Stance Mods are special mods exclusive to Melee weapons that provide bonuses and additional attack capabilities.

Similar to Aura mods, Stances can be slotted into a special Stance slot on melee weapons, and they increase a weapon's mod capacity. Stance mods with a matching polarity to the stance slot will double their mod capacity bonus, while non-matching polarities will have reduced capacity bonus. Leveling up Stance mods increases the amount of additional mod capacity they provide, as well as unlocks additional Melee Combos for use.

Melee Combos[edit | edit source]

The Melee Combo list on Crimson Dervish. Outdated as of Update 26.0.

When equipped, Stances change a melee weapon's animation set and unlocks the ability to perform Melee Combos that initiate different attack patterns with the weapon. Many Melee Combos allow weapons to perform attacks they are incapable of doing without Stances, like giving single-target melee weapons like the DESkana.png Skana the ability to hit multiple enemies. They may also enhance a melee weapon's attacks with special effects, from increasing the weapon's damage per hit, to forcing Status Effect procs (i.e. 100% chance for a specific proc, like Slash b.svg Slash), and enhancing mobility via lunges and jumps. Melee Combos are only available when a melee weapon is drawn, and cannot be performed via Quick Melee attacks when using a Primary or Secondary weapon.

Melee combos are initiated by inputting different inputs of the Melee key (PC default E , see also Key Bindings) and various other keys, for example Uparrow.png  + EUparrow.png  + EUparrow.png  + E , where the E  key is tapped three times in succession, whiling holding down the Uparrow.png  key. As of Update 26.0, players can flawlessly switch between combos by changing the modifier key (i.e. forward Uparrow.png  or block key RMB ) during a particular combo.

An equipped Stance's Melee Combo list can be seen on the "Melee Combo" button underneath the weapon's Stance Slot in the Arsenal, or in "Melee Combos" under Options while in a mission. Many Stances have a single basic combo consisting of simply pressing the Melee Key E  in sequence, and 1-3 more advanced combos requiring multiple inputs from different keys.

Combo Types[edit | edit source]

Combo Type Input General Description
Stance Specific Neutral Melee button only For single target elimination through hard hitting attacks. Last attack may have a Knockdown or stagger effect in the case an enemy doesn't die during the flurry of hits.
Forward Forward + Melee Has attacks that don't interrupt forward movement. Attacks loop seamlessly.
(Neutral Tactical; Block)
Block/Aim + Melee Hard hitting attacks that finish with a Lifted b.svg Lifted or ragdoll effect. First attack has longer reach than others.
Forward Tactical
(Forward Block)
Forward + Block/Aim + Melee Used to close gaps on enemies through high mobility. Beginning or end of combo may have slam effect for crowd control. Middle of combo will have sweeping attacks.
Shared Among Weapons of Same Class Heavy Heavy Attack button Slow, yet strong attacks that leave the player vulnerable during wind-up time. Has two different attacks that are dependent on the direction the Warframe model is facing (left or right). Attack damage scale off of Combo counter.
Slide Melee while sliding Low hitting attack that hits in a 360° arc, hitting enemies that surround the player.
Aerial Melee while jumping, Back + Melee while jumping, or Melee while Wall Dashing Combo performed while mid-air without sacrificing movement. Players may hold in place by pressing the back button while performing this combo; this overrides the Slam Attack angle so players don't accidentally perform one.
Wall Melee while Wall Latching Single attack that exits the player out of wall latches.
Ground Finisher Melee on knock-downed enemy Lethal attack for finishing vulnerable enemies. High damage multiplier.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Many Melee Combos deal varying amounts of damage from a single combo, for example Mod TT 20px.pngCrimson Dervish's Crimson Orbit combo has a damage multiplier of 300% whilst some combos deal less damage in exchange for faster attacks.
  • Many Melee Combos perform multiple strikes from a single keypress, for example Mod TT 20px.pngSwirling Tiger's Winding Claws combo hits up to six times on the first attack.
  • Combos feature stagger resistance during their animations, which helps in fighting units with powerful knockdown moves like Heavy Gunners or Shockwave MOAs. Similar to blocking, hits by knockdown attacks during a combo animation in mid-swing will push the Warframe back, but prevent the knockdown. Animations that have reached the end of a swing will not block knockdowns, however.
    • In the event that a Warframe is knocked down in the middle of a melee combo chain, the combo can still be resumed once the Warframe initiates melee as its first move upon standing up.
  • Some combos feature forced Status Effect procs on certain attacks, which have a 100% chance to initiate regardless of the weapon's actual status chance or availability of damage type. Many combos, like Mod TT 20px.pngIron Phoenix's Wings & Beak and Mod TT 20px.pngSundering Weave's Rapid Current feature forced Impact b.svg Impact proc, while others like Mod TT 20px.pngTranquil Cleave's Breathless Lunge and Mod TT 20px.pngGnashing Payara's Pincer Strike have forced Slash b.svg Slash proc. Sometimes, an attack may force proc both Impact b.svg Impact and Slash b.svg Slash at the same time like in Mod TT 20px.pngMalicious Raptor's Jagged Gash combo.

Stances[edit | edit source]

There are currently 53 available stances, which are divided among 24 different melee weapon types. Stances can only be used on the weapon type they are labeled for, i.e. a Sword Stance cannot be used on a Polearm, and vice versa.

Swords Dual Swords Nikanas
IronPhoenixMod.png CrimsonDervishMod.pngVengefulRevenantMod.png SwoopingFalconMod.png CrossingSnakesMod.png SwirlingTigerMod.pngCarvingMantisMod.png TranquilCleaveMod.png DecisiveJudgementMod.pngBlindJusticeMod.png
Daggers Dual Daggers Machetes
PointedWindModU145.png HomingFangNew.pngStingingThornMod.png GnashingPayaraModU145.png SinkingTalon.pngSpinningNeedleMod.png SunderingWeaveModU145.png CycloneKrakenMod.png
Fist Sparring Glaives
SeismicPalmModU145.png FracturingWindModU145.pngGaia'sTragedyMod.png GrimFuryModU145.png BrutalTideNew.png GleamingTalonModU145.png AstralTwilight.png
Staves Polearms Whips
ClashingForestModU145.png FlailingBranchModU145.png ShimmeringBlightModU145.png BleedingWillowModU145.pngTwirlingSpireMod.png BurningWaspModU145.png CoilingViperModU145.png
Scythes Heavy Blade Hammers
ReapingSpiralModU145.png StalkingFanNew.png CleavingWhirlwindModU145.png RendingCraneModU145.pngTempoRoyale.png ShatteringStormModU145.pngCrushingRuinNew.png
Claws Swords and Shield Tonfa
FourRiders.png MaliciousRaptorNew.pngVermillionStorm.png EleventhStormModU145.png Harbinger.png

GeminiCrossNew.png SovereignOutcastMod.png

Gunblade Nunchaku Blade and Whip
HighNoon.png BulletDanceMod.png AtlantisVulcan.png DefiledSnapdragonNew.png
Rapier Warfans Two-Handed Nikanas
VulpineMask.png SlicingFeathersMod.png WiseRazorMod.png

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • As with Aura slots, Stance slots can be repolarized using Forma to give the slot the desired polarity for a particular stance mod. This is most essential for the Mod TT 20px.pngGrim Fury and Mod TT 20px.pngHoming Fang stances, which have no matching polarities on the weapons they can be equipped on.
  • All Stances provide a bonus mod capacity of 5 when maxed, doubling it to 10 when placed on the matching polarity.
  • All stances can be acquired from weekly conclave missions.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Introduced in Update 13.0 with the release of Melee 2.0.
  • Most stance cards have portraits set within a Dojo garden, with the Garden Arch decoration in the background.
  • Among stance mods equipable on weapons, the longest stance combos belong to Mod TT 20px.pngVermillion Storm's Flurry Rose and Mod TT 20px.pngCarving Mantis' Rapid Incisions with having 6 inputs. The longest stance combo overall however belongs to the ability-exclusive Hysteria's Fervor combo, at 7 inputs.

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Patch History[edit | edit source]

Update 26.0


By far, the biggest change you will see in the new Melee system is the alterations made to Stances, as well how Combos interact with one another. In the old (current) system, Combos are an effect of button presses, all leading into a chain of animations. In Melee Rework Phase 2, attacks are buttery-smooth and adaptable!

This rework of Combos applies to every Stance, not just the weapon types. For example, Tempo Royale (a Heavy Weapon Stance Mod) will still have different Combos than the Cleaving Whirlwind Stance, even though both Stances fit the Heavy Weapon melee type. The difference now, is that both share a design that uses common movements and attack types.

We also wanted melee attacks to feel more intuitive. For example, if you are aiming down the sights of a primary weapon or blocking incoming fire, and then hit the melee button, you most likely want to get in close! If you are not inputting a movement key while meleeing, it’s usually a sign you want to finish off your target. We wanted the new Combos to reflect that that existing movement, and so the new inputs reflect that situational awareness.

In most cases, the following improvements can be applied to any given Stance Mod equipped to a weapon (not just individual weapon types!):

  • Forward Combo (Forward + Melee) - This allows you to attack without initially interrupting movement with the first 1-3 swings (depending on the weapon Stance). The last attack in the sequence will loop seamlessly into the first, so that you can keep a level of mobility while attacking.
  • Forward Tactical Combo (Forward + Block/Aim + Melee) - This move is usually a distance-closing opener, bringing you closer to the enemy and getting you within range to continue a harder-hitting string of attacks. The beginning or end of this combo can have a slam effect, allowing you to control the enemy, and during the mid-point of the combo, attacks will be large and sweeping, allowing multiple enemies to be hit.
  • Neutral Combo (Melee button only) - Hard hitting, movement-free attacks to allow a player to destroy their target. The last attack can either have a knockdown effect, or throw them into the air and hold them there, if one set of strikes does not finish the job.
  • Neutral Tactical Combo (Block/Aim + Melee) - First hit will likely be a longer thrust or throw of a weapon to increase range. Further attacks will be hard-hitting, and will often finish in a ragdoll effect or a Lifting Attack, as opposed to a knockdown or stagger. Lifting attacks are detailed in Section 7 of this workshop.
  • Air Combo (Melee while Jumping) - Perform a combo in the air without sacrificing movement.
  • Hover Air Combo (Back + Melee while Jumping) - Holds the player in place while the combo completes, and overrides the slam attack angle to keep the action going!

Pro Gamer Move Example: Use the first, opening attack in the Forward Tactical Combo (Forward + Block/Aim + Melee) to close the distance on the target, then transition into either a Neutral Combo (Melee Only) or a Neutral Tactical Combo (Block/Aim + Melee) to finish off the target.

All of these fresh Stance changes has shone light on Whip Stances in particular not being as desirable in comparison to the others. We’re aware of this and are working on a new Whip Stance!

Smoother Combo Transitions

In the old system, only the first follow up attack inputted would remain in ‘memory’ and would execute at the end of the initial attack animation. Any kind of input entered after the initial follow up was ignored until the next attack had started. In the new system, the next attack is being constantly updated, depending on the last input received.

This allows for last-second decisions on combo changes to occur immediately after the first attack has finished. No more waiting for a combo attack animation to end before you can start spamming the attack button again! Embrace the fluidity!

Update 13.0

  • Introduced.

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