member Frohd Bek's pending position as the CEO of the Corpus is being threatened by Alad's research. As Alad's direct rival, he is afraid of his success and attempts to sabotage Alad's work, sending ships to his laboratory. However, Bek's ships have been infected for some unknown reason.

In desperation, Bek pleas a deal with the Tenno, to help him rid of the Infestation and in return, he'll disclose Alad's research facility. After doing so, the Tenno raids Alad V's laboratory in the gas cities of Jupiter and successfully frees Valkyr, who was modified with Corpus constraints. Physically and mentally scarred as a subject to Alad V's brutal methods, Valkyr was used to construct a Zanuka prototype which never reached mass production due to the Tenno's valiant efforts. With the lack of support and funding to his project, Alad V had to develop the lesser Zanuka Hunter as a result, who now hunts down the Tenno to gather more Warframes to continue his project.

Suspicious Shipments

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The Lotus detects an unusual amount of Corpus vessels that are traveling outside their normal shipping routes. Upon investigating these highly secured ships, the Tenno discovers that Alad V is researching the Infestation, remarking the Corpus' ban on Infested biotechnology. Reconciling his shortcomings in his Zanuka Project, Alad explores forbidden knowledge in hopes of getting the attention of the Corpus Board of Directors and be subsequently promoted for reaching new heights in the name of profit. Soon, Alad will conceive the Mutalist strain that he sought for, albeit with horrible consequences.

The Mutalist Experiments

Operation: Breeding Grounds

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With the Zanuka Project slowing to a halt, Alad V decided to look into the Infestation for answers to his disappointing portfolio. His studies resulted in a new development of the Infestation, the Mutalist strain, having the ability to infect inorganic beings such as the robotic MOA. To transmit his creation throughout the Origin System, he engineered Infested Hives, tumors that are capable of corrupting ships and colonies in a matter of seconds.

The Lotus learns of a massive Infested outbreak off Eris and sends the Tenno to destroy the Infested Hives, fearing a system-wide outbreak. Despite temporarily hindering Alad's plans, he mocks the Tenno's futile efforts on stopping the inevitable: the domination of his Mutalist empire.

Operation: Mutalist Incursions

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After the failure of the Zanuka Project, Alad V ventures off to research the Infestation, only to return with a new look, being exposed to the Mutalist Infested strain that he has been experimenting on. He introduces existing Corpus proxies blended with Mutalist flesh such as the Mutalist Osprey, along with new Infested units like Brood Mother and Boilers. Under the partial control of the Infested, he declares a new Mutalist Empire, boasting his research as the next evolution of humanity.

To counter this threat, the Tenno successfully purged most of these Mutalist enemies from the Origin System, reducing their danger to the Orokin Derelicts and the Infested planet Eris. However, Alad's actions have left the system vulnerable to random Infestation Outbreaks, leaving the Tenno to fend them alongside the Grineer and Corpus in the future.

Patient Zero

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Coinciding with the events in Operation: Mutalist Incursions, Alad V, now turned Mutalist, continues to thrive and populate his Mutalist creations throughout the Origin System. The Tenno attempts to triangulate Alad's location by sabotaging Infested ships. Eventually, they reach Alad's lab and destroy it, after which he unveils his newest creation: a MesaIcon272 Mesa Warframe controlled by the Infestation. Putting Mesa out of her misery, the Tenno obtains information on Alad's true location. They eventually assassinate Mutalist Alad V on an Infested Corpus ship, drifting in orbit around Eris.

Remarkably, Alad V survived, but the Tenno crippled his ability to deal further damage with his experiments on the Infestation.

Operation: Tubemen of Regor

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Note that PC version of event is canon.

The Lotus intercepted information on Grineer scientist Tyl Regor's secret cloning labs in the depths of Uranus. Deciding it was the perfect opportunity to weaken the Grineer Empire, who were already struggling revert the effects of their Cloning Decay Syndrome, the Lotus instructs the Tenno to go to the Grineer Sealabs, allowing them to choose whether to destroy Regor's research or to steal it.

Alad V, a shadow of his former self, begs the Tenno to find a cure within those labs, in hopes to cure himself of the Infestation he was exposed to during his prior research. In response, Corpus plutocrat Nef Anyo offers to pay the Tenno to destroy the cure in spite of Alad V's traitorous actions to the Corpus.

The Tenno ultimately saves Alad V to Anyo's disappointment. Alad V promises to repay the Tenno in the future for what they had done.

Post Second Dream

Operation: Shadow Debt

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After helping the Tenno during the events of The Second Dream, Shadow Stalker's followers, the Acolytes, hunt Alad V in vengeance. Alad V requests the Tenno to protect him as part of their deal for helping them unveil Hunhow's tomb. To triangulate the Acolytes' locations, the Tenno acquire security data from Grineer and Corpus systems through a series of Spy and Mobile Defense missions. The hunter becomes the hunted as the Tenno pursue Acolytes across the Origin System. In the final confrontation with the Acolyte Misery, the Tenno successfully fend off the NekrosIcon272 Nekros Warframe. Alad V is safe, for now.

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