Shipyards is a map for Team Annihilation and Annihilation type Conclave missions. Placed in the toxin Grineer Shipyards, this map offers height-varied open areas to fight against other opponents, some with deadly toxic waste laying in small puddles. This map is also available for Rathuum and as an Interception tileset on Sedna.




  • "The water's fine guys."
  • Interception Point Disabled
  • Interception Point Enabled - Entrance
  • Interception Point Enabled


  • In normal Conclave matches and Interception missions, there are several rooms that are open to players in the given area. In Rathuum, however, some rooms are locked out to players. The reason behind this is unknown.
  • In normal Conclave matches and Rathuum missions, there are death barriers in certain spots on the map. In Interception missions, however, those death barriers instead teleport you to your last location.
  • In Interception missions, rain makes a common occurence. In Conclave matches or Rathuum missions, however, it is absent.

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