Sigils are cosmetic symbols that can be placed on a Warframe, and are equipped via the Regalia section of the Arsenal. Unlike other Warframe cosmetics like Badges and Emblems, Sigils offer a wide range of customization, allowing players to adjust their size, position and orientation, and players can choose to install them either on the front or the back of the Warframe. Some Sigils also come with their own unique animation effects.

Sigils are primarily acquired through the Syndicates system, with the first Sigil being gifted upon being initiated into a particular group, and further Sigil designs becoming available as one attains favor with said group. Sigils play a very important part in the Syndicates system, as wearing a Syndicate's Sigil when completing missions grants players Standing with them, allowing a player to rise through the ranks to gain rewards. Syndicate Sigil designs have innate Standing multipliers that increase with rank - the higher a Sigil's rank, the larger the multiplier, making wearing said Sigils more effective at acquiring Standing.

Assassins like the Stalker, The Grustrag Three and Zanuka Hunter can also drop their own Sigil designs, and Founders have access to their own exclusive Sigils. Other types of Sigils are also available via different means, including Tactical Alerts. These Sigils however are purely cosmetic, and do not contribute to Syndicate Standing.

Syndicate SigilsEdit

These Syndicate Sigils provide different amounts of bonus Standing multipliers depending on rank, determined by which Syndicate rank they were unlocked from:

  • The starting Sigils provide no bonus Standing.
  • Rank 1 Sigils = +5%
  • Rank 2 Sigils = +8%
  • Rank 3 Sigils = +11%
  • Rank 4 Sigils = +13%
  • Rank 5 Sigils = +15%

Additionally, higher ranking Sigils gain more complex animations, with the animation pattern varying between Syndicates.

Steel MeridianEdit

Arbiters of HexisEdit

Cephalon SudaEdit

The Perrin SequenceEdit

Red VeilEdit

New LokaEdit


The Conclave Sigils do not influence standing gain.

Cephalon Simaris SigilEdit

Simaris Sigil b

Acquired from Cephalon Simaris for 25,000 standing.

Does not influence standing gain.

Cosmetic SigilsEdit

These cosmetic-only Sigil designs are not affiliated with the Syndicate system, and thus do not contribute to Standing gain.

Daily Tribute Milestone SigilsEdit

The following sigils are exclusive to the Daily Tribute system.

The Imminent Eclipse Sigil will become available every 100 days, beginning at day 50, until chosen as the Milestone reward.


Captures the moment when the darkness overcomes the light.

The Awakened Luna Sigil will become available every 100 days, beginning at day 50, until chosen as the Milestone reward.


Wake to a new light.

The Eternal Stasis Sigil will become available every 100 days, beginning at day 50, until chosen as the Milestone reward.


Commemorates the beginning of the long-sleep

The Solar Flare Sigil will become available every 100 days, beginning at day 150, until chosen as the Milestone reward.


Represents an incredible and untamed power

The Void Gate Sigil will become available every 100 days, beginning at day 150, until chosen as the Milestone reward.


Recalls the place that lies between two realities

The Lotus Deliverance Sigil will become available every 100 days, beginning at day 350, until chosen as the Milestone reward.


Remembers the one who awakens

Founder Sigils Edit

Founder Sigils displays the player's Founders status, if applicable.

DiscipleBadge HunterBadge MasterBadge GrandMasterBadge
Disciple Sigil Hunter Sigil Master Sigil Grand Master Sigil

Prime Access SigilEdit

The Velorum Prime Sigil is part of the Nova Prime Access Accessories Pack and Molecular level purchase.


Champions of the Orokin were allowed to wear this Sigil as proof of their loyalty.

—In-Game Description

The Cycuta Prime Sigil is part of the Saryn Prime Access Accessories Pack and Miasma level purchase.


This ancient glyph was the focus of an ancient Tenno meditation ritual.

—In-Game Description

The Rift Walker Prime Sigil is part of the Limbo Prime Access Accessories Pack and Cataclysm level purchase.


The signature sigil of Limbo Prime

—In-Game Description

Boss SigilsEdit

These Sigils can only be obtained by killing particular Bosses (The Sergeant sigil is the only non-obtainable), and are classified as uncommon drops according to their respective codex entries. Click a sigil below to go to their respective pages on the wiki. Unlike most sigils, these can be sold for Credits641,000, which can come in handy if you have mutiple copies of these sigils.

Death Mark SigilsEdit

Death Mark Sigils are dropped from Assassins as a rare drop. These Sigils resemble their respective Death Marks.

StalkerSigil b TheGrustragThreeSigil b HarvesterSigil b
Stalker Sigil Grustrag Three Sigil Zanuka Hunter Sigil

Event SigilsEdit

These Sigils could only be obtained by participating in their associated Event.

Scar SigilEdit

The Scar Sigil is a reward for completing The Second Dream quest.

ScarSigil b

A memento for those who have awoken from the Second Dream.

—In-Game Description

Prisma SigilEdit

The Prisma Sigil can be acquired as a limited-edition item from Baro Ki'Teer for Credits6450,000 and PrimeBucks50.

PrismaSigil b

This exclusive sigil features Prisma color gradients for maximum customization.

—In-Game Description

Pack Leader SigilEdit

The Pack Leader Sigil can be acquired as a limited-edition item from Baro Ki'Teer for Credits6445,000 and PrimeBucks55.

PackLeaderSigil b

A sigil representing your Kubrow allegiance.

—In-Game Description

Glaring SigilEdit

The Glaring Sigil can be acquired as a limited-edition item from Baro Ki'Teer for Credits6445,000 and PrimeBucks55.

GlaringSigil b

A sigil representing your Kavat allegiance.

—In-Game Description

Mastery SigilEdit

The Mastery Sigil is a Sigil that dynamically changes design based on the player's Mastery Rank. It was originally distributed to players who logged in from November 14, 2014 to November 26, 2014, but has since been made available from the Market for Credits641 in Hotfix 17.2.5.

MasterySigilClear b

This sigil represents the pinnacle of mastery within the Tenno.

—In-Game Description

Community of Tenno SigilEdit

The Community of Tenno Sigil is a sigil that can be purchased from the Market for Credits641.

CommunityOfTennoSigil b

Dedicated to the amazing Warframe community.

—In-Game Description

Day of the Dead SigilEdit

DayoftheDeadSigil b

The Day of the Dead Sigil is a limited-edition Sigil rewarded from the Hallowed Nightmares Tactical Alert.

Festive SigilEdit

FestiveSigil b

The Festive Sigil is a limited-edition Sigil available from the Winter Bundle during December 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Lift Together SigilEdit


The Lift Together Sigil is a limited-edition sigil awarded after redeeming the code "SOLARISUNITED" on the in-game market or the Warframe website (Available until November 12, 2018).

Christmas SigilsEdit

This set of animated Christmas-themed Sigils were individually offered as rewards for a series of Tactical Alerts running through the month of December 2014.

XmasSigilA b XmasSigilB b XmasSigilC b XmasSigilD b
Wreath Sigil Nistlebrush Sigil Tolling Sigil Evergreen Sigil

A sigil containing a festive design.

—In-Game Description

Winter Solstice SigilEdit

WinterSolsticeSigil b

The Winter Solstice Sigil was given to all Tenno during December 2016 after achieving the first donation milestone of Tennobaum.

Rift SigilEdit

This Sigil was a reward from the Escalation phases of various Tactical Alerts, including Phoenix Intercept, Emergency Exit, Project Undermine, and Proxy Rebellion. It was also offered as a rank up reward in Nightwave Intermission. This Sigil glows brighter the more energy the Warframe has.

EnergySigilA d b

This sigil is laced with energy from the Void.

—In-Game Description

Quick Steel SigilEdit

This Sigil was a reward from the first phase of the Quick Steel Conclave alert.

QuickSteelSigil b

A symbol of pride for those that braved blade and star in The Conclave.

—In-Game Description

Blade and Gun SigilEdit

BladeandGunSigil b

The Blade and Gun Sigil was awarded to the winners of the Blade and Gun Challenges that were hosted on the Warframe Forums.

Tennolive SigilsEdit

The Tennolive Sigils were given to attendees of Tennolive, TennoVIP and Tennocon.

Tennolive2015Sigil b Tennolive2016Sigil b
Tennolive/VIP Sigil Tennocon Sigil

Teralyst Prominence SigilEdit


The Teralyst Prominence Sigil was awarded for watching a Warframe stream during The Great Eidolon Hunt, an event on Twitch after the release of Plains of Eidolon, when the streamer completed achievement "By the Dawn’s Early Light".

Bloodshed SigilEdit


The Bloodshed Sigil is obtained as a rare drop from Profit-Taker Orb or from the market in the Garuda Collection for Platinum64565 or the Fortuna Grand Bundle for Platinum64960. As you take damage to your health the sigil will become more visible.

Ostron Community SigilEdit


The Ostron Community Sigil was gifted to all players on PC who logged in from 25th of October to 1st of November 2017 as part of a Gift of the Lotus as thank you for testing and providing feedback throughout Update 22.

Twitch Prominence SigilEdit


The Twitch Prominence Sigil was obtainable from purchasing the Prominence Bundle II from the Twitch Game Store. This bundle was discontinued on November 27th, 2018.

Static Reactor Prime SigilEdit

StaticReactorPrimeSigil i

The Static Reactor Prime Sigil is available with Twitch Prime loot from Feb 18th – Apr 7th, 2020.

Paired with this sigil, a Warframe will flicker and flash like a thunderhead.

—In-Game Description

Trailer Entrant SigilEdit


The Trailer Entrant Sigil was awarded to all valid entrants of the Tenno's Greatest Trailer Contest.

Guides of the Lotus SigilEdit


The Guides of the Lotus Sigil was used to help new players identify Guides of the Lotus. With the removal of the program, the sigil is now unobtainable.

Tenno Chronicler SigilEdit

Wikia Badge 2

The Tenno Chronicler Sigil is awarded to players with either the rank of Administrator or Moderator in the Warframe Wiki.

A special sigil worn only by a select few Tenno.

—In-Game Description

Tenno Operative SigilEdit


The Tenno Operative Emblem was awarded to players that contributed with the translations of the game.
Can actually be equipped only on shoulders and not on chest or back.

A special sigil worn only by a select few Tenno.

—In-Game Description

Starter Pack SigilEdit

The following sigils are exclusive to WARFRAME's Starter Pack:

The Nava Sigil was discontinued on June 25th, 2019.

The Kumuda Sigil is currently available.

KumudaSigil b

Pay respect to The Lotus with this elegant sigil.

—In-Game Description

Empyrean SigilEdit

The Empyrean Sigil is currently available from Empyrean Supporter Pack.

EmpyreanSigil b

The same sigil that was proudly worn by Old War Railjack crews.

—In-Game Description

Console-Exclusive SigilsEdit

These Sigils are exclusive to consoles and cannot be obtained on PC.


PS4ExclusiveSigil b PS4YearOneSigil b PS4YearTwoSigil b PS4YearThreeSigil b
Exclusive Sigil Year One Sigil Year Two Sigil Year Three Sigil

Xbox OneEdit

XBoneYearOneSigil b Seal of Honoring II XBoneThreeYearSigil b
Seal of Honoring Seal of Honoring II Seal of Honoring III


  • ZanukaSigilDropReference

    On the Left: The Zanuka Hunter's Sigil drop (bottom, golden orb) compared to a normal Detron Blueprint Drop (upper, white/pink orb).
    On the Right: Standard Blueprint Drop appearance (i.e. Oberon Part dropped from an Eximus)

    Non-purchased Syndicate Sigils can be previewed in the Syndicates console by clicking on the selected Sigil.
  • A Warframe cannot equip two Syndicate-affiliated Sigils at the same time, even if both designs are from the same Syndicate. However, a Syndicate Sigil can be equipped alongside any other cosmetic Sigil, such as Founders Sigils.
    • The Cephalon Simaris Sigil and Conclave sigils are exceptions to this restriction.
  • Attachments can cover up Sigils, as they are placed on top of the Warframe. Sigils will remain visible above certain Warframe abilities, though, like IronSkin130xDark Iron Skin.
  • For Sigils with animation effects, the color of the animated portions is determined by the Warframe's energy color.
    • As of Update 21.0, the Velorum Prime Sigil's gold border is now colored by the Sigil tint, with the animated effects set by the energy color of the Warframe.
    • The Cycuta Prime Sigil's gold border is controlled by the Sigil tint, and the animated effects set by the Warframe's energy color.
  • Sigils dropped by Stalker and Zanuka will appear as regular violet blueprint "orbs" but will have an additional golden aura resembling an energy or health pickup layered on top (see image on the right).
    • Sigils dropped by bosses and The Grustrag Three will resemble a mod, but without a sparkling effect. Picking it up will not show a notification and can only be seen by viewing Mission Progress and checking the list of rewards obtained.


  • Founder Sigil on Excalibur Prime
  • Founder Sigil on Rhino Prime
  • Grand Master Sigil
  • Glitch allowing one player to view the design of the Zanuka Sigil
  • Syndicate Sigils grant a bonus percentage to standing earned as of Update 15.2.1
  • Excalibur using a Grustrag Sigil
  • Stalker Sigil on a Nekros
  • Stalker Sigil in the end-of-mission screen
  • Stalker Sigil on Mesa
  • Zanuka Sigil
  • Velorum Prime Sigil with default color in motion, showing the wormhole effect
  • Rift Sigil with default color in motion, showing the rippling effect.
  • Festive Sigil with black base color and orange Warframe color in motion, This effect is shared with the Evergreen, Wreath, Tolling and Nistlebrush Sigils.
  • Prisma Sigil with black base color and orange Warframe color in motion.
  • Sigils that DE designated "Guides of the Lotus" wear in motion with default color. It shown equipped on an Excalibur.
  • Rift Sigil on Ember Prime
  • Tenno Live 2015 Sigil
  • Oracle Sigil on Valkyr
  • Phorid Sigil
  • Jackal sigil on Valkyr
  • Vay Hek Sigil
  • Valkyr with Hyena Sigil
  • Volt Prime with Vor Sigil.
  • Nemesis Nyx with Stalker Sigil
  • Tenno Chronicler Sigil - Knowledge Is Power
  • Tenno Live Sigil <3
  • Rewards for watching Twitch streamers (September 2017)
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