Shock Dragas are an Archwing enemy found in the Grineer Sealab tileset. Wielding the GrnTridentWeapon Sydon trident, they can fire an arc of Electricity b Electricity that deals constant damage.


  • Shock Dragas will charge at an enemy and fire a constant arc of Electricity b Electricity from their Sydon. The arc does not deal much damage, but it can constantly deal Electricity b Electricity damage. A single Shock Draga will not do much damage, but can easily distract a Tenno while the more dangerous Darek Draga blow them to bits.
  • The Shock Draga will try to stay behind the Tenno he is focused on.


  • Shock Draga with his previous weapon
  • Shock Draga in the Codex (With the Syndon Trident).

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