Keen to the game, and intrigued by others in the system, Steel Meridian has constructed a Lunaro arena for us to expand the game in a brighter light, and for them, to learn and spread its presence further.

The Steel Meridian Arena is a Lunaro arena based on the Grineer Settlements. This arena's goalposts are sideways, requiring teams to flank to the sides in order to score.


  • Far left towards Moon's side
  • Center to Moon's side
  • Lunaro Ball on Moon's Ball Spawn
  • Moon's Side Goal
  • Moon's Side Goal - Facing Forwards
  • Specators - Moon's Side
  • Spectators - Moon's Side
  • Far Right towards Sun's Side
  • Center to Sun's Side
  • Lunaro Ball on Sun's Ball Spawn
  • Sun's Side Goal
  • Sun's Side Goal - Facing Forwards
  • Spectators - Sun's Side
  • Spectators - Sun's Side


  • The onlookers are Steel Meridian members.

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