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For the Grineer counterpart, see Kuva Lich.

My brother was a witless man. Happy as a hog, face-down in the trough. No thought of the farmer's axe. He was a brute above my asperous constitution. Yet he had not the will or the guile to let me guide that brawn. So... in my youth, I often imagined I had another sibling. A specter of sorts... A sister. And in my mind, she and I - oh how we would conspire... great schemes, risk-trades, rapacious plots. And should I ever find myself... back at the trough. Penniless. Betrayed. Rich, only in enemies... She'd be at my side, axe in hand.

The Sisters of Parvos are Corpus super soldiers that work under Parvos Granum. Sought out as Candidates by Vala Glarios, the Sisters seek to fulfill Parvos's desire in having a reliable sibling, and are armed with advanced Tenet weaponry and Hound companions.

Acting as a nemesis to the individual Tenno whose actions in battle have caused them to rise, Sisters establish a foothold in the Star Chart. From there, they hinder the progress of the Tenno, seizing a large portion of credits gained from missions. Their powers, bestowed upon them by Parvos' technology, grant them invincibility in battle that can only be broken by the Tenno who they are bound to - by discovering a sequence of enigmatic phrases inscribed on Requiem Mods, which the Tenno must unearth and apply to their Parazon in corresponding order, thus being able to purify and permanently break the Sister's security encryption. Every Sister has a unique name and various properties.


Profile page of a newly created Sister.

Mission nodes that a Sister has taken.

After the completion of The War Within and Call of the Tempestarii quests, the player may encounter a Candidate after completing the Granum Void in any Corpus Ship tileset while qualifying for Rank 1 rewards of Nightmare Difficulty (using a Zenith Granum Crown). This can be done before or after completing the mission's main objective.

By choosing to kill the Sister Candidate with a Parazon Mercy kill, the player causes a Sister to rise in the Origin System, thus becoming the Progenitor of that Sister, and the Warframe used for this is recognized as the Progenitor Warframe. In a squad, only the last player who damaged the Candidate may perform the Mercy kill. If no one takes the mercy action, the Candidate will despawn after 30 seconds. This does not interrupt the normal course of the mission. Upon return to the Orbiter, regardless of whether the mission was completed or aborted, the player will receive communications from the newly created Sister. The Sister's profile can be accessed from either the Orbiter's Navigation console, or on the Main Menu, through a banner on the lower right corner of the screen.

Players cannot Mercy the Candidate if they already have an active Sister or Kuva Lich. A Candidate can still spawn if any member of the squad already has an active Sister/Lich.

When the player is within Mercy distance, the downed Candidate will display an icon and name of the Tenet Weapon the created Sister will wield. The displayed weapon is always random, meaning players can run a mission multiple times before Mercy killing her with their weapon of choice.

Progenitor Warframe[]

The Warframe who created the Sister will determine the elemental damage bonus that her Tenet Weapon will have, as well as the type of Ephemera should they spawn with one. In addition, it will determine the Sister's Ability kit, and the Sister will typically have complete immunity to damage of her progenitor element.

Element Progenitor Warframe*
DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact BaruukIcon272.png BaruukGaussIcon272.png GaussGrendelIcon272.png GrendelRhinoIcon272.png RhinoSevagothIcon272.png SevagothWukongIcon272.png WukongZephyrIcon272.png Zephyr
DmgHeatSmall64.png Heat ChromaIcon272.png ChromaEmberIcon272.png EmberInarosIcon272.png InarosNezhaIcon272.png NezhaProteaIcon272.png ProteaVaubanIcon272.png VaubanWispIcon272.png Wisp
DmgColdSmall64.png Cold FrostIcon272.png FrostGaraIcon272.png GaraHildrynIcon272.png HildrynRevenantIcon272.png RevenantTitaniaIcon272.png TitaniaTrinityIcon272.png Trinity
DmgElectricitySmall64.png Electricity BansheeIcon272.png BansheeExcaliburIcon272.png ExcaliburLimboIcon272.png LimboNovaIcon272.png NovaValkyrIcon272.png ValkyrVoltIcon272.png Volt
DmgToxinSmall64.png Toxin AtlasIcon272.png AtlasIvaraIcon272.png IvaraKhoraIcon272.png KhoraNekrosIcon272.png NekrosNidusIcon272.png NidusOberonIcon272.png OberonSarynIcon272.png Saryn
DmgMagneticSmall64.png Magnetic HarrowIcon272.png HarrowHydroidIcon272.png HydroidLavosIcon272.png LavosMagIcon272.png MagMesaIcon272.png MesaXakuIcon272.png XakuYareliIcon272.png Yareli
DmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation AshIcon272.png AshEquinoxIcon272.png EquinoxGarudaIcon272.png GarudaLokiIcon272.png LokiMirageIcon272.png MirageNyxIcon272.png NyxOctaviaIcon272.png Octavia

*Note that the Primed or Umbra version of a Warframe share the same element


Sisters can have one of four personalities.[1] Since Sisters are always female, the personality chosen will be random and not split between sexes like Kuva Liches. These personalities can be described as "Business", "Nervous", "Domineering", and "Folksy."


The Sisters of Parvos tutorial summary can be accessed from the "Tutorial" button in the Sisters of Parvos profile.

You can only defeat this Adversary by equipping your Parazon with a sequence of Requiem Mods that are unique to [ADVERSARY NAME].
Requiem Mods can be acquired from Requiem Relics, found in Kuva Siphons and Kuva Floods.
Collect Murmurs by defeating [ADVERSARY NAME]'s Thralls (Grineer) or Hounds (Corpus) to learn the Known Requiems.
Equip the Known Requiems on your Parazon and battle [ADVERSARY NAME] to determine the correct sequence.
In regions containing your

Adversary's territory, [ADVERSARY NAME] may steal your rewards. Defeating [ADVERSARY NAME] is the only way to recover your losses.

Lure [ADVERSARY NAME] out of hiding by defeating Thralls (Grineer) or Hounds (Corpus) in controlled areas.
Pursue [ADVERSARY NAME] in Railjack once they Flee to the Proxima Regions.

Behavior & Mechanics[]

Star Chart Influence and Reward Tax[]

A Sister increasingly establishes influence across a set of nodes in the system by commanding Mechanized Hounds, which will appear during missions. The Sister will gain influence each time she ranks up, and a node will lose its influence after the player defeats the Sister Controlled Territory mission there. Clearing influence from nodes on the Star Chart will cause the Sister to take control of new planets.

Influence serves to diminish the player's rewards for completing missions in the affected nodes as a part of the reward will be claimed by the Sister through a Reward Tax in form of Credits. As the number of nodes under influence increases, the Reward Tax will also increase (roughly 0.7% per node). Credits that the player has lost through Reward Tax will only be reclaimed after they have defeated the Sister.

Rage Meter[]

A rage meter can be seen in the Sister Profile page, representing the likelihood that the Sister will appear in the player's missions. The 'angrier' the Sister, the more likely the player will encounter her. Only killing mechanized hounds in nodes occupied by the player's Sister will further anger the Sister and increase the meter. Occupied node mission completion and killing mechanized hounds in different Sister nodes (via taxi) will not increase the Sister's anger, although the latter will still progress the murmur.
There are five levels of anger: Indifferent → Annoyed → Fuming → Furious → Enraged. The meter will reset every time the Sister levels up. Note that a failed assassination attempt on a level 5 Sister will not result in her rage meter decreasing due to them not leveling up past level 5, therefore maintaining your chance of encountering her in future nodes.


Sister Level Enemy Level on
Controlled Nodes
1 55-75 Venus
2 50-60 Phobos
3 55-70 Jupiter
4 75-90 Neptune
5 90-110 Pluto

Newly created Sisters start at Level 1, indicated above her name in her profile page. As the player progressively fills the Sister's rage meter they will eventually encounter the Sister in combat during a mission. If the player fails a Mercy attack at any point during the fight, the Sister will be staggered, swearing vengeance towards the player. After doing so, the Sister will despawn, though not before increasing in level by one. As a Sister increases in level, so too does the level of missions under her influence. A Sister can reach a maximum level of 5. Sisters may gain additional resistances and immunities upon leveling up.

Final Showdown[]

Once you’ve performed the correct sequence of Requiem Mods on your Sister, she will flee to a final, guaranteed showdown in her Capital Ship within Railjack in the Neptune Proxima (minimum Pilot Intrinsic 5)! Take her on when you’re ready. Other Tenno looking to fight their own Sister of Parvos will matchmake to the same node, where you can work side-by-side to take down your unique foes one-by-one!


Sisters have four unique Abilities, three of them are variants of existing Warframe Abilities and one is a movement Ability. The first three Abilities that they possess depend on the Element associated with the Progenitor Warframe that summoned the Sister. Regardless of the Progenitor Warframe, the fourth Ability can be one of the following four abilities: Lurch, Stampede, Teleport, or Vault.

Sisters, being Corpus-based, also have a shield-based defense with a VERY strong natural regeneration rate after a short delay. If you don't keep damaging them they can end up regenerating a sizeable portion of their health quite quickly.

Sisters start out with their first Ability and fourth movement Ability; they will gain access to their second and third Abilities at levels 2 and 3 respectively similar to how Warframes gain access to their Abilities when ranking up.

Element Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Ability 4
DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact Overload
(Smite130xDark.png Smite)
Cursed Ground
(HallowedGround130xDark.png Hallowed Ground)
Blaze Artillery
(BlazeArtillery130xDark.png Blaze Artillery)
or Vault
DmgHeatSmall64.png Heat Fireball
(Fireball130xDark.png Fireball)
Spectral Scream
(SpectralScream130xDark.png Spectral Scream)
Warding Halo
(WardingHalo130xDark.png Warding Halo)
DmgColdSmall64.png Cold Balefire
(Balefire130xDark.png Balefire)
(Undertow130xDark.png Undertow)
Snow Globe
(SnowGlobe130xDark.png Snow Globe)
DmgElectricitySmall64.png Electricity Null Star
(NullStar130xDark.png Null Star)
Radial Blind
(RadialBlind130xDark.png Radial Blind)
Electric Shield
(ElectricShield130xDark.png Electric Shield)
DmgToxinSmall64.png Toxin Molt
(Molt130xDark.png Molt)
(Renewal130xDark.png Renewal)
(Prowl130xDark.png Prowl)
DmgMagneticSmall64.png Magnetic Rhino Stomp
(RhinoStomp130xDark.png Rhino Stomp)
(Tectonics130xDark.png Tectonics)
Soul Punch
(SoulPunch130xDark.png Soul Punch)
DmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation Magnetic Snare
(Magnetize130xDark.png Magnetize)
(Polarize130xDark.png Polarize)
(Ensnare130xDark.png Ensnare)

Mechanized Hound[]


A Sister does not maintain her territory on her own. Aside from enlisting the aid of Corpus troops and proxies, she also has Hounds that assist her conquest. In addition to having Robotic, Alloy Armor, and Proto Shield health types, they receive 25% less damage and have unique attacks depending on their modular parts.

All hounds have a 5% chance of dropping a Requiem Relic.[2][3] Each Requiem Relic has an equal chance to be dropped.

Spawning Mechanics[]

Unlike Kuva Thralls that convert normal enemies into upgraded units, Hounds are a new type of enemy that spawn in Sister controlled mission node. A Hound appearing in a mission will be accompanied by a musical sting and a waypoint marker. The Hounds are aggressive and will often seek out the player regardless of alert status. One Hound will always appear at the start of a mission, with additional Hounds appearing as the player kills enemies. If a Sister appears to challenge the player, they will also be accompanied by a Hound, regardless of the mission's existing or defeated Hounds.


Sisters may rarely spawn with a quirk that provides unique voice-lines and behavior when encountered.

View Quirk List
Quirk Description
Allergic to Nature Talks about being allergic to nature.
Always Hungry Talks about getting a snack.
Bloodhound Makes comments when the player turns invisible.
Coward Attempts to run away from the player when at low health.
Deserter Can leave the mission unexpectedly.
Fear of Being Alone Makes comments if there are no other Corpus nearby.
Fear of Children Is afraid of the player's Operator.
Fear of Kubrows Is afraid of Kubrows, Feral Kubrows, and Drahks.
Fear of Space Travel Upon spawning on a ship, sometimes stands frightened and does not attack first.
Hatred of Children Makes aggressive comments if the player's Operator appears.
Hatred of Grineer Talks about hating Grineer when spawned on Grineer tilesets.
Hatred of Infested Talks about hating Infested when spawned on Infested tilesets.
Loner Talks about preferring to fight alone.
Paranoid Attacks allied Corpus troops
Poor Sense of Balance Retreats after kneeling down and without stabbing.
Prone to Vertigo Stays on the ground level of the map. Avoids going up stairs and catwalks.
Pyromaniac Talks when the player is on fire.
Trophy Hunter Reward tax is higher than usual, allowing the Sister to steal more rewards.
Vain Talks about how beautiful they are after appearing in a mission.

Flavor Text[]

A Sister will spawn with a randomly-generated title that appears beneath their name in their profile. These follow a naming scheme of the following format:

[Adjective/Rank]* [Position] of/for/in charge of [Purpose/Field] ([Division])^

*Can have anywhere from one to four sequentially
^Division is optional; a Sister may or may not have this

Examples of such titles are:

  • Creative Manager of Best Practices
  • Senior Representative Inspector of Creative Models
  • Junior Creative Inspector of Onboarding
  • Student Trainee Executive Member for Interdepartmental Mobility
  • Principal Head Fiduciary Designer of Dynamics
  • Psychological Operations Trainee Creative Passionpreneur in charge of Core Competencies (Marketing)
  • Legacy Fiduciary Coordinator of Envisioned Intiatives
  • Student Advising Clerk in charge of Certified Thinking (Business Affairs)
  • Junior Technical Overseer of Customer Service (Defence)
  • Enmeshed Lead Member for Parvosian Acquisition
Possible Words
Adjective/Rank Position Purpose/Field Division
  • Academic
  • Adaptive
  • Assistant
  • Associate
  • Certified
  • Coordinating
  • Corporate
  • Creative
  • Deputy
  • Developing
  • Directed
  • Dynamic
  • Economic
  • Enmeshed
  • Executive
  • Experimental
  • Fiduciary
  • Field-Tested
  • Fiscal
  • Forward
  • Head
  • Honorary
  • Industrial
  • Junior
  • Lead
  • Legacy
  • Licensed
  • Medical
  • Principal
  • Psychological
  • Representative
  • Senior
  • Specialist
  • Strategic
  • Student
  • Supervising
  • Supervisory
  • Technical
  • Trainee
  • Trust
  • Visionholder
  • Adjunct
  • Administrator
  • Advising Clerk
  • Appointed Clerk
  • Auditor
  • Consultant
  • Coordinator
  • Designer
  • Developer
  • Director
  • Member
  • Functionary
  • Inspector
  • Investor
  • Leader
  • Manager
  • Member
  • Overseer
  • Passionpreneur
  • Planner
  • Proactivator
  • Producer
  • Secretary
  • Synergist
  • Technician
  • Visionary
  • Administration Negotiation
  • Affairs
  • Benchmarking Initiatives
  • Best Practices
  • Certified Thinking
  • Commercial Rebranding
  • Concepts
  • Core Competencies
  • Creative Models
  • Cultivation
  • Customer Service
  • Decentralized Development
  • Dynamics
  • Efficiency
  • Envisioned Growth
  • Expedited Benefits
  • Fabrication
  • Focused Leverage
  • Focused Supply Chains
  • Formulation
  • Incentivized Headhunting
  • Information
  • Infrastructure Intermediaries
  • Interdepartmental Mobility
  • Interfaces
  • Maintained Methodologies
  • Market Ideas
  • Market Resources
  • Metrics
  • Monetization
  • Monotonal Alignmnet
  • Negotiated Morale
  • Onboarding
  • Parvosian Acquisition
  • Physical Diversification
  • Prophecy Compliance
  • Scalable Weapon Systems
  • Storage
  • Rapid Value
  • Reactive Defense Systems
  • Resolution
  • Value
  • Void Differentiation
  • Acting
  • Analytics
  • Business Affairs
  • Ceres Sector
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Council Affairs
  • Data Insights
  • Defence / Defense
  • Europa Sector
  • In Training
  • Marketing
  • Mars Sector
  • Medical Applications
  • Neptune Sector
  • Planetary
  • Temporary
  • Trust Division
  • Venus Sector

Requiem Mods[]

Requiem Mods

Main article: Requiem Mods

Requiem Mods are a special subset of Parazon Mods, each one an enigmatic phrase fragment of a complete Requiem Sequence, thus the only way to permanently sever a Kuva Lich or Corpus Sister's Continuity.

They do not possess any polarity, have a drain of 0, and hold up to 3 charges per Mod for a Mod of rank 0, the number of charges is indicated by the number of bright red dots above the word "PARAZON" on the Mod's icon. Each time a Mod is successfully used in a Requiem sequence to lethally defeat a Kuva Lich or Corpus Sister (in other words, a successful vanquish or convert), the Mods will increase in rank by 1 and be drained of one of their charges (thus losing one of the red dots on their icon), becoming powerless at rank 3 - i.e. once all 3 charges are used up, the mod is Defiled, and in this state it can only be broken down into Endo, sold for Credits, or transmuted. 4 Requiem Mods (including rank 3 Defiled ones) can be transmuted into a single new, random, rank 0 (fully charged) Requiem Mod.

These mods are tradable between players at any rank (even at rank 3 Defiled) with a trade tax of Credits64.png 2,500. The rank of the Mod can be determined by both the number of the lit red dots on mod's icon (with rank 0 having all 3 dots and rank 3 having none), and also will be shown in text on the trading confirmation dialog - just as it would be for any non-Requiem Mod.


  • All Sisters of Parvos interactions will be registered in the Codex, under "Sisters of Parvos" in the Universe tab.
    • The ability to rewatch the Sisters of Parvos intro cutscene is present in the Sisters of Parvos History, through the "View Cinematic" button.
  • Successfully completing all available Sisters of Parvos mission nodes without failing during the requiem mini-game (or by just ignoring it) will automatically increase the Sister's level and spread their influence to another planet.
  • Shield Ospreys will instantly recharge all of a Sisters shields upon linking with her, ruining any damage you had chipped away up until that point. DmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation status effects MAY prevent this but shield ospreys are somewhat more of a threat than the Sister herself for this reason.


  • The Sisters of Parvos were originally known as "Queenpins" prior to Devstream 154 where they were officially dubbed.
  • Unlike Kuva Liches, who have the Progenitor's helmet on their shoulder, the Sisters have their hounds project the helmets on top of their heads.
  • During the overview video of what was to come in the first half of 2021 in Devstream 150, a TenetEnvoy.png Tenet Envoy wielding Sister was present named "Ladia Cru" who was on board a Corpus Ship in Railjack, serving as the final act of killing a Sister of Parvos.
    • It also noted that originally, the Sisters of Parvos showdown was supposed to be in Pluto Proxima before they decided to move it to Neptune Proxima.
  • Sisters of Parvos are voiced by Claire Vousden (Business), Keaton Talmadge (Folksy), Xyta Midnyte (Domineering), and Kyla Ward (Nervous).[4]
  • Unlike Kuva Liches, their abilities in combat do not necessarily reflect the element they are associated with. For example a Sister with DmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation will instead mostly deal attacks that primarily are associated with MagIcon272.png Mag, who is DmgMagneticSmall64.png Magnetic themed.


  • There is a discrepancy between the stats you see in your Tenet weapon's equip menu (and codex entry) stats and its upgrade menu stats. What this may be is the upgrade menu reflects the actual stats of your Tenet weapon and the equip menu reflects generic Tenet weapon stats for that specific Tenet weapon, before the Sister's modifier is applied.
  • Occasionally, Mercy Finishers may not correctly play against Hounds, resulting in a simple placeholder animation where the Warframe stabs their Parazon in the direction they're facing, regardless of the target's actual location; the target simply falls over after the animation completes. This can also be seen by performing a Mercy Finisher as an operator, as the Operator lacks animations for it.
  • If player(s) can deal damage fast enough when the Sister stands up after being incapacitated for the third time, the Sister will be incapacitated again without having time to retreat/despawn.
  • Nova's NullStar130xDark.png Null Stars and Baruuk's DesolateHands130xDark.png Desolate Hands will attack downed Sister Candidates and Hounds, despite not being able to damage them further. (Hounds however still "die" when killed so Nova's Mod TT 20px.png Molecular Fission augment still works to replenish some on doing a mercy kill)
  • If you have a Index return stolen under a credit booster and kill the Sister even if you have a credit booster active you will only receive the original return and not the boosted return (250k return with booster gives 500k return in Index, but the Sister will only give you 250k even with the booster)
  • A bug might happen where an Ephemera might not match up with the element of the weapon.
  • Sisters with the "Fear of Children" Quirk will run away constantly, regardless of if Transference is used by the player or their squad.
  • Converted sisters with the Renewal ability heal for 0 health a second (no health regen at all but still has the buff icon).