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Lived too long in the shadow of the Tower. I had allowed myself the belief that all things Orokin were good, as the Unum is good. Not so. The past is no tree of plenty, not all it's fruits sweet.

Ah, that this should be the last thing I learn: 'not so.' 'Not so', learned at the hands of a demon self-made...


Used to be a middle-aged Ostron, but he's been... degraded. From the inside out. Glassed... but not all the way. You seeing that left hand? Burned. Weirdest of the weird? What's left of him is... resonating. Like... singing some weird-assed song. Not diggin' this. Not. At. All.

Shigg is an Ostron who worked as a small-time criminal introduced in Nightwave: Series 3 - The Glassmaker. He was presumably the first victim to be vitrified by the mysterious Glassmaker.


Shigg was a middle-aged man who worked as a Tower harvester, working on scaffolds to cut away the flesh of Unum's walls alongside his close friend. At some point in his life, he learned about the cruel history of the Orokin Empire, which led him to abandon his Ostron ways, believing that Ostron worship of Unum was delusional for the terrible history it represents. To make a quick buck on the side, he started doing business within the black market, illegally selling Orokin artifacts from the Tower. His friend eventually found out and warned him that if he did not stop they would report his misdemeanors to Konzu, Cetus' elder. To avoid punishment, he grabbed a weapon and tried to escape the village at nightfall, burning evidence of his actions. However, he fell victim to the Glassmaker's vigilante efforts and got turned to glass.

The data logs of Cutter reveals that he used Shigg to invent a broadcasting device to release the Glassmaker across the Origin System, which would then be built by Bak Vondu and encrypted by Gral, before all of them were glassed by the Glassmaker.