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A Dargyn equipped with Shield defenses.

Shield Dargyns are Dargyns that mount energy shield emitters that enhance their protection from the front. They also carry triple-barreled pulse cannons that deal more damage than the Dargyn's machinegun.

Any Tenno who come in contact with its shield, whether by accident or during a melee attack, will take high DmgElectricitySmall64.png Electricity damage with a guaranteed or almost guaranteed proc. The shield is unbreakable, and covers the entirety of the Dargyn's front; to bypass it, one must maneuver behind it and attack its back (which is very difficult, due to its very quick turning speed) or else engage it in melee and risk taking damage. The Grattler's explosive shells as well as Fluctus's energy wave can damage past it.

Note: seems to be susceptible to knockback from Velocitus.png Velocitus as well. Multiple rapid fire shots seem to turn around or knock down shield. [citation needed]


Tusk Shield Dargyn General Miscellaneous
Introduced Undetermined
Tileset Plains of Eidolon Codex Scans 5
Weapon Other Drops None
Statistics Mod Drops Mod TT 20px.png Extend 3.16125%
Mod TT 20px.png Sudden Impact 3.16125%
EndoIconRenderLarge.png Endo 3.16125%
Mod TT 20px.png Rubedo-Lined Barrel 1.3825%
EndoIconRenderLarge.png Endo 1.3825%
Mod TT 20px.png System Reroute 0.25125%
Cloned Flesh 450
DmgSlashSmall64.png + DmgFireSmall64.png + DmgViralSmall64.png +++ DmgImpactSmall64.png  DmgGasSmall64.png ‐‐
Ferrite Armor 125
DmgPunctureSmall64.png ++ DmgCorrosiveSmall64.png +++ DmgSlashSmall64.png - DmgBlastSmall64.png -
Base Level 1
  • Has no eximus variant.
  • Dargyn Pilot falls out when its destroyed.
  • Can be MindControl130xDark.png Mind Controlled or turned into Shadows to provide some aerial support. Keep in mind that for Nekros, Tusk Shield Dargyns are fairly low on the priority scale.
  • They can be found unmanned on the Plains of Eidolon and can be commandeered by players.