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"All ships hold, the rail is punching through. Rail charging, continue to hold. Rail over capacity, please divert into holding pattern."
—A Grineer commander on Radio Scanner

Solar Rails are Orokin structures that allow ships to easily travel between planets within the Origin System and other star systems. These rails utilize the power of the Void to teleport ships across vast distances.[1] Through Junctions, players can activate these rails to unlock the ability to travel to other planets in the Star Chart. Currently, there is no way to travel to other star systems, despite the lore saying they can.[1]

According to one of Executor Tuvul's messages, if the Zariman Ten Zero colonists have ever reached Tau System, they are supposed to build an extra Solar Rail, so more colonists and the Orokin themselves can easily and safely travel between Origin System and Tau, without the need of the Reliquary Drive.

Rail Agents[]

"Yeah, rail agents. They're tractor jockeys. Solo contractors specializing in speed-runs, rapid deliveries, smuggling, stiletto jobs. They've cut more deals with more bureaucrats than you've had hot dinners. You'll know a rail agent tractor when you see it. Overclocked reactors, wide-bore engines, zero acceleration governors. Every design choice screams: death wish."
—A male worker on Fortuna[2]
"I deal with all sorts: low-breeds and the high-born. Everyone wants somethin' they're not s'posed to have. But these days it's a buyer's market. And what's sellin' is stuff that'd get a girl buried. Sentient stuff. And it's been comin' in by the wagonload."
—Little Duck during Operation: Scarlet Spear

A related term, "Rail Agent", refers to smugglers and pilots who do illegal work around the Origin System. These people usually drive "Rail tractors", specialized ships with high maneuverability to escape authorities. Little Duck is one of these people as she does illicit freelance work.


  • Solar Rail seems to be capable to provide a safe passage between junctions regardless of the distance, as it is supposed to enable a safe interstellar travel between Origin System and Tau System.
    • On the contrary, Reliquary Drives on board space ships are capable to mainly provide a safe travel at interplanetary distance.
  • Railjacks are probably named after the fact that they can travel between planets without the need of a Solar Rail, using Void-powered engines. This is thanks to the Reliquary Drive, which is the key to the Railjack's power.


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