This thick shell is used by Ostrons to manufacture tools and weapons.
—In-Game Description

The Seram Beetle Shell is a Resource extracted from Glappids, saltwater fish rarely found at night on coastlines around Cetus.


Seram Beetle Shells are acquired by cutting up Glappids caught through Fishing. Go to Fisher Hai-Luk in Cetus, select the desired amount of Glappids available, and select the "Cut Bait" option to extract the components. Each Glappid cut yields one Seram Beetle Shell. Tusk Thumper Domas also have a chance to drop Seram Beetle Shells upon defeat.

Blueprints Requiring Seram Beetle Shell[]

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Blueprint Type Quantity
Anspatha Brace Amp 3
Ceno Cuirass Cosmetic 2
Ceno Helmet Cosmetic 2
Phahd Scaffold Amp 3
Rahn Prism Amp 2
Vahd Cuirass Cosmetic 2
Vahd Mask Cosmetic 2
Total 17

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