Scyto Raknoid is a medium sized Raknoid creature found in the Orb Vallis. It seems to start spawning when at maximum alert level. The sac on its back stores a glue-like fluid, which it uses for a variety of attacks. Aside from a basic ranged stream, it is capable of covering a large area, slowing enemies. Further it can use a grappling hook to pull enemies close, whereupon it deploys a tethermine that immediately attaches to the target.

It has an invulnerability state, where after reaching about half health, its glue sac will explode and temporarily shutdown for a short while before resuming its attack patterns


  • The Scyto Raknoid will attack players even if they are invisible.


  • "Scyto" most likely refers to "scytodidae", or spitting spiders, indicating its ranged adhesive based abilities.


  • Scyto Raknoid concept art

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 24.0
  • Introduced