VorBubbleCoward ElectricShield Sphere Shield
Deploys a golden sphere of energy, providing cover while charging shields in any situation.
Duration:5 Secs (Vor)
Instant (Zanuka)
Users:Captain Vor

  • User encases themself in an invincible sphere, which is also capable of recharging shields. Vor's recharges in 5 seconds while Zanuka charges half of Alad V's shields instantly.
  • Captain Vor will always teleport a squad of Grineer while he recovers to distract players.
  • Using RhinoStomp130xDark Rhino Stomp right after Captain Vor drops the shield may result in him being stuck in invulnerability frames for the entire duration of stasis. This problem can be overcome by waiting for him to start an attack animation before using the Stomp.
  • Using MolecularPrime130xDark Molecular Prime will also increase Vor's invulnerability time, as the regeneration rate of Vor's shields will be halved in the process, forcing the Sphere Shield to last longer.

Tips & Tricks
  • It is possible to trap yourself inside the Shield with Vor if you're close enough. Vor will still be invulnerable until the Sphere disperses, but it will keep the summoned Grineer from shooting you.

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