A Sniper Rifle is a type of Primary Weapon designed to fire high-damage shots with high accuracy at very long ranges.

The primary feature of Sniper Rifles is their sniper scopes, which allows them to zoom in when aiming (default RMB ), allowing for precise shots when firing at long range. Sniper Rifles can adjust the magnification of their zoom by tapping the zoom change key (default MMB ), making it cycle between zoom levels. Each zoom level also has a corresponding buff to one of the Sniper Rifle's stats, with higher magnifications granting greater bonuses, though leading to a corresponding decrease in field of view. The type of buff granted is dependent upon the individual model of Sniper Rifle, ranging from increased critical chance, critical multiplier, or headshot damage.

Another feature unique to Sniper Rifles as ranged weapons is their Shot Combo Counter, which gives them a bonus to their total damage if they successfully hit their shots multiple times in succession (affected by Multishot mods). Each Sniper Rifle requires a minimum number of shots before the Shot Combo Counter activates, starting with a damage bonus of 1.5x. Another 0.5x damage is added to the counter each time the Shot Combo Counter reaches a number of hits three times the amount needed for the previous damage bonus milestone, ex. If a Sniper Rifle activated its 1.5x damage bonus on the 5th hit, then its 2.0x bonus can only be achieved after the 15th hit, the 2.5x bonus after the 45th hit and so on.

The Shot Combo Counter takes into account successful multiple hits achieved via Punch Through, and weapons with Multishot will count each successful hit from the same shot as multiple shot instances, ex. if two bullets from a single Multishot hit the same target, then the Shot Combo Counter will register that as two hits. The Shot Combo Counter will be reduced by 1 after a short period of time that no successful hits have been made, or if the player misses a shot. All sniper rifles have a 2 second combo duration, with the exception of the CorpusSniperRifle Lanka that has a 6 second duration. This duration can be extended with Mod TT 20pxHarkonar Scope.

The sniper scopes on these weapons will constantly display the Zoom magnification level and corresponding stat buff on the right side of the aiming reticle, and a rangefinder on the left side. The Shot Combo Counter will also be displayed at the bottom of the aiming reticle, but only if a successful hit has been made.

Sniper RiflesEdit

Zoom levels and BuffsEdit

Sniper Rifle Zoom Level Buff
Komorex Komorex 2.0x -50% Recoil, +2 Punch Through
3.5x +100% Damage, +3 Explosion Radius, -75% Fire Rate
CorpusSniperRifle Lanka 3x +20% Critical Chance
5x +30% Critical Chance
8x +50% Critical Chance
FiveShotSniper Rubico 3.5x +35% Critical Multiplier
6x +50% Critical Multiplier
RubicoPrime Rubico Prime  2.5x   +35% Critical Multiplier
 5.0x   +50% Critical Multiplier
CorpusSniperRifle Snipetron
DESnipertronVandal Snipetron Vandal
2.5x +30% Headshot Damage
6x +50% Headshot Damage
DEVectis Vectis  3x    +30% Headshot Damage
 4.5x    +50% Headshot Damage
VectisPrime Vectis Prime 3.5x +40% Headshot Damage
6x +60% Headshot Damage
Vulkar Vulkar
VulkarWraith Vulkar Wraith
 2.5x    +35% Headshot Damage
 4x    +55% Headshot Damage
 8x    +70% Headshot Damage

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 27.4
  • Added a ‘click’ sound when cycling through zoom options with Sniper Rifles.
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