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Skirmish is a sub-type of Exterminate mission type, and is one of the standard Empyrean mission in Proxima nodes, requiring players to destroy a limited number of fighters and Crewships in the area, with an occasional third objective to take out an orbital installation like a hangar. Counters will be displayed below the minimap showing the number of enemies remaining.


Once players enter the area of operations, Cephalon Cy will task players to destroy at least 30 fighters and 2 Gokstad Crewships, with these numbers multiplying at higher difficulty levels. Fighters are easily destroyed with the Railjack's armaments, but crewships will require players to breach them to destroy their reactors or utilize the Forward Artillery to demolish them. Once the mission's quota is met, enemies of that type will stop spawning.

Unlike most mission types, Skirmish missions have two level ranges; one for the fighters and one for ground troops (such as the Crewships' passengers or the Ramsleds' boarding parties). Beginning around fighter level 9-13, Cy will task players to disable a spaceborne Grineer outpost, adding additional difficulty to the mission and requiring an Away Team to infiltrate the outpost and coordinate attacks with the Railjack crew. The list of potential outposts, and any alterations to mission difficulty, is below;

  • Asteroid Hangar - The base itself adds no difficulty, but players will have to board an unmanned prototype Crewship docked inside to complete the objective.
  • Asteroid Base/Galleon Commander - Either a Grineer Galleon or an Asteroid Base is stationed in the sector, and the Away Team is assigned to kill the Commander on board. The Galleon in particular is bristling with Cannon Batteries and missile launchers.
  • Missile Platform - True to its name, the Missile Platform will fire two homing missiles at players should they fly within 2500 meters of the platform, dealing damage directly to their health. These missiles can be shot down before they make contact.
  • Pulse Turbine - The generator buffs all fighters in range, giving them 50% damage reduction.
  • Shipkiller Platform - Much like the Missile Platform, the Shipkiller Platform's main cannon will periodically fire at the Railjack should it fly within 2500 meters of the platform, dealing heavy damage. Players manning the Railjack will have to utilize nearby asteroids as cover or fly beneath the platform as it only has hemispherical coverage.

At fighter level 30-33, Cy will give players two Outpost objectives to complete along with the fighter/Crewship quotas. Regardless of difficulty, once all objectives have been completed any remaining forces will retreat, allowing players to locate the spoils of war or gather resources from the wreckage.


Planet Mission Name Faction Credit Reward Addtional Credit Reward Wiki's DropTableAlias Level Tileset
Earth Proxima Sover Strait Grineer 2,400 32,000 EarthProximaSkirmish 15 - 20 Free Space
Earth Proxima Iota Temple Grineer 2,900 38,000 EarthProximaSkirmish 20 - 28 Free Space
Earth Proxima Ogal Cluster Grineer 3,000 42,500 EarthProximaSkirmish 21 - 26 Free Space
Earth Proxima Korm's Belt Grineer 3,300 45,000 EarthProximaSkirmish 24 - 30 Free Space
Earth Proxima Bendar Cluster Grineer 3,800 45,000 EarthProximaSkirmish 29 - 36 Free Space
Saturn Proxima Lupal Pass Grineer 5,700 50,000 SaturnProximaSkirmish 48 - 56 Free Space
Saturn Proxima Nodo Gap Grineer 6,300 50,000 SaturnProximaSkirmish 54 - 60 Free Space
Saturn Proxima Mordo Cluster Grineer 6,400 50,000 SaturnProximaSkirmish 55 - 60 Free Space
Saturn Proxima Vand Cluster Grineer 7,400 70,000 SaturnProximaSkirmish 65 - 70 Free Space
Saturn Proxima Kasio's Rest Grineer 7,900 75,000 SaturnProximaSkirmish 70 - 75 Free Space
Veil Proxima Flexa Grineer 8,900 85,000 VeilProximaSkirmish 80 - 90 Free Space
Veil Proxima H-2 Cloud Grineer 8,900 135,000 VeilProximaSkirmish 80 - 90 Free Space
Veil Proxima R-9 Cloud Grineer 8,900 115,000 VeilProximaSkirmish 80 - 90 Free Space
Veil Proxima Nsu Grid Grineer 8,900 80,000 VeilProximaSkirmish 80 - 90 Free Space
There are a total of 14 Skirmish Missions


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  • Counts as Exterminate for Nightwave acts.
  • All drops are distributed to the entire Squad, thus reducing the difficulty in gathering them.
  • Destroying the prototype Crewship in the Asteroid Hangar will count towards the Crewship quota.
  • Grineer Outposts will periodically launch Ramsleds at the Railjack, even after all objectives have been completed.
  • Missiles launched from outposts last for 15 seconds regardless of difficulty level or outpost type.


  • Amesha is considered the most effective Archwing for the following reasons:
    • It has the highest survivability out of all Archwings with Watchful Swarm.
    • Benevolent Decoy can draw enemy fire, including Crewship missiles, temporarily mitigating damage towards the Railjack.
    • Warding Grace can significantly slow enemies fighters down, making them easy targets.
  • Cyngas Cyngas is strongly effective due to its high status chance.
  • Because of their high durability and inability to be destroyed by archguns and turrets (especially the pilot's), their highly damaging missile launchers that can down Archwings with ease, and their ability to deploy Ramsleds and (in the case of the Exo variant) healing bubbles, eliminating Gokstad Crewships should be an immediate priority for Tenno crew.
  • Though Crewships have less maneuverability and accuracy compared to the Railjack, it would be beneficial to commandeer one as they possess strong armor and powerful weaponry, drawing fire away from the Railjack. However, this is largely avoided in serious gameplay as it slows down progress towards objectives.
  • Both pilot and side turrets lists how much Ordnance and Flux Energy the Railjack has available. This is useful for Tenno crew for tracking and using the Resource Forge when needed.
  • Resource Forge refinement should only be done once all objectives are completed, and once all resources have been mostly replenished.
  • If able, Tenno crew should handle each objective individually, namely Crewships and Points of Interest, to speed up the mission. This is especially useful for the Sentient Anomaly, due to its limited appearance.


  • Shipkiller Platforms will also target and damage Gokstad Crewships and their variants, regardless of whether or not there is a player at it's helm.

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