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04:44, August 13, 2020Protea.png (file)31 KBFINNER 
03:56, August 13, 20206034d4213ad8255ac45e0d5cb466821.png (file)31 KBManuelmech 
03:54, August 13, 20206034d4213ad8255aac45e0d5cb466821.png (file)31 KBManuelmech 
02:13, August 13, 2020Cutter.png (file)333 KBCephalon Imp 
02:10, August 13, 2020Cutter.PNG (file)333 KBCephalon Imp 
22:47, August 12, 202020200508113319 1.jpg (file)264 KBLaeti972 
22:34, August 12, 2020VallisBirdAndBeastEmblem.png (file)34 KBKektklik (WFCD)
22:17, August 12, 2020TennoCon2019GrineerSecurityGlyph.png (file)85 KBKektklik (WFCD)
18:34, August 12, 2020DillyFrameGlyph.png (file)13 KBKektklik (glyphdex)
18:34, August 12, 2020D4NK3RGlyph.png (file)76 KBKektklik 
18:33, August 12, 2020MogamuGlyph.png (file)44 KBKektklik 
18:32, August 12, 2020Eduiy16Glyph.png (file)39 KBKektklik 
18:32, August 12, 2020TacticalPotatoGlyph.png (file)47 KBKektklik 
18:31, August 12, 2020AlthaniGlyphW4.png (file)61 KBKektklik (Scrubbpupp)
18:27, August 12, 2020IflynnGlyph.png (file)123 KBKektklik 
18:27, August 12, 2020ArgonSixGlyphW13.png (file)47 KBKektklik 
18:27, August 12, 2020AywiGlyphW7.png (file)91 KBKektklik 
18:27, August 12, 2020BrozimeGlyphW4.png (file)10 KBKektklik 
18:27, August 12, 2020EndottiGlyphW14.png (file)54 KBKektklik 
18:27, August 12, 2020FromThe70sGlyphW7.png (file)120 KBKektklik 
18:24, August 12, 2020JunoGlyphW6.png (file)101 KBKektklik 
18:24, August 12, 2020K0yiGlyphW8.png (file)98 KBKektklik 
18:24, August 12, 2020LordschabyGlyphW7.png (file)66 KBKektklik 
18:24, August 12, 2020MakarimorphGlyphW6.png (file)82 KBKektklik 
18:23, August 12, 2020MozetasGlyphW7.png (file)31 KBKektklik 
18:23, August 12, 2020RawSteelClanGlyph.png (file)69 KBKektklik 
18:23, August 12, 2020ReyGansoGlyphW18.png (file)26 KBKektklik 
18:23, August 12, 2020Rippz0rGlyphW7.png (file)99 KBKektklik 
18:20, August 12, 2020SuperxinvaderGlyphW15.png (file)46 KBKektklik (miabyte)
18:20, August 12, 2020VoidFissureBRGlyphW14.png (file)60 KBKektklik 
18:20, August 12, 2020WoxliGlyphW7.png (file)30 KBKektklik 
18:18, August 12, 2020Sn0wRCGlyphW22.png (file)26 KBKektklik 
18:18, August 12, 2020TinBearsGlyphW22.png (file)49 KBKektklik 
18:17, August 12, 2020Kumuda-glyph.png (file)22 KBKektklik (invert to black)
11:39, August 12, 2020Warframe China TennoCon2020.png (file)1.08 MBNifelgard 
22:08, August 11, 2020Jesus-facepalm.jpg (file)61 KBLightningtow 
22:06, August 10, 2020AladGasCityPA42.ogg (file)
156 KBCephalon Scientia ("Our enemies are for poverty and desolation. Your vows, disciples, are the only path to prosperity and fortune... MY fortune.")
22:06, August 10, 2020AladGasCityPA41.ogg (file)
121 KBCephalon Scientia ("Like the sun, my wealth enlightens everything in the System, including you, my disciples.")
22:05, August 10, 2020AladGasCityPA40.ogg (file)
163 KBCephalon Scientia ("Neither I nor our Partners will tolerate Tenno incursions into these sacred homes. If you see something, investigate and report!")
22:05, August 10, 2020AladGasCityPA39.ogg (file)
131 KBCephalon Scientia ("Any sign of the Tenno threat must be investigated and reported immediately. Investigate and report disciples!")
22:05, August 10, 2020AladGasCityPA38.ogg (file)
83 KBCephalon Scientia ("Friends and coworkers may change without warning: accept and ignore.")
22:04, August 10, 2020AladGasCityPA37.ogg (file)
87 KBCephalon Scientia ("Key operational assets may be... obfuscated. Accept and ignore.")
22:04, August 10, 2020AladGasCityPA36.ogg (file)
101 KBCephalon Scientia ("Your environment may change unexpectedly. Remember your vows: accept and ignore.")
22:03, August 10, 2020AladGasCityPA35.ogg (file)
131 KBCephalon Scientia ("Exposure to Partner communications may provoke aberrant mental agony. If you experience these visions report to the nearest auto-medic for shock protocol.")
22:03, August 10, 2020AladGasCityPA34.ogg (file)
117 KBCephalon Scientia ("Every day objects may... exhibit anomalous responses. Remember your vows: accept and ignore.")
22:03, August 10, 2020AladGasCityPA33.ogg (file)
189 KBCephalon Scientia ("Our Partners continue to aid in the Amalgam effort. We are to extend them every courtesy! That includes respecting their privacy. Failure to do so will result in sanction.")
22:02, August 10, 2020AladGasCityPA32.ogg (file)
165 KBCephalon Scientia ("All personnel, eavesdropping on partner data transfers will result in neuro-carnivorous memes. Perfect cells in your... subconscious. You want to avoid general slot 3(?).")
22:02, August 10, 2020AladGasCityPA31.ogg (file)
124 KBCephalon Scientia ("Attention, meetings with our Partners continue in section 2. We are not to be disturbed.")
21:46, August 10, 2020AladGasCityPA30.ogg (file)
91 KBCephalon Scientia ("Corpus disciples, our new Partners are allies in power and prosperity!")
21:45, August 10, 2020AladGasCityPA29.ogg (file)
252 KBCephalon Scientia ("A reminder that all one hundred thirty-six employment vows and... what? One hundred thirty-eight? Isn't that many... all one hundred thirty-eight vows are to be committed to memory. Testing may occur at any moment. Failure results in sanction.")

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