Steady Hands is a pistol mod that reduces the recoil produced from firing a weapon by 15% per rank for a maximum of 60% at rank 3.


Rank Weapon Recoil Cost
0 -15% 6
1 -30% 7
2 -45% 8
3 -60% 9


  • This mod can also be stacked with Strafing Slide, which will provide a combined recoil reduction of -80%.
  • Added in Update 10.0.
  • This mod reduces the distance the aiming reticle is shaken when fired, however it doesn't help increase gun base accuracy.
  • From above, this mod has less of an effect on automatic pistols and sidearms, such as the Twin Vipers and Afuris.
  • Although the mod states it affects recoil, it only seems to affect vertical kick. This can be demonstrated by using a Viper automatic pistol and firing a magazine. It will show very little variation vertically, and a fair amount of horizontal variation, giving it a firing pattern of almost a short horizontal line (This means it does not only benefit the Lex and other high kickback weapons). If you crave better gun control in your weapon of choice, this mod helps improve accuracy regarding headshots. This may be outdated information. (Horizontal, or all kick is affected by Steady Hands, and is definitely true on the Ballistica).
  • The mod helps new players, but it's (oddly) hard to acquire.


  • In rough order, the Aklex, Akjagara, Lex, Magnus, Seer, Akvasto, Zakti and Vasto benefit effectively from this mod, especially when increasing their fire rate with mods.
  • It has no effect on the Spectra nor the Embolist and very little on the Ballistica as they do not have much recoil to begin with.
    • The bit about the Ballistica is incorrect at best. To clarify: It has little Vertical recoil, and a decent amount of Horizontal recoil. While the Vertical side of the recoil isn't that much, it is still affected by Steady Hands. Additionally, these days, it seems that the Ballistica's Horizontal kick/recoil is affected by Steady Hands as well, making for a good choice to slot this in there.



Patch HistoryEdit

Update 10.0
  • Introduced

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