• Mirage performing Razor Fin.
  • Mirage performing Cutting Fringe.
  • Mirage performing Scathing Plume.
  • Mirage performing Serrated Crest.

Slicing Feathers is a stance mod for Warfans introduced in the Plains of Eidolon update.

Can be equipped on:

✓ denotes weapon with matching Stance polarity


Combo Name Button Combination
Razor Fin BlackBasex642xPurpleBasex64Impact b2x150%PurpleBasex641x 150%1x 100%1x 200%1x 400% SlaKno b
Cutting Fringe* BlackBasex642xBlackUpx64+BlackBasex642xPurpleBasex641x 200% Impact b1x 100% BlackBasex642x300%PurpleBasex64Impact b300%PurpleBasex64Impact bKnockdown b2x300%
Scathing Plume* BlackBasex642xBlackBlockx64+BlackBasex643xPurpleBasex641x 300% Impact b1x 100% BlackBasex64200%PurpleBasex642x 100% Knockdown b1x 100% Impact b3x 100%
Serrated Crest* BlackBasex642xBlackPausex64BlackBasex64BlackBasex64300%BlackBasex64300%PurpleBasex64Impact b300%PurpleBasex64Ragdoll b400%
Perfect Cut  BlackChargex64300%

Spiral Cut Slide + BlueBasex64

Sky Doom In Air + RedBasex64

Weightless Steel Wall Dash + BlackBasex64

Death's Mark Knockdowned Enemy + BlackBasex64
BlueBasex64 360° Attack  RedBasex64 Slam Attack  PurpleBasex64 Proc

 Melee Attacks

BlackBasex64   Melee  
BlackBlockx64   Block  
BlackUpx64   Direction (Up)  
BlackChargex64 Hold  
BlackPausex64   Pause  

 Multipliers and Hits

BlackBasex64200%   Attack does double damage  
BlackBasex642x   Attack hits twice  

 Exclusive Procs

Knockdown b   Knockdown  
Ragdoll b   Ragdoll  
Finisher b   Ground Finisher  

Combo Name Button Combination
Razor Fin E2xEImpact b2x 150% __ E1x 100%1x 150% + 1x 200% + 1x 400% SlaKno b
Cutting Fringe* E2xUparrow +E2xE1x 100%1x 200% Impact b ____ E300%2xEImpact b300%EImpKno b2x 300% __
Scathing Plume* E2xRMB +E3xE1x 100%1x 300% Impact bE200%E1x 100% Impact b2x 100% Impact b + 3x 100%
Serrated Crest* E2x  Pause EE300%E300%EImpact b300%ERagdoll b400%
Perfect Cut Hold E , Release
Spiral Cut Slide + E
Sky Doom In Air + E
Weightless Steel Wall Dash + E
Death's Mark Knockdowned Enemy + E1600%
Normal    All Targets    Slam/Ragdoll    Proc
  • PS4:     E  = Combops4circle   RMB  = R2
  • XBOX:  E  = B    RMB  = RTrigger


  • The third attack of Razor Fin consists of four strikes: one for 100% damage, another for 150% and two for 400%, the last of which triggers a Slash b Slash proc and a Knockdown effect.
  • At the end of Razor Fin, a small animation plays where the Warframe fans itself.
  • The second strike of the third attack of Scathing Plume does 300% damage.
  • The fourth attack of Scathing Plume has an extremely short range and is preceded by an Impact b Impact proc, making it very easy to miss.
  • The first strike of the last attack of Scathing Plume does 200% damage and triggers a Knockdown effect.


Patch HistoryEdit

Update 22.8
  • Introduced
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