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The official cipher of Solaris Language

The Solari Language is used by the Solari people, including those in Fortuna. The written form can be found all over signs and banners found around Fortuna.

Written Language[]

All writing in the Solari alphabet is either written in correct American English or closely written phonetically in the English language. Numbers are written in binary form with ones and zeroes, similar to the Corpus Language.

Known Slang[]

See Fortuna/Quotes and Corpus Ship/Quotes for usage of slang by Solaris locals.

Used by all or most Solari
Word/Phrase Translation/Meaning
Abigail Assassin[1]
Action doc A person who can arrange a variety of illegal services for a fee[2]
Ah guts "Damn it"[2]
Ambidexter Backstabber or one who plays both sides.[2]
Backstroke ??[3]
Brain-shelf To have one's head repossessed and locked away by the Corpus
Bundled out Loaded to max capacity[2]
Chek-chek "Okay"
Come back Invitation for other pilot to talk on comms[2]
Convoy Group of ships traveling together
Copy-cats Grineer
Crater-faced A place overrun with Infestation[2]
Crud diver Someone who works beneath the surface of tanks/pools/lakes of coolant and breaks up blockages[2]
Cove Scumbag or a friend
Cycle Refers to a single cold/warm cycle on the Orb Vallis, conceptually equivalent to a "day"
Deadhead Empty ship with no cargo[2]
Eyeball To see something
Fatboy Heavy-duty cargo ship/tractor
Gib-faced Unattractive[2]
Go-go juice Fuel
Got your ears on? "Anyone listening/anyone on comms?"
Furball Group of Grineer[2]
Hab A Solaris colony like Fortuna[3]
Handle Name[2]
Jockey A driver/pilot of a ship[3]
Lugger A person who carries heavy equipment from one place to another[2]
Keep the shiny side up "Have a safe trip/don't have an accident"[2]
Manifest Document
Meat wagon Ambulance[2]
Merk-merks Mercantile mercenaries (aka Corpus)[3]
Mucker Vulgar slang for a disgusting or insignificant person
Mucking Vulgar slang to express anger or disgust
Old mate "Friend" or "this person here"[2]
Organic Living things
Outworlder A foreigner
Personnel cleric A non-Corpus Temple officiate[2]
Poppin' zits Killing Infestation[2]
Rail agents Solaris United tractor jockeys who use the Solar Rails[2]
Repo (noun) Pejorative, one who has been subjected to limb repossession[2]
Repo (verb) Short for repossession, a process where Corpus take away body parts and replace it with mechanical ones for debt collateral
Rig Artificial body
Rig jockey Solaris worker
Rubbernecking Slowing down to gaze at something[2]
Silver stamps Rail agent lingo for credits payment[2]
Smoke the brakes "Slow down/wait up/say what?"[2]
Sprog Children[3]
Sumper Someone who works in the sumps, lowest level job[2]
Taxman Corpus
Thrower Casual labor that unloads your ship, often for cash payment[2]
Tractor jockey A ship pilot
Tractor race Two rail agents competing for same contract[2]
Triple digits High speed[2]
Whisper network Spy network, usually referring to Solaris United informants[2]
Wide-bore Turbocharged/with great force[2]
Wotsit/whatsit "What is it"
Zits Infestation
Used by Ventkids only[4]
Word/Phrase Translation/Meaning
Bit A K-Drive part
Dog Good
Fam Family
Glinty Fancy; also a nickname for the Tenno
Gutterball "to lower the price", similar to lowballing
Howzit "how is it"
Klokkit "go"
Lateral Crazy or "on edge"
Logical To be bonded by the same belief or lifestyle, akin to "brotherhood"
Null-unit "idiot"
Plank K-Drive
Primo Premium
Scope "see"
Skeg A genre of improvised music created by the Ventkids
Terminal Fast

Tabulated Ciphers[]

Matching Solari alphabet to International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) for English pronounciations.

English Consonsants
IPA Solari
p Solaris P.svg pen, tip
b Solaris B.svg but, web
t Solaris T.svg take, cut
d Solaris D.svg dad, do
Solaris CH.svg chat, nature
Solaris J.svg joy, giant, edge
k Solaris K.svg cat, kite, queen
g Solaris G.svg go, get, gutter
f Solaris F.svg off, fate
v Solaris V.svg voice, of, favorite
θ Solaris TH.svg thing, teeth
ð Solaris DH.svg that, soothe
s Solaris S.svg same, city, sass
z Solaris Z.svg zoo, rose
ʃ Solaris SH.svg she, sure, emotion
ʒ Solaris ZH.svg genre, seige, pleasure
h Solaris H.svg hat, heaven
m Solaris M.svg man, jam
n Solaris N.svg no, brain
ŋ Solaris NG.svg ringer, sing, drink
l Solaris L.svg loss, please
r Solaris R.svg run, very
w Solaris OO.svg win, we
j Solaris EE.svg yes, yawn
x Solaris KH.svg loch
English Vowels
IPA Solari
Solaris AE.svg day, gate, date
ɒ Solaris AW.svg blockade, pot
ɔ: Solaris AWW.svg paw, thought
æ Solaris AH.svg pat, bat
ɜ Solaris -H.svg bird, curt
ə No equilvalent comma, about
ɪ Solaris IH.svg pit, in, fish
ɛ Solaris EH.svg pet, bed
i Solaris EE.svg bee, need
ʌ Solaris UH.svg run
ʊ Solaris U.svg put
u Solaris OO.svg food, dude, through
Solaris AYE.svg bye, night, my
Solaris OH.svg tow, woe, dough
No equilvalent now, foul
Numbers and Punctuation
Symbols Solari
0 Solaris 0.svg
1 Solaris 1.svg
2 No equilvalent
3 No equilvalent
4 No equilvalent
5 No equilvalent
6 No equilvalent
7 No equilvalent
8 No equilvalent
9 No equilvalent
. (period) Solaris Period.svg
? (question mark) Solaris ?.svg
! (exclamation mark) Solaris !.svg
, (comma) Solaris ,.svg
: (colon) Solaris Colon.svg
' (apostrophe) Solaris '.svg
— (hyphen) No equilvalent
@ (at sign) No equilvalent
# (pound sign) No equilvalent



  • It is the only language in WARFRAME to feature unique scripts for colons (:) and apostrophes (').
  • Unlike other WARFRAME languages, there is little info on proper nouns that are unique to the language as the Solari people have their names replaced by identification numbers assigned to by the Corpus. As such, nicknames or other aliases are given to the Solari based on distinguishing characteristics (e.g. Legs) or arbitrarily.



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