Heavyweight, shock absorbing scaffold capable of short-range, wide-angle flak blast.

—In-game Description

The Shraksun Scaffold is a scaffold used in Amp construction, that allows the weapon to perform an alternate secondary fire function (default Mouse 3 ). When fired, it will shoot a single, short range projectile that explodes after a short delay or when colliding with a surface. This projectile does not explode upon hitting enemies.

The blueprint is sold by the Quills for ReputationLargeBlack5,000 at Observer rank or higher. It is also a possible rank-up reward upon advancing to Observer rank with the Quills.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 1 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 10
MarketIcon Market Price: N/A Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: ReputationBlackx645,000


This weapon deals exclusively VoidTearIcon b Void damage.


  • Very high base damage.
  • Shots have an explosion radius of 7-8 meters.
  • High critical chance and status chance.
  • Shots have a guaranteed Impact b Impact proc.
  • Good energy economy.
  • Slow energy consumption, consumes 13.3 energy/second at base fire rate.
  • Does not use ammo pickups; energy regenerates over time.
    • Has a 2 second delay after the weapon stops firing before regenerating energy.
      • Regenerates 30 energy per second; takes 3.33 seconds to regenerate a fully depleted energy meter.
      • Can regenerate 7.5 energy between each shot if built with Plaga Brace.


  • Innate VoidTearIcon b Void damage – less effective against Cloned Flesh, Machinery, and Fossilized.
  • Projectiles have travel time.
  • Very short range of 10 meters.
  • Explosion inflicts self-damage.
  • Has a 0.75 second delay of re-entering Void Mode after firing is stopped.


  • Shraksun's initial range (10 meter), combined with explosion range (7-8m), makes the scaffold's maximum range 17-18m
  • The Shraksun has two components: An initial piercing shot dealing 3,000 damage and an explosion dealing 4,500 damage. It is possible to hit the same enemy with both components.
    • The piercing shot and the explosion will crit separately, which makes the Shraksun Scaffold's damage per shot more consistent with respect to its damage per second.
  • The Shraksun's projectiles do not pierce through environment and obstacles, such as rocks.
  • Much like the Shwaak Prism, it has a guaranteed chance of dealing Impact b Impact proc.
    • This makes the scaffold synergize really well with VirtuosFury64x Virtuos Fury, as each of these Impacts has a chance of activating the arcane.

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 22.0.9
  • Increased the damage of all Amp Prisms and Scaffolds.
  • Fixed amps built using Shwaak Prism and Shraksun Scaffold not passing through Volt’s Electric Shield.

Update 22.0

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Hotfix 23.4.1

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