A Tenno Liset boarding on a Solar Rail.

Introduced in Update 13.0 and removed in Update 16, Solar Rails allowed players to access missions in Dark Sectors. Without Solar Rails, these missions remained locked to players until they researched one in their Clan Dojo and deployed it.

The Tile Set of the Solar Rail could only be seen during a Solar Rail Conflict or in Schema mode. During Conflict, players could contest the occupying Clan or Alliance by infiltrating and destroying the Solar Rail, which took place in the Solar Rail itself; In Schema mode, players of the occupying Clan or Alliance could access the tile set in order to place defensive measures in case a conflict occurred.

Research[edit | edit source]

The research screen of a Solar Rail - Tower Class.

Clans will first need to research Solar Rails in the Orokin Lab. This will enable the construction of the rails.

Construction[edit | edit source]

The construction screen of the Solar Rail - Tower Class

Once the research is completed, Solar Rails may be constructed in the Orokin Lab.

Multiple Solar Rails may be constructed simultaneously by constructing multiple labs which will allow one rail to be constructed in each lab at any given time.  By default, only clan Warlords will have permission to construct a Solar Rail. However, they can assign the Tactician role to allow other ranks to gain that ability.

Deployment[edit | edit source]

Solar Rail looked from the perspective of Orokin Lab.

Once a rail has been constructed, it can be placed on the solar map. If a rail already exists at that location, and is out of armistice, you may contest it with your own. You can place lower tribute rates on your rail to encourage others to use it instead of another clan's rail.

Custom tribute rates may be set for your clan and for everyone else. When contesting a rail, the more missions that are completed on your rail will weaken the other. Eventually, a rail may be defeated and the victor will take over.

There are various bonuses associated with playing a mission in a Dark Sector which makes it very attractive. These bonuses scale depending on the planet that the Dark Sector is in. For example, Neptune has a credit reward of 9,000 for completing the mission whereas Pluto has a credit reward of 20,000 for completing the mission.

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