SeekingTalonsModx256.png SeekingTalons130xWhite.png
Seeking Talons
Charge to expand the targeting area, release to send Garuda’s talons careening toward each target in area. Surviving enemies are prone to bleeding.
Strength:75 / 100 / 125 / 150 (Slash w.svg Slash damage)
75% (Slash w.svg Slash status chance)
Duration:10 s
Misc:2 m (talon knockback radius)
60 m (range)
25° (min charge size)
95° (max charge size)
8 (projectiles)

  • Garuda channels her sanguine blood beneath herself as her talons quiver in anticipation, as a whirlwind of flying talons spanning a 2 meter radius encircles her. Enemies pierced by Garuda's talons will receive 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 Slash b.svg Slash damage and be pushed away from Garuda.
    • Damage is affected by Ability Strength.
    • Talon knockback radius is not affected by mods.
  • Holding down the ability button (default 4 ) sustains the whirlwind around Garuda, while also expanding a focus ring indicating the ranged area of effect of the ability. Initial field of view angle is 25 degrees, which can expand up to 95 degrees when fully charged; the range of ability can expand up to 60 meters based on the charge time. Release the button to unleash 8 flying talons as homing projectiles that cannot be obstructed by walls and the environment, piercing through all enemies within the focus ring.
    • Each enemy will always be pierced at least once by the projectiles. However, they can also be pierced multiple times in a single skill use.
      • For an example, using Seeking Talon on a single enemy will damage said enemy 8 times in quick succession.
    • Range, minimum and maximum charge sizes, and the number of projectiles are not affected by mods.
    • Targeting expansion and cast animation are affected by casting speed mods from Mod TT 20px.pngNatural Talent and Mod TT 20px.pngSpeed Drift.
    • Garuda does not require line of sight to target enemies in her focus ring area.
  • Enemies damaged by the flying talons are marked with Garuda's symbol for 10 seconds. Attacking marked enemies with weapons and abilities grants a 75% chance to cause a Slash b.svg Slash Status Effect. Marked enemies will still receive status effects from other sources in addition to the Slash b.svg Slash proc (if a weapon's status chance triggers and hits an enemy affected by Seeking Talons, the weapon's Status Effect will still be applied, the Slash b.svg Slash proc is then added, resulting in the enemy receiving 2 status effects at the same time).
  • Garuda cannot perform parkour Maneuvers (except for rolling and sliding) or general interactions while channeling this ability. However, she can still move at walking pace.
  • Can be cast while airborne, causing Garuda to hover for a few seconds.
    • Garuda will leap a short distance upward upon release, causing the targeting ring to shift. This needs to be accounted for if you wish to hit targets reliably.
  • This ability has a long casting and recovery animation. However, this can be bypassed by casting Seeking Talons while airborne.
    • Holding aimglide while releasing Seeking Talons will allow Garuda to hover after leaping and cancel the falling part of her animation. This does not work when used on the ground.
      • While aimgliding, you can cast Seeking Talons again or charge and throw her Dread Heart to continue staying airborne.
      • Each cast while airborne raises Garuda to be higher off the ground. To return back to ground level quickly to maintain mobility, you can use a melee ground slam.
    • Using melee immediately after releasing Seeking Talons while airborne can also be used to cancel the recovery animation if you are high enough. The recovery animation for this will be longer than if you held aimglide, but is more useful for congested tilesets.

Main article: Blending Talons

Blending Talons is an Warframe Augment Mod for GarudaIcon272.png Garuda's SeekingTalons130xDark.png Seeking Talons that grants it the ability to create an area of effect explosion around Garuda as well as giving her GarudaMeleeClaws.png Garuda's Talons a passive that grants it additional combo count upon hitting enemies affected by Slash b.svg Slash procs.

Rank AoE Range Combo Count Chance Cost
0 +6m +25% 6
1 +7m +50% 7
2 +8m +75% 8
3 +9m +100% 9

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