Spoiled Strike is a mod that increases damage by 25% per rank while reducing attack speed by -5% per rank of melee attacks for a maximum of 100% damage and -20% attack speed at rank 3.

The damage bonus from this mod stacks additively with Mod TT 20px Pressure Point.


Rank Damage Attack speed Cost
0 +25% -5% 4
1 +50% -10% 5
2 +75% -15% 6
3 +100% -20% 7

Drop Locations[]

Mission Drop Tables

Mission Type Source Rotations
Drop Table
Chance[1] Quantity[2] Avg. per roll[3] Star Chart Nodes
Orokin Vault Orokin Derelict Vault A 4.17% 1 0.0417

Any mission node on Deimos except Cambion Drift, Magnacidium, Exequias, and Hyf

Enemy Drop Tables

Enemy Drop Table Chance[4] Item Chance[5] Chance[6] Expected Kills[7] Quantity[8] Avg. per roll attempt[9]

Sourced from the official drop table repository. See Module:DropTables/data to edit on the wiki.


  • Reduction in attack speed can be countered by Mod TT 20px Fury. With a max of each mod, it will result in 100% more damage and 10% faster attack speed. Mod TT 20px Quickening can also be added to counter the downside, resulting in a net 20% faster attack speed, with the added bonus of increasing combo count chance. Can be further countered with Mod TT 20px Berserker Fury, but only recommended on melee weapons you can realistically kill every 10 seconds with and not on boss fights with no extra enemies.


  • Where possible, it is best to avoid running this mod in your build, even if you plan on running this together with another damage mod like Mod TT 20px Pressure Point. It is better to run Mod TT 20px Pressure Point, Mod TT 20px Primed Pressure Point or Mod TT 20px Condition Overload (with good enough status chance) over Mod TT 20px Spoiled Strike. All 3 offer higher damage bonuses without the attack speed penalty, offering higher DPS and damage per hit.
    • Running this mod together with any of the three mods mentioned is also ill-advised, as it is better to run other mods that:
    • In summary, the opportunity cost of running only Spoiled Strike, or running it together with another base damage mod, over other mods that could potentially increase your melee damage much further, or offer more comfortable or effective melee gameplay, is quite high.
  • That being said, Mod TT 20px Spoiled Strike only has 7 mod capacity drain (as seen at the top right of the mod card) at maximum rank, which is 2 less than Mod TT 20px Pressure Point, and is half that of Mod TT 20px Primed Pressure Point and Mod TT 20px Condition Overload (assuming all 3 mods mentioned are at maximum rank) so if you find your melee weapon reaching maximum mod capacity (default 30 at Rank 30 or 60 with an Orokin Catalyst installed), and do not have Forma nor an Orokin Catalyst on hand, it may be good to use Mod TT 20px Spoiled Strike over the 3 mods mentioned above until you can get your hands on more Forma or an Orokin Catalyst.


Patch History[]

Hotfix 24.7.2 (2019-04-17)

  • Removed duplicate Spoiled Strike Mod entry from the Orokin Vault rewards table.

Update 10.3 (2013-10-09)

  • Introduced along with Orokin Vaults.
  1. Chance to roll item within drop table
  2. Amount rewarded on successful roll
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  5. Chance to roll item within drop table
  6. (Drop Table Chance × Item Chance)
  7. (1 / Chance), see WARFRAME Wiki:Expected & Nearly Guaranteed Numbers for more details
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