Stabilizer is a rifle mod that reduces the recoil produced from firing a weapon by 15% per rank for a maximum of 60% at Rank 3.


Rank Weapon recoil Cost
0 -15% 6
1 -30% 7
2 -45% 8
3 -60% 9


  • This mod can also be stacked with Mod TT 20pxVile Precision and Mod TT 20pxGun Glide, which will provide a combined recoil reduction of -140%. The excess -40% reduction will not be utilized in the process.
  • This mod reduces the distance the aiming reticle is shaken when fired, however it doesn't help increase the gun's base accuracy.


  • Works well with the Latron Latron and DELatronPrime Latron Prime, as you can land more headshots in less time due to not having to wait as long for the gun to stabilize.
  • Helps the recoil of the GrineerAssaultRifle Grakata, Gorgon Gorgon or the CorpusMachineGun Supra as they mostly have vertical recoil, which is almost completely negated by the mod.



Patch HistoryEdit

Update 26.0
  • Now an Exilus Weapon mod.

Update 16.7

  • Mod is now no longer usable in PvP.

Update 10.0

  • Introduced.

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