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Weather like this, I do not miss my organics.

—Solaris United Agent

Solaris United Agents are located around Corpus bases in the Orb Vallis and provide access to Fortuna's bounties.


Upon capturing a Corpus base, a Solaris United Agent will be temporarily available for contracting bounties. The bounties that are available from them will be based on the level of the previous bounty. Once you leave the Orb Vallis, all Corpus bases previously captured will revert back to their original state, meaning that to access the Solaris United Agent at those locations again, you must recapture the bases.


  • The Solaris United Agent next to the elevator to Fortuna is a dad with kids.
  • Upon reaching Old Mate with Solaris United, the Solaris United Agent's chest cavity will open also.
  • The Solaris United Agent is voiced by Cam Rogers.