Signature Weapons are particular weapons associated with a specific Warframe or Companion, benefiting various advantages when wielded by its related character.

As of Update 24.6, Signature Weapons started to gain their own bonuses; before only the design and lore were related to their respective owner. The synergy varies from weapon to weapon and includes either a flat stat bonus (such as a flat Status Chance) or a new unique effect.

List of Signature Weapons[edit | edit source]

Warframe/Companion Weapon Synergy
Atlas PrimeIcon272.pngAtlas Prime
BrawlerKnuckles.pngTekko +6% Status Chance
(16% total, 60% increase)
TekkoPrime.pngTekko Prime +6% Status Chance
(32% total, 23% increase)
Banshee PrimeIcon272.pngBanshee Prime EuphoraPrime.pngEuphona Prime Currently not implemented.
BaruukIcon272.pngBaruuk Cobra & Crane.pngCobra & Crane First strike of a combo puts enemy to sleep for 2 seconds.
Djinn DjinnMachete.pngGazal Machete Melee kill grants increased DmgCorrosiveSmall64.pngCorrosive damage on the next Mod TT 20px.pngFatal Attraction cast.
Fatal Attraction grants increased DmgCorrosiveSmall64.pngCorrosive damage for a short period of time.
Excalibur UmbraIcon272.pngExcalibur Umbra Skiajati.pngSkiajati Currently not implemented.
GaraIcon272.pngGara GlassShotgun.pngAstilla +80 ammo reserve
(192 total, 71% increase)
GlassKunai.pngFusilai Increased Projectile Speed.
GlassHammer.pngVolnus Increased radial Slam Attack damage.
GarudaIcon272.pngGaruda Nagantaka.pngNagantaka +1 meter Punch Through
GaussIcon272.pngGauss Acceltra.pngAcceltra Reload speed buff while sprinting is increased to +50%.
Akarius.pngAkarius Reload speed buff while sprinting increased to +100%.
GrendelIcon272.pngGrendel Masseter.pngMasseter Immunity from crowd-control procs during Heavy Attacks.
HarrowIcon272.pngHarrow PriestPistol.pngKnell +1 magazine size
(2 total, 100% increase)
PriestSpearGun.pngScourge Currently not implemented.
HildrynIcon272.pngHildryn Larkspur.pngLarkspur +300 ammo reserve in Atmosphere
(700 total, 75% increase)
KhoraIcon272.pngKhora Hystrix.pngHystrix Currently not implemented.
DualKeres.pngDual Keres Currently not implemented.
LavosIcon272.pngLavos Cedo.pngCedo Mod TT 20px.pngShotgun Ammo Mutation effect.
MirageIcon272.pngMirage Akzani.pngAkzani Currently not implemented.
OctaviaPrime.pngOctavia Prime
PanderoPrime-Arsenal.webpPandero Prime
Headshot kills with the Alternate Fire increase Reload Speed by 20%.
TenoraPrime-Arsenal.webpTenora Prime
Headshot kills with the Alternate Fire have a 20% chance to instantly refill the magazine.
ProteaIcon272.pngProtea Velox.pngVelox First and third shots per set of five shots do not consume ammo, instead of just the first.
RevenantIcon272.pngRevenant RevenantShotgun.pngPhantasma +4 magazine size
(15 total, 36% increase)
Tatsu.pngTatsu +4 maximum Soul Swarm charges
(9 total, 80% increase)
SevagothIcon272.pngSevagoth TnWraithSidearmWeapon.pngEpitaph Increased headshot damage.
WispIcon272.pngWisp Fulmin.pngFulmin Faster switch speed between automatic and semi-automatic modes.
XakuIcon272.pngXaku Quassus.pngQuassus Heavy Attack Daggers have increased Accuracy.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Signature Weapons are also available in the market as part of their respective Warframe's Collection bundle including said Warframe and all the weapons associated. However, do note that not all Warframes having a Signature Weapon have their own Collection bundle. The Nidus Collection is the only exception as the weapons included aren't known to be his "Signatures".
  • Unless stated otherwise, weapons featured in a Warframe's Leverian aren't known to be their "Signatures".
  • With the exception of EuphoraPrime.pngEuphona Prime, TekkoPrime.pngTekko Prime, PanderoPrime-Arsenal.webpPandero Prime, and TenoraPrime-Arsenal.webpTenora Prime, Prime Weapons released with a Prime Warframe in Prime Access aren't known to be their "Signatures".
  • Exalted Weapons are not considered Signature Weapons.

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Patch History[edit | edit source]

Update 26.0

  • Tekko Prime now gains additional Status Chance when used with Atlas and/or Atlas Prime.
    • Base status = 10%, Prime = 26%
  • When using Grendel with his signature Masseter, he will be immune from crowd-control procs while doing Heavy Attacks.

Update 24.6
Having a ‘signature’ weapon now actually benefits you! There are still a few signature weapons that will receive this treatment (Scourge, Hystrix, etc).

  • Knell: Knell now has a 2 round mag when wielded by Harrow.
  • Tenora: Headshot kills with alt fire have a 20% chance to instantly refill magazine when wielded by Octavia.
  • Pandero: Headshot kills with alt fire increase reload speed by 20% when wielded by Octavia.
  • Nagantaka: 1m innate Punch-Through when wielded by Garuda.
  • Fusilai: Increased projectile speed when wielded by Gara.
  • Volnus: Additional slam radial damage when wielded by Gara.
  • Astilla: Additional 80 ammo pool when wielded by Gara.
  • Phantasma: Has 15 magazine when wielded by Revenant.
  • Tekko: Additional 6% status when wielded by Atlas.
  • Tatsu: Charge cap is 9 when wielded by Revenant.

Last updated: Update 24.6

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