Scavenger Drones appear as large yellow-green Ospreys. Aside from being able to fire lasers akin to the Fusion Drone (though with less damage), these drones are able to vacuum up dropped items nearby such as ammo or materials, and then release a bright-yellow Rippling Shockwave thereafter. Destroying this Osprey will not always drop loot that was confiscated.


  • Spawns commonly on Themisto, Jupiter. Alad V's Assassination mission.
  • Currently they are the rarest enemy in Warframe.
  • Because of their pickup-stealing trait, Scavenger Drones are humorously referred to by the community as "trollspreys".
  • Prior to Hotfix, Cephalon Suda's eximus Assassination Squad would have the normal loot vacuum ability, which was removed.


  • Scavenger Drones will occasionally continue vacuuming items even after death, resulting in them sometimes sucking up and destroying their own loot.


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