My bags are packed, I'm all set to leave! I can't believe I'll be working with one of my childhood heroes, Archimedian Margulis! On comms, she said she needed the best Infestation biologist there was... I think my knees almost gave out!
—Recording made by Silvana, heard during The Silver Grove quest

Silvana was an Orokin Archimedian that specialized in studying the Infestation.


My childhood dream has become a nightmare. I don't blame Margulis, she's as much a victim as the children we're working with. At first, the project seemed therapeutic and nurturing. I was myself. But now... Transference therapy is being turned into a weapon. Now I build these vile weapons called "Warframes" all for one purpose: death. I've become everything I hate.

She once worked as a field scientist on Earth, researching ways to restore the polluted planet to its former nature, but as an Infested biologist, she was transferred to work on the Warframe project on Lua, spearheaded by Executor Ballas, at some time during The Old War. Working with Archmedian Margulis, she helped with the development of Transference technology, the Somatic Links, that allowed Tenno to link their consciousness with Warframes, unlocking its full autonomy and control to fight against the Sentient threat.

Titania is the next Warframe I've been commanded to build, but in secret I've been siphoning resources from the project. I have an idea. A way back to that wounded land I call home. A way for me to forget this war and remember what I was.

The Silver Grove, the oldest and purest forest on Earth

At some point in the project, she was responsible for the development of the TitaniaIcon272.png Titania Warframe, condemning herself for creating tools of war. Believing she has a chance to correct this wrong, she planned an escape back to Earth, hoarding Apothics and Somatic Links in hopes of restoring the forests and wildlife that once flourished the planet. She performed Transference with the trees themselves, transferring her consciousness in an effort to will the regrowth of Earth's forests.

Titania. My shamed creation. I felt her beating wings through my branches. I felt her mortal wounds, her weeping burns as she fell beneath my canopy. And so it was here, within this grove, that she died to save me. Me, the one who had hated her most.

The Orokin eventually found out about her defection and sent Dax soldiers to execute her, burning forests in an act of arson. Titania came to Silvana's rescue, sacrificed her life when killing the Dax that harmed her. Multiple millennia into the future, Knave, Orphid, and Feyarch Specters still protect the so-called Silver Grove where Silvana gave up her humanity to become one with nature.

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