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Warframe Tactical Alert - Dog Days
==Patch History==
==Patch History==

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The Soaktron is a version of the weapon used by Nox modified for the Dog Days Tactical Alert to spray water instead of toxins. While considered nothing more than a toy, it deals "damage" and can be "charged" by pumping it to increase the velocity of the projectiles, making it easier to hit moving targets.



  • Has a chance to knock the enemy back and deal Impact b Impact on hit
  • High ammunition capacity
  • Recharges ammunition when players stand on water vents


  • Heavy arc and travel time
  • Must be manually pumped to gain maximum velocity


  • Mod TT 20pxRifle Amp can increase the damage the weapon deals against enemies.



  • The Soaktron was originally going to shoot Acid, until Kela De Thaym suffered from some sort of gas leak, causing her to replace all the weapons with water and host Rathuum on a beach instead of an arena.


Patch History

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