Skold Crewships are Grineer troop transport ships in Empyrean missions, largely identical to the standard Gokstad Crewship but with the addition of shields that protect it from most threats. They are currently only found in the Veil Proxima.


Skold Crewships are a modified version of the Exo Gokstad Crewship. They feature the same armaments, armor, and abilities, but are protected by an impregnable energy shield when they first appear. The shield protects the Crewship not only from damage, but also from any Tenno boarding attempts, though the three shield generators attached to the engines are vulnerable to damage.


Exo Skold Crewship General Miscellaneous
Introduced Update 27.2
Tileset Veil Proxima Codex Scans
Weapon Homing missile launchers Other Drops Lavan Apoc MK III 1.0%
Lavan Carcinnox MK III 1.0%
Lavan Cryophon MK III 1.0%
Lavan Photor MK III 1.0%
Lavan Pulsar MK III 1.0%
Vidar Apoc MK III 1.0%
Vidar Carcinnox MK III 1.0%
Vidar Cryophon MK III 1.0%
Vidar Photor MK III 1.0%
Vidar Pulsar MK III 1.0%
Statistics Mod Drops None
  • Exo Crewships are capable of deploying a healing bubble that quickly regenerates the health of nearby fighters, even if players are commandeering it.
    • The bubble homes in on a selected ally, and expands once it reaches its target. Much like a Nullifier bubble the healing bubble can be shot, shrinking it down and even destroying it once it receives enough damage.


  • Any Tenno inside a Crewship when it explodes are merely ejected into space in Archwing mode.
  • If the Crewship's health reaches 0 from Arch-guns or Railjack turrets, it will not be immediately defeated. The ship will be temporarily disabled for several seconds, then begin regenerating its health.
    • However, if the Crewship's reactor is destroyed and then the ship reaches 0 health, it will immediately explode.
  • At Fighter level 30-33 onwards, the Crewship's reactor will be protected by a shield, making it impervious to damage until players disable it by Hacking the nearby console.
  • If the Crewship reaches 0 health while commandeered by a Tenno, the reactor meltdown sequence will occur.
  • The Crewship has three turrets: one monitored by the Gokstad Pilot, and two manned by Elite Lancer's on the ship's right and below deck.


  • Most of the tips that apply to the regular Crewship also apply to the Skold Crewship. The following tips are in regards to the Skold Crewship's shields;
    • The Tycho Seeker is an ideal weapon to use against the Skold Crewship, as its damage and blast radius are enough to destroy all three shield generators with a single missile, making it vulnerable to standard Crewship strategies afterwards.
    • If you're planning on dealing with the shields via Archwing, keep in mind that the Skold Crewship is just as heavily armed as its vanilla counterparts and can easily kill an unprepared player.


  • Skold is Scandinavian for "shield".


  • Exo Skold Crewships previously dropped MK I tier Wreckage instead of the expected MK III tier.

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 27.4.2
  • Fixed killing Crewship Engines not affecting crew count before the ship has been boarded.
  • Fixed a crash associated with Crewships.

Update 27.4

  • Destroying all engines on a Crewship now disables weapons.
  • Destroying all engines on a Crewship kills half the crew on board.
  • Fixes towards an inescapable black screen if you were inside a Crewship as the Operator when it exploded.
  • Fixed Client's inability to destroy a Grineer Crewship with the Forward Artillery if the Crewship was near disabled.
  • More fixes towards players finding themselves in all kinds of brokenness when using Archwing Slingshot on a Crewship that had just been destroyed.
  • Fixed fighter/Crewship objective markers reappearing after migration when they had already been completed.
  • Fixed meltdown projector showing for players that are still inside the Crewship.

Hotfix 27.3.8

  • Performance improvements towards Grineer Crewships when their engines explode.

Update 27.2

  • Introduced.
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