Tokens of Teshin's Esteem earned from Eximus Enemies on The Steel Path. Can be exchanged for items that prove your warrior capabilities.

—In-game description

Steel Essence is a special resource that only appears during The Steel Path mode.



  • Steel Essence is used to buy items from Teshin in any relay.
Click to view the items purchased with Steel Essence.
Item Type Steel Essence Cost
Bishamo Pauldrons Blueprint Cosmetic 15
Bishamo Cuirass Blueprint Cosmetic 25
Bishamo Helmet Blueprint Cosmetic 20
Bishamo Greaves Blueprint Cosmetic 25
10,000x Kuva64 Kuva Resource 15
Relic Pack (3x Void Relics) 15
StanceForma Stance Forma Blueprint Component


Trio Orbit Ephemera Cosmetic 3
Crania Ephemera Cosmetic 85

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 28.3

The Steel Path Changes:

Resource Drop Chance Boosters now apply to Steel Essence and Riven Sliver drops within Steel Path missions.

To confirm player theories and clarify, previous to this Hotfix Resource Drop Chance Boosters did not affect Steel Essence or Riven Sliver drops in The Steel Path. It was not our intention to hide or subvert that information in game, and we should have clarified more quickly that this was the case.

Saying this doesn’t change what appears to be the broader issue, which is concerns with Steel Essence drop rates. We are still gathering data on acquisition rates - but ultimately we are all hands on deck working to make Heart of Deimos the best it can be for August 25th. As of this Hotfix, any Tenno who have already walked The Steel Path will receive a Resource Drop Chance Booster.

This Hotfix ensures that Resource Drop Chance Boosters work within The Steel Path for Riven Slivers and Steel Essence. They were initially turned off to ensure the inherent Steel Path Resource Drop Chance Booster worked as intended. Like the initial Arcane Marketplace in Scarlet Spear, we wanted to ensure the automatic ‘100% Steel Path Resource Drop Chance Booster’ didn’t unintentionally scale for Resources specific to the Steel Path (Riven Slivers and Steel Essence). This unfortunately also affected player obtained reward Resource Drop Chance Boosters.

Thank you all for the feedback so far on The Steel Path, it helps to shape our knowledge and decisions moving forward.

Update 28.1

  • Introduced.
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