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===Taunt 1===
===Taunt 1===
*''I know your every move, [(player's name).]''
*''I know your every move, [(zayde).]''
*''[(Player's name)], there is no place to hide.''
*''[(Player's name)], there is no place to hide.''

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One taunt is randomly chosen from each group for each of the three taunts, in the following order:

Words surrounded by brackets indicate text shown in the transmission box.

Taunt 1

  • I know your every move, [(zayde).]
  • [(Player's name)], there is no place to hide.
  • [(Player's name)], you can't run from your past.

Taunt 2

  • The murder [of (boss' name)] will not go unpunished.
  • There is no salvation for your crime [against (boss' name)].
  • The blood [of (boss' name)] is on your hands. [Did you really think there would be no repercussions?]

Taunt 3

  • I am your reckoning!
  • Your sentence is death!
  • You shall not leave this place!

When A Warframe Ability Is Used Against Him

  • Your TENNO powers are useless!

If the Target is Defeated

  • It is done. You are no more. [(Player's name) is no more.]
  • (Player's name) shall not trouble us again.
  • Justice is served. (james) has been executed.

Upon Defeat

  • What have you...done?
  • No?! This is not... possible.
  • I have failed. (james) lives.
  • I... have failed... this one will remain... unpunished...

Pre-Update 18

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