I am Sigor Savah. A better man, as it turns out, than a scientist.

Sigor Savah was a Venusian researcher who defected from the Corpus after discovering KhoraIcon272.png Khora's Venari130xDark.png Venari Kavat.


Discovering Specimen VK-7[]

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I did not report my experience with Specimen VK-7. I could not admit, why, then, but now I can tell you. I felt it would have violated a trust. There I was: a morphology specialist, sworn to the Corpus Empire and yet... For reasons entirely illogical... I placed loyalty to a wild animal above my life oath... And every doctrine that values self-interest above... 'charity'. But keep that confidence I did. I think that is why VK-7 brought me the hand.
Sigor Savah

Sigor Savah was a Corpus morphology specialist that worked under Nef Anyo's Venusian terraforming expedition. Tasked with decoding Orokin gene record and reviving select specimens for study, he came across an unusually large Kavat with atypical behavioural characteristics he would name Specimen VK-7. Sigor Savah believed VK-7 would make a fortune, but when he prepared for a surgical examination, the creature had willed itself back to life. The scientist would learn that VK-7 could adapt to its Corpus visitors, learning their schedules to formulate a plan for escape.

After VK-7's escape, it would proceed to raid Corpus hive sites and none who had attacked the beast survived. When Sigor Savah confronted the creature, the beast revealed a wound to him as act of trust. Placing loyalty above profit, Sigor Savah found himself tending to VK-7's wounds. The creature then delivered the scientist a severed hand of Orokin construction: Khora.

The Corpus, naming VK-7 as the Horror of the Hives, deemed the creature a threat unworthy of study. Sigor Savah promptly betrayed the Corpus to rescue the creature and was sentenced to be executed. VK-7 would then return the favor and saved the scientist from execution. Knowing both of them could no longer stay on Venus, the pair fled for a conveyor bound for orbit, but the Corpus had caught up to them. Giving the scientist one final glance, VK-7 activated the conveyor and lunged at her pursuers, sacrificing herself to save Sigor Savah.

You seek rewards, Hunter? Years ago an Ostron Quill donated the blueprints for a powerful Warframe to the Sanctuary. Shortly after, one of my drones synthesized a most unusual Kavat. Upon review, it seemed as if the creature desired capture. Almost immediately, the feline specimen disappeared, and with it, the Warframe's blueprints. This is my Sanctuary, I do not lose specimens, yet I lost these. I detect her presence from time to time. Usually when there are Tenno nearby. You might never see her, but if she deems you worthy, she may leave something for you.
Cephalon Simaris in response to the prompt "Rewards?" for Sanctuary Onslaught

Now a "better man than a scientist", Sigor Savah would then dedicate his life to searching for Khora's remains. Believing her to be on the Plains of Eidolon, he left his journal in the care of Konzu. Cephalon Simaris later received Khora's blueprints from The Quills and his Sentinels synthesized Venari.png Venari a short time later. The Kavat disappeared into his Sanctuary Onslaught, waiting for a worthy Tenno to claim Khora.

On the Plains of Eidolon[]

Konzu gave us standing orders. Shoot the sawmen first. We’d seen what they had done to our brothers and sisters. That was not going to happen to us.
—Interviews in the Field, Eidolon Plains, conducted by Sigor Savah.

After years of searching for Khora, he finally resides on the Plains of Eidolon. There he conducted interviews with the locals on the Grineer Ghouls, who are known to have raided villages and disrupted the Ostron's way of life. As a former researcher, he documented their behavior and ferocity in his journal, where he also encrypted his discoveries of Specimen VK-7.


  • Smokefinger was an assistant under Savah, who also helped him and Specimen VK-7 escape Venus from Corpus custody:
Why did I do it? (thinks, changes the subject for a moment) Hmm. I remember Sigor best this way: he puts own an instrument, respects me enough to look me in the eye, and he tells me: (pause - much slower, savoured delivery) "Every living being longs to be whole. Every living thing yearns to defy death. If from death you returned, yet the part you loved best did not... what then?" That was the last thing he ever said to me. That is why I helped him. In saving that animal Sigor Savah had saved himself. How many of us can say that? I was not about to stand by and let the Corpus steal from him the one thing that was truly his. To a flaming Hell with the bloody Corpus. Cetus, is where Sigor went. The Plains. His story is out there, if you want to hear it.
—Smokefinger on helping Sigor Savah, from the corresponding Fortuna Fragment
  • Master Teasonai was also mentored by Savah, as he mentions in his greetings:
I was mentored in my craft by a man who lived upon the Eidolon-Moh for many years. It has been a gulf of time now since Sigor Savah departed the Plains. Where he is… I do not know. Though I very much wish I did.
Some in Fortuna knew my mentor. I have asked The Business if he had the honour. He only said that Sigor Savah sounded like he had been a man of… enviable clarity. A strange response.

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