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Sorties are a set of special missions that are assigned to players on a daily basis. Each Sortie consists of three missions of escalating difficulty that must be completed in sequence, where a mission must be completed before proceeding to the next one. The individual missions in a Sortie each have their own unique hazards and conditions that make the mission more difficult, from loadout limitations to enemies with enhanced offensive or defensive abilities. Regardless of individual mission conditions, only level 30 Warframes and players with Mastery Rank of 4 and above can participate in Sortie missions. Sorties reset each day at 17:00 hours, or 5:00 PM UTC.

Completing all missions in a Sortie will reward the player with a random reward picked from a listed rewards pool containing up to 21 different items, ranging from rare items to Event weapon parts. This pool of items lasts for 15 days before being renewed for a new set of rewards.

Each daily set of Sorties is thematically linked to a preexisting Boss, which will determine the Faction that will be present in all three missions.

Daily Sorties will refresh in:

0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds

Sortie Conditions

The following are the various Conditions that can be encountered in Sortie missions:

Condition Effect Notes
Augmented Enemy Shields Enemies have improved shields. Corpus only. Melee Finisher attacks do not bypass enemy shields.
Augmented Enemy Armor Enemies have improved armor. Corrosive Projection's effects are halved. Infested enemies who do not normally have armor will gain armor.
Cryogenic Leakage Maximum Warframe Shield capacity is halved.
Dense Fog Limited visibility. This condition will shroud the map in dense fog.
Enemy Elemental Resistance Enemies have increased resistance to elemental damage.
Enemy Physical Resistance Enemies have increased resistance to physical damage. Finishing Damage will not be resisted. (Eg. Finisher damage from Blade Storm)
Enemy Physical Enhancement Enemies will deal additional physical damage and have increased resistance to physical damage. Additional physical damage granted to enemies can be one of the following:

Enemy Elemental Enhancement Enemies will deal additional elemental damage and have increased resistance to elemental damage. Additional elemental damage granted to enemies can be one of the following:

Energy Reduction Maximum Warframe Energy capacity is quartered, and energy regeneration speed is significantly reduced.
Eximus Stronghold Eximus units spawn more often.
Extreme Cold Mobility is significantly impaired. Sprinting is disabled for this mode, and the speed of Maneuvers and casting is reduced.
Fire Maximum Warframe Health amount is halved, and recovery rate is significantly reduced. In most tilesets, this condition will shroud the map in a light pall of smoke.
Radiation Hazard Any physical damage received will also impart Radiation b Radiation effects. This condition will tint the map in a pale green light for ambience.
Assault Rifle Only Only Assault Rifles can be used and carried. Launchers can also be used.
Melee Only Only Melee weapons can be used and carried.
Pistol Only Only Secondary weapons can be used and carried.
Shotgun Only Only Shotguns can be used and carried.
Sniper Only Only Sniper Rifles can be used and carried.
Bows Only Only Bows can be used and carried.

Mission Conditions

Apart from the above mission modifiers, the mission types in Sorties will also have their own specific conditions:

  • Similar to the consoles on Nightmare Trial missions, all consoles on Sorties must be hacked without use of Ciphers, and Grineer consoles will only allow up to 3 mistakes to be made before the hacking fails and electrocutes the user.
  • Rescue sorties will have the execution timer activate as soon as players enter the prison complex.
    • Additionally, all enemies will prioritize attacking the hostage over the players once freed.
  • Spy sorties require all three Data Vaults to be successfully completed.
  • Defense sorties require 10 waves to complete.
    • Missions have players defending an able-bodied Tenno Operative instead of a single Cryopod.
    • Operative can be revived if their health runs out.
  • Interception sorties require 3 waves to complete.
  • Excavation sorties require at least 1,000 Cryotic before players are allowed to extract.
  • Survival sorties require a minimum of 15 minutes to complete.
  • Exterminate and Sabotage missions will start with the enemies already alerted.
    • In addition, players are required to eliminate all remaining enemies after accomplishing a Sabotage objective.
  • Corpus Hijack rovers will project a nullification field around it, preventing the use of Powers near it.


Completing a Sortie will give players a single reward selected at random from the seasonal pool of rewards. The rewards are different for each player, except for players in a cell completing the final Sortie mission which will receive the same rewards.

Rewards are split into two categories: Repeatable, and Non-Repeatable. Repeatable rewards are those that can be acquired multiple times in a season, while Non-Repeatable rewards can only be acquired once, and are removed from the season's reward pool once acquired. Non-Repeatable rewards are identified by empty checkboxes beside their name, which are checked out when a player receives them. Currently, the list of Non-Repeatable parts include cosmetics, Focus Lenses, Nezha parts, and weapon parts. Once obtained, they will be replaced by either 25x or 50x R5 Fusion Cores. Sortie/SeasonFourRewards


  • It is recommended to coordinate with your teammates on what gear and loadouts to use.
  • Stealth is recommended especially for objective-based missions like Spy and Rescue missions due to the strength of the enemy at the levels sorties take place. Alternatively, it may be prudent to simply ignore enemies altogether and prioritize heading to the objectives as quickly as possible.
  • Covert Lethality can be useful in soloing sorties, as the mod's bonuses on stealth finishers can bypass armor scaling due to the enemies' high levels, on top ignoring any potential modifiers that increase enemy durability. Bear in mind that not all enemies can be killed with stealth finishers, so ignore them if possible.
    • For Sabotage and Exterminate sortie missions, where enemies spawn at the start of the mission in an alert state, enemies can be returned to relaxed status by initiating open combat to make them trigger a map-wide alarm or a lockdown, and then deactivating said states by hacking a control console. Alternatively, using powers and abilities that trigger finisher attacks, such as Paralysis, Teleport or Cloud Walker can be used to trigger Covert Lethality's fatal attacks even against alerted enemies.
  • Playing a sortie solo will not decrease the difficulty or the amount of enemies spawned. Therefore, it is recommended to play with a full cell when tackling missions that require kills, such as Survival or Defense.
  • For missions that have weapon limitations, it is recommended to bring along a Warframe with high-damage offensive powers, like Ember or Excalibur, to maintain effective firepower.
  • If planning to enter missions with enemy elemental resistance, consider modding weapons with physical damage mods (ex. Heavy Trauma) and faction damage mods (ex. Smite Infested) in lieu of elemental damage mods in order to maximize damage potential, and using Warframes whose abilities deal physical or non-standard damage types (ex. Excalibur, Ash etc.)
  • As Ciphers are unavailable for use in Sorties, the Liset's Override Air Support Power can be helpful in Spy and Rescue Sorties; it can help compensate for any mistakes made when hacking data vaults in Spy, and it can extend the time to rescue the hostage in Rescue.
    • The Intruder mod is also useful in easing the difficulty of Hacking in sorties.


  • Sorties were implemented in Update 18 on December 3rd, 2015.


  • It may be necessary to relog or restart the game to refresh the Sortie tab of the World State Window upon the Sortie reset time arriving, otherwise the game may simply display "No Sorties are available".
  • Occasionally, there is a bug that will allow players to extract after 100 Cryotic on Excavation Sorties. This is most likely due to the fact that the original amount required was 100 before adjusting.
  • In Update 18.4, Season 3 Rewards listed Strun Wraith barrel as a possible reward instead of the Karak Wraith barrel. The Strun Wraith Barrel in question however is counted as a Karak Wraith Barrel for purposes of construction.

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