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04:03, October 26, 2020BuggedRailjackMissileShip.png (file)1.33 MBDarthmufin 
01:26, October 26, 2020Necramech with transparent background 2.0.png (file)2.76 MBTimothys Fraudy 
00:40, October 26, 2020XakuGunGlitch.png (file)3.91 MBMissVeya 
21:27, October 24, 2020LotusJuggernautGone2.ogg (file)
58 KBCephalon Scientia ("The Juggernaut has moved on. It is safe to proceed." )
21:27, October 24, 2020LotusJuggernautGone1.ogg (file)
74 KBCephalon Scientia ("I am no longer detecting signs of a Juggernaut. Move on, you are safe." )
21:07, October 24, 2020AladTauntSupporter.ogg (file)
124 KBCephalon Scientia ("Tenno, you could be so much greater than the sum of all the different cards I'm going tear you into." )
21:01, October 24, 2020MarooBye3.ogg (file)
38 KBCephalon Scientia ("See you around, tinsuit!" )
21:00, October 24, 2020MarooBye2.ogg (file)
63 KBCephalon Scientia ("Been a pleasure. Remember, I'm always looking for more Ayatan Treasures." )
21:00, October 24, 2020MarooBye1.ogg (file)
42 KBCephalon Scientia ("Come back anytime, Tenno.")
20:58, October 24, 2020MarooNotNow2.ogg (file)
41 KBCephalon Scientia ("Probably too danagerous anyway." )
20:58, October 24, 2020MarooNotNow1.ogg (file)
34 KBCephalon Scientia ("Some other time then?" )
20:57, October 24, 2020MarooPlayNow2.ogg (file)
59 KBCephalon Scientia ("That's the spirit, let's go!" )
20:57, October 24, 2020MarooPlayNow1.ogg (file)
50 KBCephalon Scientia ("I knew it. Okay, let's do this." )
20:57, October 24, 2020MarooMissionUnavailable3.ogg (file)
76 KBCephalon Scientia ("You asked the right person on the wrong day. I've got nothing for you right now." )
20:56, October 24, 2020MarooMissionUnavailable2.ogg (file)
98 KBCephalon Scientia ("Sorry pal, no new leads today. But listen, I've got my ear to the ground for some Ayatans, don't worry." )
20:56, October 24, 2020MarooMissionUnavailable1.ogg (file)
102 KBCephalon Scientia ("Well, I'm out of leads on Ayatans right now, but check back later, something always manages to come up." )
20:55, October 24, 2020MarooMissionAvailable3.ogg (file)
122 KBCephalon Scientia ("Lucky for you, I've got a hot tip on a location for some Ayatans. So, are you up for a little investigation, shiny?" )
20:55, October 24, 2020MarooMissionAvailable2.ogg (file)
161 KBCephalon Scientia ("Do I have any leads on hidden Ayatans? Of course. Though retrieving them won't be easy, or safe, really. But, then again, you probably knew that. Shall we?" )
20:55, October 24, 2020MarooMissionAvailable1.ogg (file)
147 KBCephalon Scientia ("So, looking for Ayatans? Yeah, you and me both. I've got a lead on something, too dicey for this gal, but it might be right up your alley. Interested?" )
20:54, October 24, 2020MarooStarsOnly2.ogg (file)
91 KBCephalon Scientia ("Thanks for the Ayatan Star, but y'know, when you put them in a sculpture, it will generate even more Endo." )
20:54, October 24, 2020MarooStarsOnly1.ogg (file)
92 KBCephalon Scientia ("That's a fine Ayatan Star, but it'll be worth more Endo if you use your mod bench and put it in a sculpture." )
20:54, October 24, 2020MarooSellGroupPartialFull3.ogg (file)
90 KBCephalon Scientia ("Maybe next time you'll bring me complete sculptures. I always get way more Endo out of complete sculptures." )
20:53, October 24, 2020MarooSellGroupPartialFull2.ogg (file)
138 KBCephalon Scientia ("Interesting collection. Looks like you brought a little bit of everything. Of course, I don't have to tell you how valuable these sculptures will be if they are all complete." )
20:53, October 24, 2020MarooSellGroupPartialFull1.ogg (file)
88 KBCephalon Scientia ("Lot of good stuff here, Tenno, but you can score even more Endo with complete sculptures." )
20:53, October 24, 2020MarooSellGroupAllEmpty2.ogg (file)
134 KBCephalon Scientia ("Anyone ever tell you that the Ayatan Stars and sculptures can be put together using your mod bench? Oh, you just wait and see what happens when you fill one up completely." )
20:52, October 24, 2020MarooSellGroupAllEmpty1.ogg (file)
85 KBCephalon Scientia ("You know, Tenno, you'll get more Endo if you use your mod bench to insert Ayatan Stars into the sculptures." )
20:52, October 24, 2020MarooSellGroupAllFull3.ogg (file)
117 KBCephalon Scientia ("Oh, me oh my, woulda' look at these. You can almost smell the Endo. Nice work!" )
20:51, October 24, 2020MarooSellGroupAllFull2.ogg (file)
101 KBCephalon Scientia ("Well Tenno, I'm impressed. It's been a long time since I've seen such a complete set of Ayatan Treasures." )
20:51, October 24, 2020MarooSellGroupAllFull1.ogg (file)
92 KBCephalon Scientia ("What a haul! It must have taken you forever to fill these up with stars!" )
20:51, October 24, 2020MarooSellGeneric5.ogg (file)
78 KBCephalon Scientia ("Thank you tinsuit, a fine trade. Transaction complete, haha!" )
20:50, October 24, 2020MarooSellGeneric4.ogg (file)
39 KBCephalon Scientia ("A lovely piece, very chrome." )
20:50, October 24, 2020MarooSellGeneric3.ogg (file)
46 KBCephalon Scientia ("Ah, the light shimmers off this one." )
20:50, October 24, 2020MarooSellGeneric2.ogg (file)
64 KBCephalon Scientia ("A beautiful piece. I guess you'll appreciate the Endo more." )
20:50, October 24, 2020MarooSellGeneric1.ogg (file)
46 KBCephalon Scientia ("A nice find, here's the Endo you're after." )
20:49, October 24, 2020MarooTradeTutorialBuying.ogg (file)
142 KBCephalon Scientia ("Ah, so you're buying? That's nice. People look out for Tenno with something to sell. And remember, only suckers pay the first price." )
20:49, October 24, 2020MarooTradeTutorialSelling.ogg (file)
155 KBCephalon Scientia ("Selling, are we? Okay then, find a shady spot near the tree and let everyone know you are here. If someone sees something they like, it is time to start negociating." )
20:48, October 24, 2020MarooTradeInteract2.ogg (file)
70 KBCephalon Scientia ("If you're looking for Maroo's Bazaar, you've come to the right place." )
20:48, October 24, 2020MarooTradeInteract1.ogg (file)
107 KBCephalon Scientia ("Hey, welcome to my bazaar, Tenno from all over the System come here to trade. Need any pointers?")
20:16, October 24, 2020MarooGenericGreet3.ogg (file)
94 KBCephalon Scientia ("Welcome to Maroo's Bazaar. You trading or are looking to pull some Endo from Ayatan Treasures?" )
20:16, October 24, 2020MarooGenericGreet2.ogg (file)
70 KBCephalon Scientia ("Hey, came to trade or did you find some Ayatan Treasures you want Endo from?" )
20:15, October 24, 2020MarooGenericGreet1.ogg (file)
91 KBCephalon Scientia ("Hey, did you hear, Tenno? I'm turning everyone's Ayatan Treasures into Endo. Interested?" )
20:13, October 24, 2020MarooNoTreasure2.ogg (file)
75 KBCephalon Scientia ("Sorry, doesn't look like you have any Ayatan Sculptures or stars. Next!" )
20:13, October 24, 2020MarooNoTreasure1.ogg (file)
87 KBCephalon Scientia ("Nice try, why don't you come back when you find some Ayatan Sculptures or stars?" )
20:12, October 24, 2020MarooAnythingElsePrompt3.ogg (file)
53 KBCephalon Scientia ("And done. Need anything else?")
20:11, October 24, 2020MarooAnythingElsePrompt2.ogg (file)
26 KBCephalon Scientia ("Will that be all?")
20:11, October 24, 2020MarooAnythingElsePrompt1.ogg (file)
42 KBCephalon Scientia ("Okay, got anything else you want to convert?")
20:09, October 24, 2020MarooCompleteTreasure3.ogg (file)
115 KBCephalon Scientia ("I can't remember the last time I saw one that nice. Thinking of all that Endo makes me tingle." )
20:09, October 24, 2020MarooCompleteTreasure2.ogg (file)
109 KBCephalon Scientia ("Oh this is a fine piece. I'll have a hard time getting this out. I'm not judging you on this, you must really need that Endo." )
20:09, October 24, 2020MarooCompleteTreasure1.ogg (file)
81 KBCephalon Scientia ("Wow. Who you rob to get—wait a minute, it just better I do not know.")
20:08, October 24, 2020MarooSculptureOnly2.ogg (file)
85 KBCephalon Scientia ("Pretty good, but just imagine how much Endo I can pull if this sucker had a full set of Ayatan Stars." )

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