The Soaktron is a version of the weapon used by Nox modified for the Dog Days Tactical Alert to spray water instead of toxins. While considered nothing more than a toy, it deals "damage" with a reasonable chance of dealing staggering Impact b Impact procs on hit and can be "charged" by pumping it to increase the velocity/ballistic arc of the projectiles, making it easier to hit moving targets.



  • Fully automatic trigger.
  • High ammunition capacity.
  • Instantly and fully refills ammunition on ammo pickups.
  • Does not need to reload.



  • A gauge under the reticle represents the gun's water pressure, which affects its Projectile Flight Speed. Each shot slightly drains the gauge, turning from blue to white after 10 shots, and fully depleting from white after 20 shots. Pressing the Alternate Fire button refills a third of the gauge.



  • The Soaktron was originally going to shoot Acid, until Kela De Thaym suffered from some sort of gas leak, causing her to replace all the weapons with water guns and host Rathuum on a beach instead of an Arena.
  • The water inside the canister on top is a physics object, reacting to sudden movements as well as the gun's orientation.
    • Additionally it will incrementally drain corresponding to the ammo counter, up until both will empty at the same time.
  • Ammo pickups in the Dog Days event arena have the appearance of water vents.


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