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03:27, August 10, 2020CyQuestReliquaryInteract3.ogg (file)
81 KBCephalon Scientia ("Attempting to perceive: Cognition algorithms fail to prove a negative. Something touches me. Impossible.")
03:27, August 10, 2020CyQuestReliquaryInteract2.ogg (file)
57 KBCephalon Scientia ("Crew. A color you have never seen. Imagine it. That is where you are.")
03:26, August 10, 2020CyQuestReliquaryInteract1.ogg (file)
42 KBCephalon Scientia ("Paradox. You behold an absence. Describe it.")
01:11, August 10, 2020VirminkCall.ogg (file)
36 KBCephalon Scientia (Virmink call)
01:11, August 10, 2020StoverCall.ogg (file)
39 KBCephalon Scientia (Stover call)
01:10, August 10, 2020SawgawCall.ogg (file)
39 KBCephalon Scientia (Sawgaw call)
01:09, August 10, 2020PobberCall.ogg (file)
28 KBCephalon Scientia (Pobber call)
01:09, August 10, 2020KubrodonCall.ogg (file)
33 KBCephalon Scientia (Kubrodon call)
01:09, August 10, 2020HorrasqueCall.ogg (file)
47 KBCephalon Scientia (Horrasque call)
01:08, August 10, 2020BolarolaCall.ogg (file)
34 KBCephalon Scientia (Bolarola call)
23:27, August 9, 2020CyQuestEnterRJFirst.ogg (file)
114 KBCephalon Scientia ("Welcome to the Railjack. A living thing. A home. And a weapon. Your home. Your weapon. Aboard this vessel, we work before we play.")
22:00, August 9, 2020Kubrow eye color.png (file)807 KBTheBlackGuy2532 
21:29, August 9, 2020CyQuestUseNavUnrel.ogg (file)
52 KBCephalon Scientia ("System integration ongoing. You will be informed when process complete.")
21:22, August 9, 2020CyQuestRepairTimerStart4.ogg (file)
43 KBCephalon Scientia ("Commencing restoration. You will be contacted upon completion.")
21:22, August 9, 2020CyQuestRepairTimerStart3.ogg (file)
32 KBCephalon Scientia ("Fabrication and restoration commencing.")
21:21, August 9, 2020CyQuestRepairTimerStart2.ogg (file)
21 KBCephalon Scientia ("This will take some time.")
21:21, August 9, 2020CyQuestRepairTimerStart1.ogg (file)
21 KBCephalon Scientia ("Reconstruction begins.")
21:14, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartFPlaced.ogg (file)
140 KBCephalon Scientia ("All known Cephalons: surveyed. None conform to tactical parameters. None possess necessary astrogation poetics. None possess a comprehensive warfighting database. Viable Cephalons: nil.")
21:13, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartFIntro.ogg (file)
48 KBCephalon Scientia ("Cowling identified. Visual verification required. Move in.")
21:12, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartFInbox.ogg (file)
157 KBCephalon Scientia ("You require a viable Command Cephalon. You understand why I am non-viable. Replacement Cephalon not yet located. A solution must exist. I will find it. Final component marked.")
21:12, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartFFound.ogg (file)
28 KBCephalon Scientia ("Engine cowling. You know what to do.")
21:11, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartFScanned.ogg (file)
69 KBCephalon Scientia ("Structural integrity: within required tolerances. Marking for recovery. Cephalon Ordis: time for pickup.")
20:58, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartEPlaced.ogg (file)
488 KBCephalon Scientia ("Railjack. Sigma Series. Top-of-the-line. Crew. Four-thousand-eight-hundred-and-ninety confirmed kills. Complete the mission. Preserve the crew. Thirteen systemwide errors. There were no errors. There was only... me. Following my orders. '''In her fina...)
20:58, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartEIntro.ogg (file)
60 KBCephalon Scientia ("High-probability of Railjack tail section nearby. Clear out hostiles and mark for retrieval.")
20:57, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartEInbox.ogg (file)
107 KBCephalon Scientia ("Starboard nacelle reinforced. Soon cognitive geometries will self-assemble. She will live. But not yet. Transferring tail section data to your Orbiter.")
20:56, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartEFound.ogg (file)
20 KBCephalon Scientia ("Tail section. Intact.")
20:56, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartEScanned.ogg (file)
54 KBCephalon Scientia ("Dorsal stabilizers: salvageable. Cogitators: viable. Marking for salvage.")
20:53, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartDPlaced.ogg (file)
599 KBCephalon Scientia ("Precepts: Complete the mission. Preserve the crew. '''Tunguska capacitor charged. Sukhin pulls the trigger. Nothing happens. Zada reports engines offline. Shields offline. Weapons offline. Personal lights flash on as the first missiles hit. I watch as...)
20:53, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartDIntro.ogg (file)
47 KBCephalon Scientia ("Starboard nacelle located. We— You... need this.")
20:52, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartDInbox.ogg (file)
57 KBCephalon Scientia ("Portside nacelle restored. She is coming together... Next site: Venus.")
20:52, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartDFound.ogg (file)
53 KBCephalon Scientia ("Starboard Nacelle. Best-in-class. Scanning. Sights up, safeties off.")
20:51, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartDScanned.ogg (file)
74 KBCephalon Scientia ("Integral fission tanks ruptured. Otherwise fine. Cephalon Ordis has been signaled. Proceed to extraction.")
20:49, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartCPlaced.ogg (file)
274 KBCephalon Scientia ("'''Zada plots a data-gathering lap around the worm-ship. Sukhin targets exposed launch orifices. Power redirects to the Tunguska capacitor. With a pull of the trigger we will end this. The moment arrives. The moment arrives.''' Tenno, my precepts... I...)
20:48, August 9, 2020DPartCPlaced0200RJCephalon en.ogg (file)
DPartCPlaced0200RJCephalon en.ogg
274 KBCephalon Scientia ("'''Zada plots a data-gathering lap around the worm-ship. Sukhin targets exposed launch orifices. Power redirects to the Tunguska capacitor. With a pull of the trigger we will end this. The moment arrives. The moment arrives.''' Tenno, my precepts... I...)
20:47, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartCIntro.ogg (file)
39 KBCephalon Scientia ("Railjack nacelle nearby. Locate and assess.")
20:47, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartCInbox.ogg (file)
86 KBCephalon Scientia ("Propulsion restoration complete. Void breach residue identified on Lua. Probable nacelle location. Recover if viable.")
20:46, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartCFound.ogg (file)
56 KBCephalon Scientia ("Portside nacelle. Seen better days. Scanning. Eliminate interference.")
20:46, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartCScanned.ogg (file)
33 KBCephalon Scientia ("Viable. Tagging for retrieval. Extract.")
20:43, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartBPlaced.ogg (file)
322 KBCephalon Scientia ("Void engines. Void engines... '''Zada dances our ship through forward lines. Krodhi identifies and prioritizes targets. Sukhin's turrets track and terminate. Our reputation is earned. Our Objective: a Turaga-class Worm Ship. Zada plots an arc. We acce...)
20:42, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartBIntro.ogg (file)
59 KBCephalon Scientia ("Void contamination points to bleed-out from Railjack catalytic artery. Locate and assess.")
20:42, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartBInbox.ogg (file)
72 KBCephalon Scientia ("Fuselage restoration complete. Propulsion section located. Earth's forests. Beware of hostiles.")
20:41, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartBFound.ogg (file)
75 KBCephalon Scientia ("Propulsion systems: The most advanced ever produced. Scanning. Remain in proximity. Neutralize all hostiles.")
20:40, August 9, 2020CyQuestPartBScanned.ogg (file)
53 KBCephalon Scientia ("Orgone Accumulator: blown. Aetheric Condenser: vaporized. Viable.")
06:09, August 9, 2020Double crowns.png (file)2.89 MBXapplication 
06:08, August 9, 2020Wukong double crowns.png (file)2.89 MBXapplication 
19:06, August 8, 2020XakuOnDeimos.jpg (file)1.3 MBWarpFactor 
09:34, August 8, 202020200808012724 1.jpg (file)326 KBElliotWilde 
09:33, August 8, 202020200808013307 1.jpg (file)257 KBElliotWilde 
02:13, August 8, 2020VoltAmethystSkin.png (file)20 KBKektklik (WFCD: that Discord junk)
02:13, August 8, 2020VoltAmethystHelmet.png (file)30 KBKektklik (WFCD: that Discord junk)

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