On the border of charted space, an enclave of small, strange, seemingly intelligent creatures was discovered by Tenno explorers. They are mechanical entities, almost organic in appearance, with a precarious resemblance to the fearsome Sentients that had decimated human civilization. However, these creatures showed no signs of aggression, and they immediately began carrying out helpful tasks in peculiar alliance with the Tenno.
—Sentinels Fragment
Not to be confused with Sentient.

Sentinels are hovering companions that follow their Tenno masters around and assist in various ways, dependent on the precepts used to program them. It is possible to program sentinels with precepts, or skill mods, that can turn a sentinel into an attack drone or a support drone. Sentinels can also accommodate their own unique stat-increasing Mods, similar to Warframe mods.


Carrier Carrier

Sentinels, like Weapons and Warframes, level up with Affinity. They have health, shields, armor, a personal weapon, and energy reserves. They can be targeted separately from their Tenno master and do not go into bleedout; they will immediately explode and automatically revive after 60s, modified by Mods such as Mod TT 20px Regen (Or Mod TT 20px Reawaken for Djinn) and Mod TT 20px Sacrifice. Enemies tend to target a Warframe first, but may target the sentinel if it acquires threat.

Each Sentinel comes with a unique weapon, taking up a total of two Robotic slots, which are independent from Warframe and Weapon slots and shared with Robotic weapons and MOA Companions. An additional pair of slots costs Platinum64 12 to purchase. All Sentinels will come with two mods specific to their type. Sentinels have four Penjaga Pol Polarity slots, an Orokin Reactor upgrade slot, and can be Polarized with a Forma.

Currently, all Sentinels may be acquired and equipped regardless of Mastery Rank.


Robotic Weapons[]

Sentinels can equip other Sentinels' weapons (with the exception of Helios Helios's Deconstructor Deconstructor, which can only be equipped on Helios, though Helios can freely use other weapons) provided additional weapons are available. However, the only way to get another sentinel's weapon is to craft that particular sentinel to retrieve their specific weapon. All sentinels do not attack by default unless they possess an attacking precept such as Mod TT 20px Assault Mode. Players may also opt to unequip a Robotic weapon altogether if attacking enemies will be detrimental to the given mission. Though Robotic weapons can be sold independent of their parent Sentinel, the player cannot sell their last Robotic weapon.

Sentinels also share Robotic weapons with MOAs. Even though most Robotic weapons are acquired by building a Sentinel, Legs in Fortuna sells blueprints for Robotic weapons that are not attached to a Sentinel and can be used by both Sentinels and MOA Companions. The Hound weapons Akaten Akaten, Batoten Batoten, and Lacerten Lacerten can not be used by Sentinels.

All Robotic weapons can use normal weapon mods, provided the mod is compatible with the Robotic weapon in question (e.g. the Diriga Diriga's Vulklok Vulklok can use Sniper Mods along with Rifle Mods, but the Dethcube Dethcube's DethMachineRifle Deth Machine Rifle can only use Rifle mods). Most mods work as normal, including mods that affect Fire Rate, base damage, Multishot, Critical Hits, Elemental Damage, Magazine Size, Reload Speed and Status Chance. Mods that affect Ammo Maximum have no effect on Robotic weapon because they already have unlimited ammo reserves.

A weapon mod can be used in both a player's active weapon and their sentinel's active weapon. For example the Sweeper Sweeper can use the same copy of Mod TT 20px Point Blank equipped on a Hek Hek.

Robotic weapons do not possess an Exilus slot and cannot equip Arcane Enhancements.

Sentinel Mods[]


Aside from the pool of mods shared between all Sentinels, there are at least two exclusive Sentinel Mods for each Sentinel (including any available variants) that modifies its behavior during combat. Typically, these are obtained as soon as the player claims them from the Foundry, though some of them can drop from enemies, and others can be found from other sources.

Mod Priority[]

As with all Companions, Precept mods will have different priorities in which they are used, based on which slot they equipped in; the top left mod slot has the highest priority and will be used most often, while the bottom right mod slot has the lowest priority and will be used least often. Managing these mods is key to get the most out of your Sentinel.

2015-07-15 00001

Highest priority at top-left, lowest priority at bottom-right.

Sentinel Stat Comparison[]

Sentinels have Shield, Ferrite Armor and Flesh.

Name Base Health Base Shields Base Armor Nominal Base EHP EHP + Shields Base Range Polarities
Carrier Carrier 560 250 80 709.3 959.3 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolVazarin Pol
CarrierPrime Carrier Prime 650 300 150 975 1275 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolVazarin PolMadurai Pol
Dethcube Dethcube 560 250 80 709.3 959.3 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga Pol
DethcubePrime Dethcube Prime 600 300 150 900 1200 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolVazarin Pol
Diriga Diriga 700 150 80 886.7 1036.7 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga Pol
Djinn Djinn 560 250 80 709.3 959.3 60 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolNaramon Pol
Helios Helios 560 250 80 709.3 959.3 10 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolVazarin Pol
HeliosPrime Helios Prime 700 300 100 933.3 1233.3 10 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolVazarin Pol
Nautilus Nautilus 560 250 80 709.3 959.3 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolVazarin Pol
Oxylus Oxylus 560 250 80 709.3 959.3 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolVazarin Pol
Shade Shade 600 130 80 760 890 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga Pol
PrismaShade Prisma Shade 700 300 80 886.7 1186.7 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolNaramon Pol
ShadePrime Shade Prime 700 300 100 933.3 1233.3 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolNaramon Pol
Taxon Taxon 560 250 80 709.3 959.3 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga Pol
Wyrm Wyrm 560 250 80 709.3 959.3 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga Pol
WyrmPrime Wyrm Prime 450 600 150 675 1275 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga Pol

Name Max Health Max Shields Max Armor Nominal Max EHP EHP + Shields Max Range Polarities
Carrier Carrier 1960 875 280 3789.3 4664.3 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolVazarin Pol
CarrierPrime Carrier Prime 2275 1050 525 6256.3 7306.3 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolVazarin PolMadurai Pol
Dethcube Dethcube 1960 875 280 3789.3 4664.3 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga Pol
DethcubePrime Dethcube Prime 2100 1050 525 5775 6825 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolVazarin Pol
Diriga Diriga 2450 525 280 4736.7 5261.7 70 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga Pol
Djinn Djinn 1960 875 280 3789.3 4664.3 60 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolNaramon Pol
Helios Helios 1960 875 280 3789.3 4664.3 10 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolVazarin Pol
HeliosPrime Helios Prime 2450 1050 350 5308.3 6358.3 10 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolVazarin Pol
Nautilus Nautilus 1960 875 280 3789.3 4664.3 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolVazarin Pol
Oxylus Oxylus 1960 875 280 3789.3 4664.3 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolVazarin Pol
Shade Shade 2100 455 280 4060 4515 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga Pol
PrismaShade Prisma Shade 2450 1050 280 4736.7 5786.7 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolNaramon Pol
ShadePrime Shade Prime 2450 1050 350 5308.3 6358.3 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolNaramon Pol
Taxon Taxon 1960 875 280 3789.3 4664.3 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga Pol
Wyrm Wyrm 1960 875 280 3789.3 4664.3 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga Pol
WyrmPrime Wyrm Prime 1575 2100 525 4331.3 6431.3 30 Penjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga PolPenjaga Pol

Effective Health (EHP) calculated as

, and does not account for damage type.
Range refers to the attack range of that Sentinel's specific targeting precept.

Comparison to Other Companions[]


  • Easy to acquire — requires only blueprints and resources to build.
  • Can engage enemies at range.
  • Can instantly recharge its owner's shields when depleted.
  • Can be equipped with different weapons.
  • Tethered to the player, keeping it from getting caught up on terrain or engaging in combat unrelated to their owner.
  • Wider array of crowd-control options.
  • Weapon can apply status effects more consistently.
  • Can use robotic-exclusive mods like Mod TT 20px Odomedic.


  • Comparatively fragile in combat.
  • Requires the Mod TT 20px Assault Mode mod in order to attack, whereas other Companions will automatically attack without any associated mod.
  • Consumes 2 inventory slots when retrieved from the Foundry, one for the Sentinel and one for its weapon.
  • Are always within range of DmgElectricitySmall64 Electricity status effects on the player, chaining to them and often dealing heavy damage to their fragile frames.


  • Whenever a Sentinel kills an enemy, the player only receives Warframe Affinity from the kill. Even if the player assisted in the kill, no weapon experience is awarded. Any experience gained through Affinity Orbs will be shared across all equipment.
  • While using NyxIcon272 Nyx's MindControl130xWhite Mind Control ability, your sentinel may periodically fire a bullet at your controlled foe.
  • If a player remains idle for an extended period of time, a Sentinel will "disable," stopping its idle animation and causing it to not fire or use abilities, presumably to prevent players from idling. They can be re-enabled by moving several meters.


  • Because of the aforementioned Priority system, it may be wise to equip utility-based Precept mods (be it Sentinel-specific or general Sentinel mods) at higher priorities over attack Precept mods, so Sentinels can assist players immediately when the situation calls for it.
    • Mod TT 20px Coolant Leak, Mod TT 20px Regen, Mod TT 20px Sanctuary, and Mod TT 20px Animal Instinct can be placed in any mod slot as their effects are inherently passive, thus they are not affected by Priority nor do they interfere with it. The same applies to mods that affect a Sentinel's stats directly.


  • Interestingly, the data Fragments that players can scan on Mars seem to suggest that most of the early Sentinels were perhaps an offshoot of the Sentients that were (fortunately) non-aggressive upon their discovery, and were subsequently used to assist the Tenno during missions. This is reflected in how most Sentinels, particularly those of Tenno origin, tend to be more organic in appearance compared to those built by other factions (such as the Grineer-built Diriga).


Patch History[]

Hotfix 36.0.1 (2024-06-19)

  • Fixed the Unda Prime Sentinel Mask missing textures.

Update 36.0 (2024-06-18)

  • Fixed Sentinels and Companions remaining highlighted in the Arsenal with the Ally Highlights setting enabled.

Update 35.5 (2024-03-27)

  • Fixed Sentinels breaking open Murmur Sarcophages not counting towards the “Find X Murmur Sarcophages” Bounty challenge.
  • Fixed Ally Highlight applying to Sentinels and Companions in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed the randomize button assigning incompatible weapons to Sentinels and Companions.

Hotfix 35.0.10 (2024-01-18)

  • Fixed Clients experiencing performance issues when using the Astral Bond Mod on their Sentinel.
  • Fixed Sentinel customizations purchased from the Arsenal not equipping onto the Sentinel and causing the customization UI to disappear from the screen.

Hotfix 34.0.8 (2023-11-09)

  • Fixed the tail attachment on the Loid Sentinel Skin unintentionally spinning.

Hotfix 34.0.6 (2023-10-30)

  • Fixed the “Rank Up!” pop-up occurring for each of the Sentinel clones created by Duplex Bond, even if your Sentinel’s weapons were already Rank 30.

Hotfix 34.0.4 (2023-10-24)

  • Fixed the cloned Sentinels from Duplex Bond shooting at targets that are out of their line of sight.

Hotfix 34.0.1 (2023-10-18)

  • Fixed old despawn VFX occurring when Sentinels revived.

Update 34.0 (2023-10-18)


This section covers the following topics (in order):

  • Companion Immortality
  • Companion Stat Changes
  • Companion Healing
  • Companion Mod Changes & Additions
  • And more!

Your furry, robotic, fleshy, and everything in between pals have received a rework! Read on to learn how the way you use, Mod, and interact with your Companions has changed in this first phase of the Companion system overhaul.

Our high-level objectives for this Companion rework are:

1. Make Companions more viable in high-level gameplay by making them immortal.
Companions can no longer die! This avoids frustrating scenarios where you are relying on your Companion to provide some feature or bonus only to have them get removed from play. The base stats of Companions have also been increased significantly to help them in difficult missions.

2. Introduce more interactive Mods that offer ways to play alongside your Companion instead of it being mostly autonomous like a specter.

3. Changes to many Companion Mods, mostly to support the first two goals of removing death states and improving basic survivability.
Some Mods were inconsistent in their naming or stats, and we have improved this. We have rebalanced some Mods that players felt were not good enough, or ones that we've observed are SO good that they are considered "essential."


We've all seen the memes with people giving their Companions funny names, only to see the message over and over every few minutes: "Your Companion is down!" Dying Kavats and Kubrows have been demanding attention on your HUD, and spontaneously combusting Sentinels have been robbing you of your Vacuum and Animal Instinct for years.

All that changes with this update. Going forward, Companions will still have Health and Shield values, and they can be knocked out, but they will not die if you fail to revive them. When they reach zero Health, Companions will instead become Incapacitated for a base duration of 60 seconds. All Companions will automatically revive at the end of their Incapacitate period, and there is no limit to the number of times this can happen. Upon reviving all Companions have 5 seconds of invulnerability to get back on their feet safely!

Here are the specifics to how each Companion behaves while Incapacitation:

  • Sentinels cannot be manually revived, but they will fly along with you in a damaged state while performing their automatic self-revive.
  • Vulpaphylas still have their usual tricks instead, where they morph into a Sentinel-like state for a short period and then recover.
  • Worth noting that Vacuum and Animal Instinct work while the Companion is Incapacitated.
  • With Incapacitation, Companions can now recover from being downed in Arbitration missions, instead of staying dead for the duration of the mission.

Several Mods have been modified or introduced that also change when or how your Companion deals with Incapacitation - see the “Companion Mod Changes & Additions” section below for specifics.


Two broad changes have been made with regard to your Companion's base stats to increase their staying power:

1. Health, Shields and Armor have been refactored across the board.
This simple numeric buff was made with the goal of increasing Companion survivability. This also means that the choice of whether to use, for example, Enhanced Vitality or Linked Vitality, will depend on your Warframe choice instead of the Linked Mod always being strictly superior.

2. Non-Sentinel Companions now gain their full Health and Shield values immediately when you acquire them.
Historically Health and Shield values would increase as your Companion ranked up, which you could see as "Rank Bonuses" in the Upgrades screen. We've removed this behavior and simply given Companions what would end up being their Rank 30 values at Rank 0. This should let you immediately take your Companions on more difficult missions after earning them!

Revised Sentinel Stats:

  • Carrier: 560 Health (from 200), 250 Shield (from 100), 80 Armor (from 50)
  • Carrier Prime: 650 Health (from 400), 200 Shield (from 100), 150 Armor (from 150)
  • Dethcube: 560 Health (from 200), 250 Shield (from 100), 80 Armor (from 50)
  • Dethcube Prime: 600 Health (from 300), 200 Shield (from 100), 150 Armor (from 150)
  • Diriga: 700 Health (from 350), 150 Shield (from 50), 80 Armor (from 50)
  • Djinn: 560 Health (from 200), 250 Shield (from 100), 80 Armor (from 50)
  • Helios: 560 Health (from 200), 250 Shield (from 100), 80 Armor (from 50)
  • Helios Prime: 700 Health (from 250), 200 Shield (from 100), 100 Armor (from 100)
  • Nautilus: 560 Health (from 200), 250 Shield (from 100), 80 Armor (from 50)
  • Oxylus: 560 Health (from 200), 250 Shield (from 100), 80 Armor (from 50)
  • Shade: 600 Health (from 350), 130 Shield (from 50), 80 Armor (from 50)
  • Shade Prime: 700 Health (from 350), 200 Shield (from 100), 100 Armor (from 100)
  • Prisma Shade: 600 Health (from 300), 130 Shield (from 50), 80 Armor (from 50)
  • Taxon: 560 Health (from 200), 250 Shield (from 100), 80 Armor (from 50)
  • Wyrm: 560 Health (from 200), 250 Shield (from 100), 80 Armor (from 50)
  • Wyrm Prime: 450 Health (from 225), 600 Shield (from 300), 150 Armor (from 150)

Previously, the Mod “Link Health” could cause your Companions to gain some of the healing that your Warframe did. This invisible feature was not indicated by the card, and it was never explained what forms of healing worked or why. Additionally, Companions were using some of the same mechanics that things like mission objectives did, which limited the effects of some healing or defensive powers. We've decided to remove both of these obscure mechanics and restrictions.

Companions will no longer gain Health when your Warframe does if using certain Health-absorbing powers together with the Mod “Link Vitality” (formerly Link Health). The restrictions of the following abilities and features, as they apply to granting Health, Shields, or Damage Resistance to Companions have been removed:

  • Nezha’s Warding Halo
  • Trinity’s Blessing
  • Ember’s Immolation
  • Garuda’s Blood Altar
  • Gara’s Splinter Storm
  • Styanax’ Intrepid Stand
  • Mirage’s Eclipse
  • Volt’s Discharge
  • Baruuk’s Desolate Hands
  • Harrow’s Penance
  • Harrow’s Thurible
  • Equinox’ Mend & Maim
  • Sancti Magistar’s Heavy Attack Heal
  • Vazarin’s Protective Sling

Changes To Existing Mods
Several Mods have been modified to interact with how your Companion deals with Incapacitation.

Stats below are shown at Max Rank.

Sentinel Survivability Mod Changes:

  • Calculated Redirection changed from max 275% Shields to max 250% Shields
  • Enhanced Vitality changed from max 220% Health to max 250% Health
  • Metal Fiber changed from max 110% Armor to max 250% Armor
  • Regen has been changed significantly. Because your Sentinels no longer die after reaching zero Health, Regen instead reduces the *Incapacitation time of your Sentinel by 20 seconds, and provides 10 seconds of Invulnerability after reviving.
  • Primed Regen provides a greater benefit: Incapacitation time is reduced by 35 seconds, and provides 10 seconds of Invulnerability after reviving.
  • Sacrifice still allows your Sentinel to automatically revive you; however, the Sentinel now goes into Incapacitation instead of being destroyed. Adds 15 seconds to your Sentinel's Incapacitation time.
  • Repair Kit has been changed from providing your Sentinel with 6 Health per second to 18 Health per second.

Other Companion Mod Changes:

  • Djinn's "Reawaken has been changed. Now it will reduce Djinn's Incapacitation time by 6 seconds for each Energy Orb you pick up. Djinn will also revive with 300 points of Overshield for each collected Orb. Djinn’s max Overshields increase by 900.
    • Since every Sentinel now has a free immortality feature, Djinn needed something to be special again.
  • Sentinel Sanctuary Mods have been improved. The shield globe, while the player is performing a revive, has been increased from 600 Health to 1800 Health.
  • Self Destruct has been modified. Formerly this would cause Sentinels to cause 600 Blast damage in an 18-meter radius on death. Now Sentinels cause radial damage on Incapacitation instead.
  • Fired Up has been both improved and simplified. Previously this would require that your Sentinel has been shooting continuously for some period of time, and then added a Heat damage multiplier. This has been changed so that the Sentinel gains a 5% bonus Heat damage on every weapon hit up to 100%. The bonus resets after 5 seconds if the Sentinel has not landed a hit during that time.
    • This Mod was difficult to understand and only worked if the Sentinel weapon already did some amount of Heat damage. The mechanics are now more intuitive and the bonus applies the same way adding a Mod would, so your Sentinel's weapon doesn't need to already do Heat damage to benefit.
  • Spare Parts: Previously Spare Parts would cause Sentinels to drop rare materials on death. This Mod now causes your Sentinel to mark an enemy for 5 seconds, choosing a new target every 15 seconds. Killing the marked enemy increases their loot drop chance by 200%.
    • Since Companions no longer die, we wanted to change their resource drop to something that was more interactive and rewards combat instead of your Sentinel randomly exploding.
New Companion Mods

Referring back to the introduction, one of our goals with the Companion rework is to add opportunities for the player to work together with the Companion. Instead of a Mod that only affects your Companion, we looked for ways that you and your Companion could amplify each other.

The following new Mods aim to do just that!

These Mods are available to acquire at the Conservation vendors in Cetus (Master Teasonai), Fortuna (The Business), and the Necralisk (Son).

*Stats below are shown at Max Rank.

Available In Master Teasonai’s Offerings (Cetus):

Tandem Bond
Companion melee hits increase your combo by 6. Heavy Attacks increase Companion melee damage by 30% of melee damage multiplied by your combo multiplier for 30s.

Covert Bond
Finisher and Mercy Kills grant your Companion 10s of stealth that attacks will not disrupt, up to 60s.

Mystic Bond
After your Companion uses Abilities with cooldowns 5 times, you may cast a Warframe Ability without expending Energy.

Restorative Bond
Health Orbs restore 60 more Health and reduce Companion Recovery by 3s.

Manifold Bond (Robotic)*

Companion Precept Mods apply Status Effects from Companion weapons. Killing enemies with 3 or more unique Status Effects reduces Companion Ability cooldowns by 3s.

*Work is still ongoing for this mod, we are aware of some Robotic Companion Precepts which do not trigger the bonus Status Effects.

Available In The Business’ Offerings (Fortuna):

Aerial Bond
Airborne kills decrease Companion Recovery timer by 3s and 9s for headshot kills. Companion creates a field of Cold that increases up to 35% Status chance and 10m radius while Warframe is airborne, lasting for 3s after returning to the ground.

Astral Bond
Damage dealt by Operator or Drifter grants 120% Void damage to your Companion’s attacks for 10s. Companion Void damage adds +30% Amp and Energy Efficiency to Operator or Drifter for 5s.

Momentous Bond
Killing Eximus enemies grants 120% bonus of a random Elemental Damage to your Companion for 30s and reduces Companion Recovery by 12s.

Reinforced Bond
If the Companion exceeds 1200 maximum shields or Overshields, then your fire rate is increased by 60%. Reloading restores 150 Overshields to your Companion.

Tenacious Bond
Headshot kills reduce Companion Recovery timer by 3s. If the Companion’s Critical Chance is over 50% then you gain +0.6x Final Critical Damage Multiplier.

Available In Son’s Offerings (Necralisk):

Duplex Bond
Companion will clone itself each time you expend 100 Energy, up to 3 Clones. Clones live for 30s and their kills have a 50% chance of dropping Energy Orbs.

Seismic Bond
While a channeled Ability is active, Companion melee attacks create a 4m shockwave for 30% of their melee damage. Damage dealt by your Companion increases your Ability Efficiency by 3% for 12 seconds. Max 10 stacks.

Vicious Bond
Companion melee attacks strip 15% of enemy armor. Melee attacks on enemies recently damaged by Abilities apply the effect in a 9m radius.

Contagious Bond
When your Companion kills an enemy afflicted with a Status Effect, 50% of the Status Effect spreads to other enemies within 9m.


A few further changes that are worth mentioning:

  • Sentinels now avoid damage from Arson Eximus explosions if you also avoid damage with a successful dodge.
  • The improvement to Shield Gating where it now scales with maximum Shield strength and fully resets as long as you have any Shield charge at all, also applies to Companions.
  • Companions can now gain Overguard (behaves the same as player Overguard) and Overshield.
  • Added map icons for each Companion type to help identify their location.
  • Improved Companion HUD information:
    • Removed notifications for when other players’ Companions are downed (Incapacitated) to reduce HUD noise. You will now only get notified for your own Companion.
    • Your Companion now has its very own icon in the HUD.
  • Oberon's Passive now applies to all Companion Types.
    • Previously only Kavats, Kubrows, Predasites, and Vulpaphylas would receive +25% Health, Armor, and Shield links, plus the 1 instant revive per mission.
  • Companions are no longer able to be staggered!
    • Because staggering would often stop your pets in-place, it opened them up to being re-staggered, which then often led to their swift demise. This should fix that issue, and allow your furry and not-so-furry friends to have more impact in-mission.

Update 32.0 (2022-09-07)

  • Fixed Sentinel UI information completely disappearing (name, downed status, level, etc.) when killed in a mission.

Hotfix 31.5.10 (2022-05-17)

  • Fixed all Sentinels missing their animations.

Hotfix 31.5.9 (2022-05-12)

  • Fixed a Sentinel equipped with the Ordis Sentinel Skin appearing too low when viewed in the Arsenal or in-game Market diorama.
  • Fixed a Sentinel equipped with the Ordis Sentinel Skin following the player extremely closely. Level 500 clinger.

Hotfix 30.5.5 (2021-07-29)

  • Fixed not being able to swap Polarities on Sentinel weapons.

Update 30.2 (2021-05-12)

  • Fixed cases of Sentinels using their precepts while invisible against semi-alerted enemies.

Hotfix 29.1.2 (2020-09-22)

  • Fixed some Sentinel and Moa Weapon types not getting affected by Magazine related Mods (notably Helstrum).

Hotfix 28.0.1 (2020-06-11)

  • Fixed a script error when trying to Auto Install Mods on a Sentinel weapon.

Hotfix 27.3.14 (2020-04-15)

  • Fixed a script error if your Sentinel died while being nullified.

Update 27.3 (2020-03-24)

  • Fixed a script error caused by Sentinel Precepts being automatically reactivated in missions where Mods are deactivated/have been removed (Grendel missions).

Update 27.2 (2020-03-05)

Sharing Sentinel Mods: Shared Usage Allowed:

Sentinel Weapons and Warframe weapons cannot share Mods, which is to say: if you have 1 Maxed Serration Mod, your Sentinel’s Weapon cannot use it if you have a Primary Weapon with it equipped. You either switch your Sentinel Weapon to a different class (Shotgun, Melee), or acquire and max a duplicate Mod.

We are removing this condition and now your Mods can be simultaneously equipped.

Why: Over time, the amount of systems to put your time into have increased. The appeal of grinding out a Duplicate Mod for Sentinels just isn’t a proposition we want players to be faced with in the context of everything else the game has to offer!

Hotfix 25.7.4 (2019-09-05)

Hotfix 25.7.2 (2019-08-30)

  • Companion Weapon Rivens have been added back to Simaris’ Offerings! This time they will unveil for the proper weapon.

Hotfix 25.7.1 (2019-08-30)

  • Temporarily removed Companion Weapon Rivens from Simaris’ Offerings due to being unveiled for the incorrect weapon type. They will be added back once we make a permanent fix.
    • We’re working on a script to refund the Simaris Standing to those who were able to purchase the Rivens. Script has completed! Please relog if you don't see the refunded Simaris Standing.

Update 25.7 (2019-08-29)

  • Companion Weapon Rivens are available from Simaris’ Offerings for Standing (The War Within completion required), and yes, this includes the Artax!
    • If you recall back in Update 24.0 (2018-11-08) we removed Sentinel Weapon Rivens from the pool due to being lackluster in comparison to more applicable weapons. Adding Companion Weapon Rivens to Simaris’ Offerings allows players to freely choose these Rivens if they desire, and leaving it out of the general Riven Mod generation pool for those who don’t want them.

Update 11.5 (2013-12-19)

  • All Sentinel Weapons now respond to fire-rate mods, magazine-size mods, and reload-time mods.

Update 11.0 (2013-11-20)

  • Sentinels now come with a default amount of armor

Update 10.0 (2013-09-13)

  • Sentinels can now wield any (primary/secondary?) weapon you want!
  • Sentinel Weapons no longer locked to the Sentinel bundled with at purchase.

Update 7.5 (2013-03-28)

  • Sentinel will now revive with the player if dead when the player spends a revive.

Update 7.4 (2013-03-27)

  • Sentinel weapons can now have mods, currently uses player's rifle/pistol mods

Update 7.2 (2013-03-22)

  • Sentinel weapons now gain XP
  • Sentinels are now affected by Trinity's healing powers

Update 7.0 (2013-03-18)

  • Sentinels - customize and program a Sentinel “pet” to accompany you on missions.