The Corpus Scout is a special unit introduced in Operation: Arid Fear. Resembling capture targets but with black clothing and a Spectra Spectra, they are found in Corpus Void ships and must be defeated and captured like in normal Capture missions.

Even though the Scout's head is shown, there is still an armor helmet that blocks bullet damage, but doesn't stop other weapon damage types.

Unlike the normal capture target who simply runs about helpless when approached, the Scout can genuinely escape by running into escape hatches scattered around the map, causing the mission to fail. However, if the player is within a certain range when the Scout first notices them, he will attempt to fight back with his Spectra, which has surprisingly powerful damage. And although being a moderate low level (under level 30) he either has a lot of health or very high armor as he can take more punishment then normal capture targets or Corpus Crewmen.

Starting from Phase 2 of the Operation, the Scout also has a special "Freezing Shockwave" ability, which is a close range AoE that freezes nearby players, slowing them down temporarily. He tends to use this ability when he reaches half health before trying to escape to give himself a headstart.

As of Phase 3 of the Operation, the Scout has also gained The Sergeant's cloaking ability, which renders them temporarily invisible. However, they are still vulnerable to ranged weapons while cloaked, though it's most reliable to use melee to stunlock them until their cloak runs out. Using Vauban's Vortex can assure that he does not escape during this cloaking period.

While using VaubanIcon272 Vauban, the Scout is not affected by Bastille but will however be sucked in by Vortex with non-lethal effects, preventing him from escaping allowing you to capture him.


  • Using Mag's Crush ability can render the scout glitched and frozen, unable to be captured.
  • Ranged weapons still affect him during invisibility, unlike The Sergeant.
  • Scanning Corpus Targets does not count toward Corpus Scout scans, making it currently impossible to complete the Scout scanner entries.


  • The Corpus Scout is now integrated as a target for Capture missions. He utilizes weapons as the Lanka, Detron or Supra, and can utilize a cloaking ability, similar to The Sergeant.


Warframe Arid Fear Glitch Scout Bug

Warframe Arid Fear Glitch Scout Bug

Arid Fear Scout Bug

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