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On this page is a list of all settings in WARFRAME.


Last updated: Update 26.1 (2019-11-22)

Customize Key Bindings Customizes the Key Bindings.
Customize Controller Customizes the key bindings of a controller, if any.
Controller Icon Set Customizes the icon set of the controller.
  • Autodetect
  • Xbox One
  • Playstation 4
  • Nintendo Switch™
Invert Y Axis Inverts the default camera control, makes the camera point downwards when the mouse or controller is pushed forward.
Invert X Axis Inverts the default camera control, makes the camera point left when the mouse or controller is pushed right, and vice versa.
Look Sensitivity Adjusts the sensitivity of the camera control without aiming.
Aim Sensitivity Adjusts the sensitivity of the camera control while aiming with any weapon without a sniper scope.
Aim Sensitivity (Scoped) Adjusts the sensitivity of the camera control while aiming with a sniper scope.
Look Sensitivity (Controller) Adjusts the sensitivity of the camera control without aiming using a controller.
Aim Sensitivity (Controller) Adjusts the sensitivity of the camera control while aiming with any weapon without a sniper scope with a Controller.
Aim Sensitivity (Controller Scoped) Adjusts the sensitivity of the camera control while aiming with a sniper scope with a Controller.
Trigger Pull Sensitivity Adjusts the pressure required to fire/aim. The smaller the number in the slider, the more pressure is required on the trigger and vice versa.
Trigger Release Sensitivity Adjusts the pressure required to release fire/aim. The smaller the number in the slider, the more pressure is required on the trigger and vice versa.
Enable Controller Southpaw Swaps the function of thumbsticks specifically for left-handed users.
Enable Controller Aim Assist Enable Controller Aim Assist.
Enable Vibration Enables the vibration function of a controller.
Use Razer Chroma Enables light effects in compatible Razer Chroma devices.
  • Requires at least Razer Synapse v2.20 and a Razer Chroma device.
Use Abilities on Selection Instantly uses selected ability.
Invert Tap/Hold Abilities Inverts tapping and holding the Ability Cast button for abilities that require it.
Align Attacks to Camera Automatically redirects melee attack to the direction of camera.
Melee Auto Targeting Automatically redirects melee attack to any applicable target, overrides Align Attacks to Camera.
Camera Tracks Melee Target Automatically redirects camera to a melee target.
Toggle Sprint Activates toggle function to sprint.
Toggle Aim Weapon Activates toggle function to aim.
Toggle Melee Block Activates toggle function to melee block.
Toggle Melee Channel Activates toggle function to melee channel.
Context Action Includes Reload Activates reloading if the context key had nothing to interact with.
Use Mouse Thumb Button as Back Use Mouse Thumb Button as Back.
Auto Swap On Empty Activates the automatic swap to another weapon when the current one is empty.
Melee with Fire Weapon Input Allows you to continue melee attacks with 'Fire Weapon' (default: LMB ) once in melee mode.
Melee Combos Displays melee combos.
Invert Y Axis Inverts the default camera control in Archwing missions, makes the camera point downwards when the mouse or controller is pushed forward.
Invert X Axis Inverts the default camera control in Archwing missions, makes the camera point left when the mouse or controller is pushed right, and vice versa.
Look Sensitivity Adjusts the sensitivity of the camera control without aiming in Archwing missions.
Aim Sensitivity Adjusts the sensitivity of the camera control while aiming with any weapon without sniper scopes in Archwing missions.
Aim Sensitivity (Scoped) Adjusts the sensitivity of the camera control while aiming with sniper scopes in Archwing missions.
Look Sensitivity (Controller) Adjusts the sensitivity of the camera control without aiming using a controller in Archwing missions.
Aim Sensitivity (Controller) Adjusts the sensitivity of the camera control while aiming with any weapon without sniper scopes with a Controller in Archwing missions.
Aim Sensitivity (Controller Scoped) Adjusts the sensitivity of the camera control while aiming with sniper scopes with a Controller in Archwing missions.
Customize Key Bindings Customizes the Key Bindings of Lunaro gameplay.
Decoration Placement
Customize Key Bindings Customizes the Key Bindings for decoration placement.
Camera Movement Speed (Orbiter) Adjusts the sensitivity of the camera control in the orbiter.
Camera Movement Speed (Dojo) Adjusts the sensitivity of the camera control in the dojo.
Push/Pull Speed Adjusts the speed of the push/pull movement for decoration placement.
Frame Fighter
Customize Key Bindings Customizes the Key Bindings of Frame Fighter gameplay.
Customize Key Bindings Customizes the Key Bindings of Railjack gameplay.
Invert Y Axis Inverts the default camera control in Railjack missions, makes the camera point downwards when the mouse or controller is pushed forward.
Invert X Axis Inverts the default camera control in Railjack missions, makes the camera point left when the mouse or controller is pushed right, and vice versa.
Look Sensitivity Adjusts the sensitivity of the camera control without aiming in Railjack missions.
Aim Sensitivity Adjusts the sensitivity of the camera control while aiming with any weapon without sniper scopes in Railjack missions.
Aim Sensitivity (Scoped) Adjusts the sensitivity of the camera control while aiming with sniper scopes in Railjack missions.
Look Sensitivity (Controller) Adjusts the sensitivity of the camera control without aiming using a controller in Railjack missions.
Aim Sensitivity (Controller) Adjusts the sensitivity of the camera control while aiming with any weapon without sniper scopes with a Controller in Railjack missions.
Aim Sensitivity (Controller Scoped) Adjusts the sensitivity of the camera control while aiming with sniper scopes with a Controller in Railjack missions.
Customize Key Bindings Customizes the Key Bindings of the Shawzin.

Allow Invites From Changes the filter for receiving an invite:
  • All - Allow invites from everyone
  • Friends - Filter invites only from friends
  • Nobody - Block any invites
Receive Gifts From Changes the filter for receiving gifts:
  • All - Allow gifts from everyone
  • Friends - Filter gifts only from friends
  • Nobody - Block any gifts
Receive Friend Requests From Changes the filter for receiving friend requests:
  • All - Allow friend requests from everyone
  • Friends of Friends - Allow friend requests from friends of friends (also include clanmates)
  • Nobody - Block any friend requests
Show Friend Request Notifications Shows notification when receiving a friend request.
Creator Mode Hides some common spoilers, occludes your email in login screen, and removes some common transmissions.
Region Changes which server for the client to connect to:
  • Autodetect
  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Eastern Europe and Russia
  • Asia
  • Oceania
Matchmaking Ping Limit Changes the ping limit for the matchmaking process:
  • 100
  • 125
  • 150
  • 175
  • 200
  • 225
  • 250
  • 275
  • 300
  • 325
  • 350
  • 375
  • 400
  • No Limit
PC Type Changes how the client interacts with matchmaking (Desktop clients will be favored over laptops with regards to hosting):
  • Autodetect
  • Desktop
  • Laptop
Legacy Color Palettes Uses the color palette.
Enable UPnP Activates Universal Plug & Play (UPnP) protocol.
Enable NAT-PMP Activates NAT Port Mapping Protocol (NAT-PMP).
Network Ports [UDP] Change the ports used by the game
  • 4950&4955
  • 4960&4965
  • 4970&4975
  • 4980&4985
  • 4990&4995
Gore Enabled Activates gore animation, including disembodiment.
Analyze Network Analyzes for any UPnP and NAT-PMP.
Link Steam Account Links Warframe account to Steam account (Steam users only).
Unlink Steam Account Unlinks Warframe account from Steam account (Steam users only).

Region Chat Enables connection to the Region Chat.
Recruiting Chat Enables connection to the Recruiting Chat.
Trade Chat Enables connection to the Trading Chat.
Profanity Filter Enables censoring for Profanity.
Chat Message Timestamps Adds a timestamp to chat messages.
Inline Private Messages Displays private messages in other chat tabs.
Active Tab Notifications Only Displays notification to only the tab you are currently in.
IPv6 Experimental mode that may help with connection problems in some cases (requires IPv6 support)
Emojis As Text Keeps emojis in text form.
  • ":Clem:" stays as ":Clem:" rather than turning into the Clem Icon in chat
:) -> :smile: Conversion Converts "Internet Emojis" into "Warframe Emojis"
Emoji Color Changes the colors of Emojis in chat
Chat Text Size Increases the size of the chat font with 3 settings
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
Chat Scale Scales the size of the Chatbox.
Manage Ignore List Displays the players you currently have ignored.

This section is transcluded from Settings/Interface . To change it, please edit the transcluded page.
UI Customization Opens the customization menu for the UI theme, background and sounds.
Previews can be found here: Backgrounds and Themes
Equinox Theme
High Contrast
High Contrast Theme
Legacy Theme
Vitruvian Theme
Baruuk Theme
Corpus Theme
Dark Lotus
Dark Lotus Theme
Fortuna Theme
Grineer Theme
Lotus Theme
Lunar Renewal
Lunar Renewal Theme
Nidus Theme
Orokin Theme
Stalker Theme
Tenno Theme
Zephyr Harrier
Zephyr Harrier Theme
Equinox Background
Legacy Background
Vitruvian Background
Baruuk Background
Corpus Background
Dark Lotus
Dark Lotus Background
Fortuna Background
Grineer Background
Lunar Renewal
Lunar Renewal Background
Stalker Background
Zephyr Harrier
Zephyr Harrier Theme
Legacy Sounds
Vitruvian Sounds
Corpus Sounds
Zephyr Harrier
Zephyr Harrier Sounds

Note: Non-bold themes, backgrounds and sounds need to be purchased for 50 platinum

Mouse/Controller Cursor Changes cursor/controller style. Can only change active input's.
Cursor Color Changes cursor color from selection of owned color pallets.
Cursor Scale Changes size of cursor.
Item Labels Shows the item name in your inventory.
Menu Scale Scales the menu using 3 options
  • Full
  • Legacy
  • Custom
Custom Scale Only Applies when Menu Scale is set to Custom

Changes the scale of the menu

UI Cursor Sensitivity Adjusts the sensitivity of the cursor in the UI.
(Consoles) UI Cursor Acceleration Adjusts the speed of the cursor in the UI.
(Consoles) UI Cursor Magnetism Adjusts the strength of magnetism of the cursor (how close a cursor has to be to a UI element before it 'sticks') in the UI.
Mark your Pet Activates innate waypointing to your Pet.
Show FPS Shows an FPS and frame time meter to the lower left of the screen. Also shows RAM and VRAM usage.
UI In Screenshots If enabled, UI and HUD will be included when taking screenshots.

See also Show HUD option below.

Show HUD Whether the HUD is shown during missions.

This option goes not affect menus or Captura (which never shows a HUD). See also UI In Screenshots option above.

Damage Numbers Toggle the display of floating damage numbers.
Affinity Numbers Toggle the display of floating affinity numbers.
Adjust HUD Margins Allows changing the horizontal and vertical margins of the HUD, i.e. whether the HUD elements are positioned far away from the screen edges.
Show Player List Displays the squad member list without having to press Z.
Show Ability Dots Displays four dots below the aiming reticle representing each of the Warframe abilities.
Show Ability Banner on Cast Briefly displays a banner with the name of the warframe ability being cast.
Show Teammate Names Displays the name of your squad members over their characters.
Show Enemy Names Displays the name of your enemies over their characters.
Show Health over Enemies Displays the health of enemies over their characters.
Lock Map Rotation When enabled, the Minimap and Overlay Map will never rotate, e.g. "North" direction will always be at the top of the screen. When disabled, both maps will always align with the current direction of the camera.
Prefer Overlay Map When enabled, the HUD will by default display the Overlay Map instead of the Minimap.

Regardless of this setting, the player can always switch between both maps using the Show Level Map key (default: M ).

Landscape Overlay Map Fade In outside areas like Plains of Eidolon or Orb Vallis, this setting adjusts the transparency of terrain and landmark names in the Overlay Map. At 0, the map overlay only includes enemies, waypoints, players etc. At 100, the map overlay is totally opaque.

The advanced map which is opened by holding the Show Level Map key (default: M ) is always opaque.

HUD Scale Adjusts the scale of the HUD elements.
Use Sniper Scopes Activates the Sniper Rifle-specific scope UI.

Graphics Engine Changes graphics rendering engine:
  • Classic
  • Enhanced (Beta) (dynamically more realistic lighting, shadows, and reflections)
Display Mode Changes display mode:
  • Windowed
  • Borderless Fullscreen
  • Fullscreen
Video Resolution Changes the game resolution. Does not apply to Borderless Fullscreen mode, which always renders at screen resolution.
(PC) Window Scaling Mode Use Native mode to override Windows' app scaling. NOTE: may severely reduce performance.
  • Scaled
  • Native
Refresh Rate Changes refresh rate of the screen.
Aspect Ratio Adjust the width-height ratio of the client's size in different dimensions.
  • Auto
  • 4:3
  • 16:9
  • 16:10
  • 21:9
  • 32:9
Vertical Sync Limits the maximum FPS to prevent screen tearing (where a frame shows a composite of two or more frames).
  • Auto
  • On
  • Off "Available Max Framerate"
Max Framerate Set limits for maximum number of frames per second.
  • No Limit
  • 30 Hz
  • 40 Hz
  • 50 Hz
  • 60 Hz
  • 72 Hz
  • 75 Hz
  • 120 Hz
  • 144 Hz
  • 200 Hz
Brightness Adjusts how bright the screen is.
Contrast Adjusts the contrast between dark and bright colors.
Field of View Adjusts the number of vertical degrees of view (i.e. vertical FoV).
Effects Intensity Adjusts opacity on some transparent effects and objects.
Graphics Quality
Preset Determines overall graphics quality. This will change Custom settings with last used profile Low or High.
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Custom
Runtime Tessellation Improves performance by reducing strain on CPU while creating objects.
Local Reflections Enables SSR (Screen Space Reflections).
Blur Reflections Blurs the "Local" (Screen Space) Reflections (requires Classic Graphics Engine enabled)
Volumetric Lighting Light rays and lit fog effects.
Glare Enables the use of glare in areas that have excessive brightness.
Film Grain Enables film grain.
Ambient Occlusion Enables the use of ambient occlusion to simulate a more realistic global illumination.
High Shader Quality Greatly improves shader quality.
Dynamic Resolution Scale down 3D rendering resolution to preserve fps.
  • Disabled
  • User - Scale resolution to the slider setting below
  • Auto - Scale down resolution when FPS gets low
Resolution Scale 3D rendering resolution scale. Only applies to User mode in the above setting. From 50 to 100%.
Geometry Detail Adjusts the numbers of polygons rendered in objects.
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
Particle System Quality Adjusts the number of particles seen when casting abilities and other things.
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
GPU Particles Determines the quality of GPU Particles.
  • Disabled
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Ludicrous
Shadow Quality Adjusts the sharpness of all agents' shadows.
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
Texture Memory Adjusts the memory used to store textures.
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
Anisotropic Filtering Enables anisotropic filtering.
  • Off
  • 2
  • 4
  • 8
Trilinear Filtering Allows smoother transitions between textures.
  • Default
  • On
  • Off
Anti-Aliasing Smoothen the edges of every objects.
  • Disabled
  • FXAA (Low)
  • SMAA (Medium)
  • TAA 8X (High) "Available TAA Sharpen"
TAA Sharpen Adjusts the quality of TAA Sharpen effects.
Sharpen Temporal VFX Sharpen visual effects when using Temporal anti-aliasing.
Depth of field Simulates the depth of field of a scene by focusing the camera to the reticle to clearly render the target while blurring the surrounding objects and environment.
Motion Blur Camera Motion Blur will be used. Simulates the motion blur of an eye tracking a fast moving object, agents or environment.
Distortions Toggles fullscreen distortion effects.
Bloom Produces fringes (or feathers) of light extending from the borders of bright areas to simulate an extremely bright light overwhelming the camera capturing the scene.
Bloom Intensity Adjusts the brightness of light that is produced from bloom.
Color Correction Enables color correction to alter the overall color of the light; typically the light color is measured on a scale known as color temperature to simulate the temperature of a scene (e.g. Grineer Settlement being warm and Corpus Outpost being cold).
Dynamic Lighting Allow certain areas to become illuminated when they come into contact with certain lights.
Character Shadows Adds body shadows to all characters depending on the source of illumination.
Contact Shadows Adds contact screen space shadows to all characters depending on the source of illumination (requires Enhanced Graphics Engine enabled).
Weapon Elemental FX Displays a weapon effect according to the elemental damage it does.
(PC) Optimized Flip-Model (Experimental) Can improve performance for Borderless and Windowed display modes but requires Windows 10. Will not take effect until you restart the game.
(PC) HDR Output (Experimental) Enables HDR output on monitors supporting it. Requires Windows 10, enabled Optimized Flip-Model, Antialiasing TAA 8X (High), and disabled Dynamic Resolution.
(PC) HDR Paper White (Experimental) Slider that adjusts the brightness (in nits) of a paper white surface (default 300).

Master Volume Adjusts the master volume of the game.
Music Volume Adjusts the volume of background music.
Speech Volume Adjusts the volume of speech of NPCs outside of missions such as those in Relays or any other player hub.
Transmissions Volume Adjusts the volume of in-game transmissions such as those from the Lotus.
Sound Effects Volume Adjusts the volume of sound effects including the pinging noises made by Resource Caches or rare Storage Containers.
Ordis Volume Adjusts the volume of Ordis.
Ally Mandachord Volume Adjusts the volume from ally's OctaviaIcon272 Octavia's abilities.
Enable Player Hit Marker Sound Enables hit marker sounds from players.
Enable Hint Transmissions Enables tutorial transmissions from the Lotus and Nora Night.
Reverb Enables dynamic reverberation of SFX depending on the size of the room the player are in.
Mute When Running In Background Disables sound when the game is in background.
Radio Chatter in Orbiter Disables sounds and dialogue from the Orbiter's Radio Scanner.
Operator Voice Disables voice from the Operator.
Mute Chat Notifications Disables sound when receiving private messages.
Enable Voice Enables in-game voice chat.
Auto Gain Control (Outbound) Boosts the sound of the ambient voice when there are no present sound to output (i.e.: SFX, Speech, Transmissions) and vice versa.
Voice Receive Volume Adjusts the volume of in-game voice chat.
Test Microphone Allows microphone testing.
Select Audio Output Device Selects the Main Audio Output Device (if applicable).
Select Mic Input Device Selects the microphone to be used for in-game voice chat (if applicable).
Select Voice Output Device Selects the Voice Output Device (if applicable).

This section is transcluded from Settings/Accessibility . To change it, please edit the transcluded page.
Color Blind Compensation Modifies game and interface colors to increase visibility for common forms of color blindness.
  • Protanopia: A setting for people with Protanopia, who have a reduced sensitivity to red lights.
  • Deuteranopia: A setting for people with Deuteranopia, who have a reduced sensitivity to green lights.
  • Tritanopia: A setting for people with Tritanopia, who have a reduced sensitivity to blue lights.
Color Blind Filter Strength Controls the strength of filter with 0 being the same as no filter and 100 being strongest.
Visual Effects Intensity Controls the brightness and contrast of all visual effects.
Reduce Teammate Visual Effects Reduce visual effects from teammate abilities and weapon attacks.
Enable Screen Shake Add screen shaking effects.
Customize HUD Colors Customize the color of text in the Heads-Up Display.
Show Subtitles Activates subtitles.
Enable HUD Motion When enabled, the HUD can move slightly in response to the Warframe's motion (e.g. bullet jumping or melee attacks).

This section is transcluded from Settings/Account . To change it, please edit the transcluded page.

Configuration File[]

Main article: Settings/Config

The configuration file for keybindings and other settings can be found in the following directory on Windows: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Warframe\EE.cfg

Under [LotusWindows_KeyBindings,/Lotus/Types/Input/KeyBindings] in the configuration file.

Keybindings Key
Internal Name Context Default PC Binding
(English QWERTY)
MOVE_X Horizontal movement (left/right) EN_D, EN_A, EN_RIGHT, EN_LEFT EN_GAMEPAD_LX
MOVE_Z Horizontal movement (forwards/backwards) EN_S, EN_W, EN_DOWN, EN_UP EN_GAMEPAD_LY
ACTION Rolling
SHOW_LEVEL_MAP Opening map/enlarging minimap EN_M EN_GAMEPAD_SELECT
VIEW_MISSION_PROGRESS Toggle mission progress screen EN_P
CYCLE_CAMERA_NEXT Switching spectator camera
CYCLE_CAMERA_PREV Switching spectator camera EN_O
REVERSE_CAMERA_OFFSET Switch camera location EN_H
CROUCH Toggle crouching EN_V
LEAN_LEFT Rotate Railjack port-side EN_Q
LEAN_RIGHT Rotate Railjack starboard-side EN_E
VIEW_HUMAN_PLAYERS Toggle player list EN_Z
ACTIVATE_ABILITY_0 First ability EN_1, EN_KP_1
ACTIVATE_ABILITY_1 Second ability EN_2, EN_KP_2
ACTIVATE_ABILITY_2 Third ability EN_3, EN_KP_3
ACTIVATE_ABILITY_3 Fourth ability EN_4, EN_KP_4
ACTIVATE_ABILITY_4 Transference EN_5, EN_KP_5
PUSH_TO_TALK Voice chat EN_C
VIEW_QUICK_PROGRESS View mission progress screen EN_TAB
SELECT_SUB_GEAR_0 Equip fishing spear EN_1
SELECT_SUB_GEAR_1 Use fish bait EN_2

Patch History[]

Update 36.0 (2024-06-18)

General UI Changes & Fixes
  • Moved the “Cursor” customization options from “Customize UI Theme” to the Accessibility tab.
    • Players had reported that these customizations were difficult to find in the settings, so we’ve moved it over to the Accessibility tab since it is inherently an Accessibility option and will have much better visibility there.

We have added a new Video setting: Reduce Frame Latency!

This option can reduce the time between when you act (eg: fire your weapon) and when you see it on-screen (muzzle-flash, tracer etc) and should make the game feel more responsive.

Surprisingly, this option actually needs less VRAM than normal, particularly for high-resolution (4K), ultra-wide, or HDR displays; having more memory VRAM free can reduce texture streaming pops and improve performance by keeping more textures in cache which might compound the effect of making the game feel more responsive.

If you are using a Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) display with a technology like Nvidia G-Sync or AMD FreeSync, or you have disabled Vertical Sync (VSync), there should be no drawback at all to using this option.

You may find, however, for fixed refresh-rate displays, particularly at lower frame-rates, that this option might make the game feel less cinematic: your average frame-rate should be the same but some frames might arrive sooner or later and slow camera movements might feel less smooth.

Our hope is that, given Warframe’s typical fast-paced movement, none of the drawbacks will be obvious and the improved responsiveness will enhance your sense of immersion.

While it is currently disabled by default we would encourage everyone to try enabling it so we can gather feedback to decide what the best default should be.

Note: The setting will not take effect until you restart the game.

While we have exposed the option for DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 on PC we have not exposed it for other platforms yet (it has been tested on some though, notably Nintendo Switch, where the VRAM savings are very tempting).

Please let us know how it feels to you (please include your system specs so we can make sure we get feedback from a wide range of systems). Hopefully with your help we can decide if it makes sense to enable it by default. Thanks!

General Additions
  • Added a “Fire Manual Trigger Weapons Continuously” setting to the Accessibility menu.
    • Toggling this on will allow you to shoot manual trigger weapons (including Semi, Burst, and Charge Trigger types) continuously on a singular input.

Update 35.1 (2024-02-20)

  • Fixed the Volumetric Fog Quality setting not changing when switching the Graphic Quality Preset, which could cause performance issues for low-spec machines.

Update 35.0 (2023-12-13)


Warframe on PC now solely uses the Enhanced Graphics Renderer! Meaning the Classic Graphics Renderer has officially been retired on all platforms.

Retiring the Classic Renderer on all platforms has been the goal since 2020, as maintenance of two engines meant twice the work for our graphics programmers, twice as much testing, and most importantly, it meant our artists were limited by what the Classic engine could do.

Overtime, we’ve slowly been moving all platforms to the Enhanced Graphics Renderer and retiring Classic for each:

  • PS4 and Xbox One moved to Enhanced with Citrine’s Last Wish (PS5 and Xbox Series X launched with Enhanced)
  • Enhanced became the new default on PC with The Duviri Paradox
  • Nintendo Switch moved to Enhanced with Abyss of Dagath

Whispers in the Walls was developed using all of the systems and features supported by Enhanced to create a visual experience that’s on an entirely new level.

The Enhanced Graphics Renderer supports the following systems and features:

  • New Fog System: With this update, we have updated our fog system in Warframe. Instead of the previous raymarch system that depended on lighting from the sun and other various baked-in light sources, the new system is lit in real time. Meaning that fog now has a much more realistic appearance based on the environment that it is in.
    • We have added a “Volumetric Fog Quality” setting under the Advanced Video tab. There are 4 options available to tailor based on your PC’s capabilities; disabled, low, medium, and high. Disabling it will revert the fog system back to the previous raymarch system.
  • Skin Shader Improvements For Drifter: With this update, we have changed the way skin is encoded and textured to improve the appearance of deeper skin tones on the Drifter.
  • GI Volume Lighting: The character lighting response is of a higher fidelity when interacting with the environment. Reflections look more realistic and lighting across the environment is more accurate.
  • Decal system, tattoos, facial hair, and more that help raise the overall quality of Warframe!

The following PC Video options have been removed now that Classic has been retired:

  • Window Scaling Mode (i.e. the option to pick between “Scaled” and “Native”)
    • Note for players using high-DPI scaling and players with low-spec PCs: If you have been playing Warframe in windowed or borderless fullscreen and have been using this option, be sure to adjust the Upscaling options available under the “Video” tab to meet the desired performance and graphic quality possible with your hardware.
  • Blur Reflections Toggle
    • The Enhanced Graphics Engine uses its own reflections system that does not require it.
  • Added a “Preview Visual Effects Intensity” toggle in the Accessibility options to enable/disable the pop-up preview that appears when making changes to the Visual Effects Intensity slider. This is always disabled by default and must be toggled on each time you want to check how change will apply.
  • Added a “Enable Ordis Orbiter Transmissions” toggle in the Audio settings.
    • In Hotfix 34.0.4, Ordis’ transmissions were added to the “Enable Hint Transmissions” toggle but it is best suited as its own option to give players more ways to adjust their audio preferences. Be sure to check your Audio settings to enable/disable those toggles to your liking!

Hotfix 34.0.4 (2023-10-24)

  • Fixed a rare crash related to the Character Highlighting system.

Update 34.0 (2023-10-18)

Character Highlighting System

The enemies you face in Warframe tend to be well-themed to their tilesets -- while this adds visual cohesion to the game, it also means that your foes can sometimes blend into the landscape. To improve enemy and ally visibility, we’ve added a new “Character Highlighting” section to our Accessibility menu.

With this new system, players can now apply a Highlight on both enemies and allies, with a variety of customization options. Whether you want to improve avatar visibility or simply turn them a fun color (or both!), you will be able to select the hue and intensity to your liking through the various settings:

In the screenshot above, you can see the full array of settings available to you in our Accessibility Settings Screen:

  • Enemy Highlights Toggle - Toggling this on applies the Highlight Aura to all enemies.
  • Enemy Highlight Color - Select the color of choice using the Accessibility Color Palette or any other owned Color palette.
  • Enemy Highlight Intensity - Choose how bright you’d like the Highlight to be using this sliding scale.
  • Ally Highlights - Toggling this on applies the Highlight Aura to all allies, including but not limited to: Squad Members, Companions / Sentinels, and Specters.
  • Self Highlight - Apply the Ally Highlight settings to your player avatar.
    • This will persist anywhere you take your Warframe or Tenno, such as your Orbiter, Quests, etc!
  • Ally Highlight Color - Select the color of choice using the Accessibility Color Palette or any other owned Color palette.
  • Ally Highlight Intensity - Choose how bright you’d like the Highlight to be using this sliding scale.

Interacting with the Color and Intensity options will preview the effect on your Warframe in the menu screen, giving you an idea of what it’ll look like in-mission! Here is a preview of gameplay with this system in action:

A few key characteristics of note for this system:

  • “Friendly” enemy units such as those seen in Invasion missions or those affected by Revenant’s Thralls / Nyx’s Mind Control units / etc. will use the Ally Highlight settings to differentiate them from your true foes.
  • Character Highlight Settings are accessible in-mission should you need to make any tweaks on the fly!
  • Our intentions are for the majority of Quest cutscenes you will not see Character Highlights in action, except if Self Highlights are applied. Currently this is not the case and all allies and enemies are highlighted. We have a code fix that will come with our next Cert build.
Top Fixes:
  • Fixed issues with certain Video settings not updating to the correct option when changing the Quality Presets. Here are the intended presets for the settings that were incorrect:
    • Low Preset:
      • GPU Particle Quality: Low
      • Distortions: Disabled
      • Film Grain: Disabled
    • Medium Preset:
      • GPU Particle Quality: Medium
      • Anti-Aliasing: SMAA (Medium)
    • High Preset:
      • Anti-Aliasing: TAA 8X (High)
      • Contact Shadows: Enabled
General Fixes:
  • Fixed blurry ground texture in the Undercroft Park Captura Scene, Upperhaven in Duviri, Mount Nang in the Plains of Eidolon, and the underside of some Landing Crafts during Extraction cutscene if the High Shader Quality if toggled off.
  • Fixed HDR Output not actually turning off when Anti-Aliasing is set to something other than TAA 8X (HIGH).
  • Fixed squadmate names appearing in incorrect positions with HUD scaling over 100 on very low Video Resolutions.

Update 33.6 (2023-07-27)

Enhanced Damage Numbers

Warframe is a numbers game, whether you’re Modding your Warframe or your Weapons to do as much damage as possible. With that in mind, we have introduced a new Enhanced Damage Number setting with the goal of properly communicating the impact of your attacks and increasing the overall legibility of damage numbers in-game.

This new setting can be found in the Interface: HUD Category of your Settings Menu under “Show Damage Numbers.” You can cycle between the new Enhanced system and the familiar Legacy system or turn off damage numbers altogether!

Overall Damage Number Changes:
Whether you are using Legacy or Enhanced Damage Numbers, these new settings will be available with Echoes of Duviri:

Damage Number Scale
Custom scaling of your damage number text size, from 50 to 300!

Additionally, Damage numbers will no longer scale with HUD scale setting as they used to. So you can customize the HUD and the numbers separately.

Compact Damage Numbers
This Toggle will shorten large numbers for legibility (i.e. 100,357 would be shortened to 100k)

Enhanced Damage Numbers Setting
With this new setting toggled on, players can expect to see the following:

Refreshed Damage Number Appearance
A punchier presentation of damage numbers, with an updated font treatment to improve legibility. For reference of what this looks like in action, refer to Pablo’s video above.

Prioritized Critical Hits
Player damage output varies wildly from damage over time (DOT) from Status Effects to powerful Critical Hits. Previously all types of Damage were treated the same in the Damage Number cycle: meaning, Critical Hit Damage Numbers often disappeared quickly if there were a lot of small DOT procs happening concurrently. From a gameplay side, this had no impact on the actual damage done to your enemies, but it meant the true impact of your Critical Hits was not always communicated to you as clearly as we would like.

Now, your Critical Hits will be prioritized over smaller damage numbers. Those smaller numbers will still appear but now disappear sooner if higher-priority damage is done. Additionally, this prioritization system applies to Critical Hit Tiers as well, meaning Super Critical Hit Damage Numbers will linger longer than regular Critical Hits.

Custom Ability Damage Treatment
Since your Abilities traditionally cannot Crit, these attacks tend to have less oomph. Now Ability Damage has its own Damage Color so that it will stand out amongst the rest!

Like all other Damage Numbers, you can customize Ability Damage colors in the “Customize Hud Colors” menu (found in the Interface category of your Accessibility Settings).

Melee Damage Numbers
With Legacy settings, Damage Numbers appear at the point of contact, often off-screen or otherwise obstructed by Melee attacks.

With Enhanced settings, Melee Damage numbers will now travel with you to improve visibility and will travel with the attack movement as well. Again, this is best illustrated in Pablo’s video for those who want to see this in action!

Update 33.5 (2023-06-21)


We have added three new experimental Upscaling video options to improve performance and visual quality by rendering the game at lower resolutions and using a more advanced upscaler.

The benefits:
This option allows for better performance with a minimal impact on visual quality while the Enhanced Graphics engine is enabled. It is most beneficial for anyone who is playing games at 1080p and above resolutions (e.g.1440p or 4K). Lower spec PCs can still benefit but it is at its best with resolutions 1080p and above.

How to Enable:
You can find these options under the Video tab in your settings.

Method: Controls what upscaling method is used to upscale the rendered image to the display resolution. The available methods currently are FSR2.2 and DLSS (NVIDIA-only if supported).

  • NVIDIA RTX Minimum Driver Version Requirement: 512.15  

Quality: Controls resolution of scene rendering for the upscaling processing.

Sharpening: Controls how much sharpening is applied as part of the upscaling process.

Enabling and picking an upscaling quality level will fix the internal rendering resolution to a smaller size. This is then later upscaled using a temporal algorithm, meaning it's using information from previous frames, just like with temporal anti-aliasing.

While very similar to Dynamic Resolution, Upscaling settings render at a fixed resolution and do not dynamically adjust based on performance. For that reason, when Upscaling is enabled, Dynamic Resolution will be automatically disabled.

We welcome any and all feedback on these new experimental options! We are especially interested in the visual quality of the game while it is enabled (e.g. any noticeable “smearing” while playing and other weird visual issues). We are also interested in knowing if the settings are clear in communicating what they do.

Hotfix 33.0.8 (2023-05-11)

  • Added a “Cancel” option to the “Your settings have been modified. Save changes?” popup.
  • Selecting “Cancel” or hitting the ESC key will back you out of the popup to continue making setting adjustments if desired. Selecting “Don’t Save” still backs you out of the settings window entirely as it had before.

Update 33.0 (2023-04-26)

  • Added a new Accessibility “Prefer Default HUD as Drifter” option. Toggling this on will restore the Drifter HUD in Duviri to its non-stylized version.
  • Added an “Enable Surveys” toggle. Access it in the “Social” Options under “Privacy”. This toggle will also be available on the Survey screen itself, should you wish to no longer receive them.
    • Players will occasionally be offered Surveys to gather player feedback and insight. This new toggle will allow players to opt out and/or opt back in to Surveys at their own discretion.
  • Fixed disabling the “Double Jump executes Void Sling” option not saving after relaunching the game.

Update 32.3 (2023-02-15)

New Enhanced Graphics Engine Options:

The following two options have been added to the “Video” options menu to further adjust performance for your machine while the Enhanced Graphics Engine is enabled.

Sun Shadows Toggle

Enables sun shadows, can be disabled to improve performance.

Deferred Decals Toggle

Enables deferred decals, can be disabled to improve performance.

Note that this is a part of our ongoing efforts to improve the Enhanced Graphics Engine before phasing out our Classic Renderer, as discussed on Devstream 165.

  • Fixed the “Show UI in Screenshot” toggle in the Interface Options not working.

Hotfix 32.2.9 (2023-01-11)

  • Fixes towards a rare crash that could occur when toggling between Enhanced and Classic Graphics Engine options while players are loading in around you in the Relay.

Hotfix 32.2.5 (2022-12-14)

Update 31.6 (2022-06-09)

  • Added a search bar to the Options menus!

Hotfix 31.5.6 (2022-05-04)

  • Fixed the key binding screen tabs in Options overlapping with the top key to bind when resolution is set to 1920x1200 and the game is in windowed mode.

Hotfix 31.5.4 (2022-05-02)

  • Fixed [PH] tag appearing in the tooltip for ‘Melee with Fire Weapon Input’ and ‘Reload with Context Action’ Options.

Update 31.5 (2022-04-27)

UI Changes:
  • The Options icons have a new look!

Hotfix 30.9.4 (2021-11-16)

  • Fixed a rare crash if someone unsuccessfully modified their keybindings by hand.

Update 30.9 (2021-11-11)

  • Added ‘Numeric Separators’ option in the Interface settings to change how numbers are formatted. By default, the format chosen is selected based on your language. There are 4 different formats supported:
    • Comma for thousands and period for decimal
    • Period for thousands and comma for decimal
    • Non-breaking space for thousands and comma for decimal
    • Period for thousands and apostrophe for decimal

Hotfix 30.5.3 (2021-07-09)

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using the Enhanced Renderer.

Update 30.5 (2021-07-06)

  • Added a new Mouse Cursor option inspired by Yareli! To equip, go to Options > Interface > UI Customization.
  • Fixed script error when attempting to change graphics preset using arrows in Options.

Hotfix 30.3.5 (2021-06-10)

  • Fixed long standing Dynamic Resolution related problem with motion vectors - characters would reproject wrong with Temporal AA and fall apart. Scale velocity by resolution scale fixes!
  • Fixed 'pulsing' intensity under camera movement you get with bright VFX with Temporal AA.
  • Fixed HUD margin adjustment for non 16:9 aspect displays.
    • It was using proportional window scaling rather than fixed size (like the HUD uses) and as a result, could visually appear warped and not accurately reflect HUD placement.

Hotfix 30.3.4 (2021-06-02)

  • Added custom aspect-ratio settings for advanced multi-monitor setups that confused our auto-detection.
  • Fixed Gara missing from the Invert Tap/Hold list options.

Update 30.3 (2021-05-25)

  • Removed the ‘BETA’ tag on the ‘Enhanced’ option under ‘Graphics Engine’ Display settings.
    • We’ve been working on this improved graphical mode for quite a while! It’s been available to PC players since last year, and deferred rendering is now the standard for our current-gen console players. At this point we don’t have any reservations in encouraging everybody to try this mode.

Update 29.10 (2021-03-19)

  • Added a ‘Self Shawzin Volume’ slider in the Audio options.
  • Added VRAM display to in-game FPS panel.

Hotfix 29.6.4 (2021-01-06)

  • ‘Invert Tap/Hold Abilities’ option now lets you control the setting for each valid Warframe.
  • Numerous Warframes Abilities new and old have been given the ‘Tap/Hold’ functionality to do varying actions. Feedback showed that having the option to Invert the ‘Tap/Hold’ across the board to all valid Warframes was not ideal, as some Ability default functionalities are preferred. Upon selecting the ‘Invert Tap/Hold Abilities’ in the Options menu, you'll be met with a new screen allowing you to pick and choose which valid Warframes this applies to!

Hotfix 29.5.7 (2020-12-10)

  • Fixed Speech volume slider not resetting to 100 when default is pressed if the Transmission Volume slider is at 100.

Hotfix 29.5.6 (2020-12-01)

  • The 'Hint Transmission' audio toggle now applies to Glass Fissure Transmissions.

Hotfix 29.5.4 (2020-11-25)

  • Nora's volume slider will now also affect the transmission in / out sound.

Update 29.5 (2020-11-19)


NEW Advanced Reverb:

Advanced Reverb is here in what we are calling its 'Beta' launch! This is an entirely new reverb system that uses a Convolution (Impulse Response) method. What this means is that instead of using an algorithmic (Legacy) reverb for the game, we are able to use real-life spaces instead. We can feed the reverb system a recording of a real reverberant space and it will combine it with the game's sounds. So you will get a more realistic, vibrant, and deep listening experience. We've been busy adjusting the reverb setups across all tiles. So you can now experience this change across the entire game!

We also adjusted how the blending of the reverb works. When you traverse from different areas we need to blend the reverbs (think of a small space to a larger one). We used to do this based on your distance but now we calculate this based on time. This will give you a more accurate feeling of transition.

‘Advanced Reverb’ is turned on by default, you can switch back to ‘Legacy Reverb’ in the Audio Options if you desire.

General Audio Additions and Changes:

  • Added two brand new music pieces in Deimos! Time to start choreographing your Infestation hacking and slashing.
  • Added separate control in Audio Options for YOUR Mandachord volume.
    • Players have asked for this for a while and now you can control your own Mandachord volume in the game instead of having to adjust the main Sound Effects audio slider. This also includes Subsumed Octavia Resonator.
  • Music in all cinematics now respects the Music volume slider in Audio Options.
  • Dojo music levels are now adjustable using the “Music Volume” slider under the Audio options.
  • All of the Helminth ability sounds have been updated with new custom FX!
    • When the Helminth was released we used existing sound FX in the game as placeholders. Now, Helminth abilities (such as Empower, Master’s Summons, etc.) have their own unique sound to make them stand out from the rest!
  • There is now a ‘Nora Night’ audio slider in your Options that you can use to Mute Nora’s in-game transmissions.
  • Added “Reduce Teammate Visual Effects” toggle in the Display Options. Enabling this will reduce their ability and some weapon FX.

Hotfix 29.2.4 (2020-10-15)

  • Increased default analog stick deadzones values to 20%. The value was previously 15% only for look/aim inputs, but then was changed to 15% for all analog stick inputs, but this introduced some drift for certain players.

Hotfix 29.2.3 (2020-10-08)

  • Added a game setting to use the legacy deadzone remapping when controlling look/aim input using the controller analog sticks.
  • Changed the deadzone settings to go up and down by 1 instead of 5 when pressing the arrows.

Hotfix 29.2.2 (2020-10-06)

Enhanced Graphics Engine

Last week we included a ‘Missed Change Note’ that the ‘Deferred Rendering’ Display Option was renamed to ‘Graphics Engine’. While this is true at a base level, it’s actually more exciting than that, as it involves moving into “Next Gen’ by phasing out our old rendering engine!

Please read the full details here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1229889-the-enhanced-graphics-engine/

  • Made numerous micro-optimizations to scene rendering.
  • Optimized Local Reflections.
  • Optimized Foliage Rendering in the Enhanced Graphics Engine.
  • Added game settings for tweaking deadzone values and other input behaviour for controller analog sticks. Each analog stick now has 3 settings as outlined on https://www.warframe.com/gamepad. This should improve the accuracy for movement controls in particular, which previously used a square deadzone, resulting in inconsistent mapping for diagonal inputs.

Hotfix 29.2.1 (2020-10-01)

  • The ‘Deferred Rendering’ Display option has been retitled to ‘Graphics Engine’.

Hotfix 28.2.1 (2020-08-01)

  • Fixed a crash that could occur due to shadows with Deferred Rendering enabled.

Update 28.1 (2020-07-08)

  • Added a strength slider to the Color Blind Compensation filters.
  • Fixed setting the ‘Master Volume’ slider between 1-4 resulting in no volume.

Hotfix 28.0.7 (2020-06-25)

  • Tweaks to improve distinction between very saturated colors when Color Blind Compensation is enabled.
    • It’s worth noting here that our Color Blind Compensation approach is far from perfect and feedback will vary accordingly. We will continue to investigate larger scope accessibility issues!

Hotfix 28.0.6 (2020-06-24)

Color Blind Compensation

Under the Display Options tab, you’ll find a ‘Color Blind Compensation’ option that modifies game and interface colors to increase visibility for common forms of color blindness.

This setting will allow you to pick between the following options:

  • Protanopia: A setting for people with Protanopia, who have a reduced sensitivity to red lights.
  • Deuteranopia: A setting for people with Deuteranopia, who have a reduced sensitivity to green lights.
  • Tritanopia: A setting for people with Tritanopia, who have a reduced sensitivity to blue lights.

Please let us know of any issues or feedback you may have:


Update 28.0 (2020-06-11)

General UI Additions & Changes:
  • Introducing a new Deadlock UI Theme that goes hand-in-hand with the industrious origins of the Corpus.
  • You can now change your Mouse Cursor Icon, Mouse Cursor Color, and scale your Cursor in size!
  • Added two new cursor sliders under the Interface tab in your Options to give you more ways to customize and improve how you navigate the UI with a controller to your liking:
    • UI Cursor Acceleration: Adjust the rate the cursor accelerates when moving in a continuous direction can be changed.
      • The Sensitivity Option still determines the overall speed of the cursor, while Acceleration gives players the freedom to set how quickly they’d like to get from point A to B.
    • UI Cursor Magnetism: Adjust the level of “magnetism” (“stickiness”) there is between the cursor and interactive elements in the UI.
      • Before the update, the cursor was set to “stick” to items you pass over by default. It was sometimes helpful but often proved to be an annoyance that prevented you from having reasonable cursor speed on UI windows with many elements. Now, you are able to customize how the cursor “sticks” to these elements. Setting it to “0” simply means that there will be no friction whatsoever between the cursor and the UI elements.

Update 26.1 (2019-11-22)

  • (Undocumented) Removed Experimental Flight option.

Hotfix 26.0.5 (2019-11-06)


We have added an option to enable a faster method for Warframe to send frames to Windows which should improve framerate for Borderless Fullscreen and Windowed display modes.

On a laptop with a GTX 1650 running at 720p, a view from the Vallis elevator rose the framerate from 199 to 215 FPS with this option; the gains might be even more significant when playing at high-resolution.

Look for this option under the Display settings panel (Note: it does require restarting the game after changing).

Unfortunately, this option is only available on Windows 10 and may require Windows updates to enable (the Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update in 2017 optimized out a frame of latency with this method).

Note that Native-Fullscreen and console platforms do not need this optimization because there’s no desktop window to composite the frame onto in those cases.

As a bonus this option should also improve our Dynamic Resolution optimizations when Vertical Sync is enabled because it allows us to get accurate GPU timings again; for more information on this see https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1040892-max-framerate/. We need testing and feedback, especially from Streamers and Content Creators, to ensure this option works with their software (since they intercept the frame we send to Windows and this option changes that process). Ideally after some broader testing we can enable it by default and everyone can benefit.

Update 26.0 (2019-10-31)

  • The Options screen, Ayatan Treasures screen, and Dojo Room Options UI have received a fresh new look!

Update 25.7 (2019-08-29)

Custom UI
  • A new ‘Dark Lotus’ UI Theme and Background has been added! You can find it under Interface > UI Customization.
  • Fixed issue with being unable to swap back to Primary Weapon if the “Auto-Swap on Empty” option is enabled and the weapon runs out of ammo.

Update 25.0 (2019-05-22)

Custom UI
  • Prove your Prodman respect with new Corpus UI Theme, Background, and Sound under Options > Interface > UI Customization!

Update 24.6 (2019-04-04)

Creator Mode Setting Addition

We have added a new Option called "Creator Mode"! This exists to help players and Content Creators with a simple principle: no distractions, no spoilers. When this is toggled on:

  • Fortuna Citizens won't reveal their secret.
  • The Lotus will no longer be as purple.
  • Operator transmissions will be voice only.
  • Email on login screen will be all ********** like the password
  • On-orbiter transmissions and in-mission bumpers for Invasions / Alerts will not appear.
  • Changed High graphics setting to set Anisotropic Filtering to 16x instead of 8x. Added a faster 2x Anisotropic Filtering setting and removed the 16x option to save people from themselves.
  • Updated Enable Hint Transmissions in the Audio Options menu. This setting will stop a lot of the more common and repetitive Transmissions from playing.

Hotfix 24.5.4 (2019-03-20)

  • Common Nora Night Transmissions can now be disabled with 'enable hint transmissions' in the Audio Options menu.

Hotfix 24.5.3 (2019-03-19)

  • Increased volume of Chat notification sounds.

Hotfix 24.4.2 (2019-03-08)

Melee Phase 1: 'Flow' Changes
  • Manual blocking/parry has been added when players wield only a Melee weapon in a mission (i.e NO Secondary or Primary equipped). This is possible because in this specific state, the keybindings are free to allow this manual blocking. We do not plan on adding it to any other state yet. The default keybind for this is RMB/Right Mouse Button (LT for controller), as it was in the past.
Controller Changes & Fixes
  • Melee Channeling can no longer be rebound on Controller due to it completely breaking Melee 2.99997 changes. We apologize for the discomfort this may cause for those who have built their controllers comfortably around a different binding. You can't make an omelette without cracking some eggs!

Update 24.4 (2019-03-08)

  • HUD Damage Numbers and Affinity Numbers can now be separately toggled in the Interface Settings!
  • Trigger Press Sensitivity: Adjusts the pressure required to fire/aim
  • Trigger Release Sensitivity: Adjusts the pressure required to release fire/aim

Update 24.3 (2019-02-27)

  • Removed the Radio Chatter toggle trigger in the Orbiter and moved into the Settings > Audio.

Update 24.0 (2018-11-08)

  • Added the option to toggle a 'Grain' filter to all gameplay.

Update 23.0 (2018-06-15)


Currently, we have exactly 131 screens in Warframe that need an artistic pass to the new style. 8 are done and ready to go - they're here today! Themes similar to above are coming for the screens we have completed, and all subsequent screens will inherit whatever UI theme you've chosen (default or other purchased themes).

We have also have 2 free Themes specifically tailored for our visually impaired and color blind Tenno: the “Equinox Theme” (B&W theme) and the “High Contrast Theme”! We’d love to get your feedback on them so that we can increase Warframe’s accessibility: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/967241-pc-update-23-visual-accessibility-ui-themes-and-general-ui-feedback-megathread/

To change your UI theme, go to your Interface Options and select “UI Customization”.

There you can also change your Background from the 3 available options:

  • Equinox Background
  • Legacy Background
  • Vitruvian Background

You can also change the UI sounds from the “Legacy” and “Vitruvian” options.

Please see our Developer Workshop for more information: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/965952-ui-redesign-information-timeline/

General Changes:
  • Moved UI Cursor Sensitivity setting from “Controls” to “Interface”.
  • GPU particles are now part of melee slam sparks by default.
  • Updated “Show Friend Invite Notifications” in your Gameplay options to “Show Friend Request Notifications” and “Receive Friend Invites From” to “Receive Friend Requests From”.

Update 22.20 (2018-05-17)

  • Starchat music will now be affected by the Music slider and not the SFX slider
  • Added a ‘Show Ability Banner on Cast’ toggle to the Interface Options menu! This is off by default on PC. Console players already have these banners appear automatically, but they will have the option to turn them off once this change goes live on Xbox One and PS4! https://gfycat.com/gifs/detail/coarseflowerybarb

Update 19.0 (2016-11-11)

  • Added in a Graphical Preset option to the Display Settings tab. Adjusting this will alter all graphical settings accordingly.
  • A more robust Display Options menu is here! You can now disable or enable more Graphics Quality options!

Update: Specters of the Rail 0.0 (2016-07-08)

  • Added a new experimental graphics quality option for Temporal Anti-Aliasing. This can be enabled in the options menu.
  • Added the “Invert Tap/Hold Abilities” option in your settings. You may now choose to either tap to cycle and hold to fire, or invert to hold to cycle and tap to fire.

Update 18.6 (2016-03-16)

  • There is now a ‘Active Tab Notification Only’ setting in Chat Options. With this setting turned on, you will only see in-game chat notifications from channels that you’re currently active in.

Update 17.5 (2015-10-01)

  • A new ‘Show Health Over Enemies’ option has been added to the Options Menu, under HUD.

Hotfix 17.4.4 (2015-09-17)

  • Added 144fps and 200fps to the list of Max Framerate settings.

Update 17.0 (2015-07-31)

  • A new 'Glare' visual effect has been added - it can be disabled in the Options!

Update 15.0 (2014-10-24)

  • Added Mission Progress shortcut option to the keybindings menu.

Update 14.6 (2014-09-11)

  • Added in a new "PC Type" detection for host election purposes. Laptops will get a small penalty equivalent to 150ms of ping so as to select the best host possible.

Update 14.5 (2014-08-28)

  • Added toggle to disable HUD damage/XP numbers in the in-game Options.

Update 14.0 (2014-07-18)

  • Added in a graphics option to disable Anisotropic Filtering. This should help with increase performance by approximately 10% on Intel HD Graphics units.

Update 13.0 (2014-04-09)

  • New Geometry Detail Setting! Enabling Low for this Setting should help improve GPU performance on lower end rigs. Most mid to high-end machines will be able to enable the High setting without taking a significant hit to performance.

Update 12.2 (2014-02-19)

  • Added setting for “Global Notifcations in Chat” to enable/disable Mauve Text and other notifications.

Update 11.1 (2013-11-27)

  • Melee Auto-Targeting System:
    • Allow more customization based on player preference.
    • Add Settings for Auto-lock (Melee Assist), attack toward character facing or camera (Align Attacks To Camera)
    • Auto-turning the camera to face the target (Camera Tracks Melee Target)
    • Do smooth turns when attacking away from a melee target.
  • Microphone sampling rate changed to 48KHz (from 8KHz) for dramatically improved VOIP (in-game chat).

Update 11.0 (2013-11-20)

  • Additional features to in-game voice communications. Microphone and output device can now be selected. Improvements to range on weak microphones has also been added.
  • Added Auto-target locking for gamepad melee. Melee Assist Option is a toggle.

Update 10.5 (2013-10-23)

  • Oft-requested “separate DOF/Motion Blur” options is now live. These are separate options now.

Update 10.0 (2013-09-13)

  • You can now control the Lotus’s dialog volume!

Update 9.3 (2013-07-26)

  • Added experimental new "Camera Controls Melee Direction" toggle to Settings screen (ON by default). When toggled off all melee attacks will be made in the direction your character is actually facing rather than using the reticle's aiming point. Toggling OFF may be preferable for players using gamepads.

Update 9.0 (2013-07-13)

  • Added toggle for “gore” in Options Menu. Gore enabled by default.

Update 8.1 (2013-06-07)

  • Toggle Sprint now an option in UI Settings
  • Aim Assist for controllers is now a toggle option.

Update 7.11 (2013-05-17)

  • Users can now specify a ping range to filter out undesirable sessions.

Update 7.5 (2013-03-28)

  • Added Region chat filter toggle in Options Menu.

Update 7.1 (2013-03-19)

  • Gamepad: Jump moved back to A (need Wallrun Toggle controls for this to work) / Crouch moved back to R3 (may move back to B later) / Parry moved to LB so you can hold it while keeping full move & look controls / Use moved to X & reload moved to B (until I can move it on X, shared with Use)

Update 6.5 (2013-02-22)

  • Enabled manual configuration of network ports in options menu to allow multiple players on the same LAN.
  • Resolution should now save properly when switching from fullscreen to windowed mode.

Update 6.4 (2013-02-22)

  • FOV slider added to display options.
  • Options menu tabs now have a roll over effect when highlighted.

Update 6.0 (2013-01-29)

  • Dynamic Lighting added to Display Options for those with older hardware.
  • Firewall/NAT detection added to Options to diagnose connectivity/contact issues.

Update 5.4 (2013-01-14)

  • Settings screen now detects APEX support and disables the option if not supported.

Update 5.3 (2013-01-10)

  • Settings improvements for mouse sensitivity, brightness, contrast and UPnP.

Update 5.0 (2012-12-18)

  • The Lotus’ voice now conforms to volume control
  • Many menus & screens polished