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Patch History[]

Update 34.0 (2023-10-18)


Two broad changes have been made with regard to your Companion's base stats to increase their staying power:

1. Health, Shields and Armor have been refactored across the board.
This simple numeric buff was made with the goal of increasing Companion survivability. This also means that the choice of whether to use, for example, Enhanced Vitality or Linked Vitality, will depend on your Warframe choice instead of the Linked Mod always being strictly superior.

2. Non-Sentinel Companions now gain their full Health and Shield values immediately when you acquire them.
Historically Health and Shield values would increase as your Companion ranked up, which you could see as "Rank Bonuses" in the Upgrades screen. We've removed this behavior and simply given Companions what would end up being their Rank 30 values at Rank 0. This should let you immediately take your Companions on more difficult missions after earning them!

Including both the removal of Companion Rank bonuses, and the base increase to stats, the following lists the stat changes for all Companions at Rank 0:

Revised Kavat Stats:

  • Smeeta Kavat: 390 Health (from 100), 230 Shield (from 60), 200 Armor (from 50)