Hunter, you have proven your dedication to the cause. It is time to enlighten you, to show you what we have built together. It is time to enter the Sanctuary.

In the simulated universe of the Sanctuary, my data-immortals have fought each other countless times. Through this violence, I have studied and documented their true character. But my study cannot be complete without the power of the Tenno, the most powerful specimen in the system — you. Your duty in this experiment is to kill as many specimens as efficiently as possible. In this chaos, the true nature of these creatures will be revealed... as will yours.
Challenge my specimens within the construct and enlighten me. I will reward you in kind.
—In-Game Description

Sanctuary Onslaught is an endless game mode introduced in Update 22.18 (2018-04-20). The objective is similar to Survival missions, where players must last as long as possible by continuously killing hordes of increasingly difficult enemies, as quickly as possible.

Players are limited to one large room from a random tileset in every zone. In order to advance through the zones, players must maintain efficiency by constantly killing enemies, then entering a conduit at the end of the zone's time limit in order to progress to the next. The opposing faction of enemies encountered in each zone is also randomized on a per-zone basis.

Players must complete The New Strange to access this game mode. To begin, players must talk to Cephalon Simaris at his Sanctuary in any Relay or select "Sanctuary Onslaught" in the Syndicate World State Window tab.


Upon starting the mission, players will have to enter a conduit and maintain efficiency meter against increasingly difficult enemies. Each enemy killed in the process will contribute to the overall efficiency, with Eximus enemies contributing more.

Every zone lasts for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. When a zone is complete, Simaris will open a Data-Conduit to a new and harder zone within his Sanctuary. The conduit closes after 30 seconds. Players who have not entered the conduit before then will be extracted with their rewards.


  • Zones: Equivalent to a 'Wave', 'Round', etc.
    • Every two that are completed will provide a reward.
  • Conduits: Portals connecting one Zone to the next.
  • Efficiency: The means to maintain a Conduit. Once efficiency reaches zero, the run will be over. The deeper the player progresses into the Sanctuary the faster their efficiency drops and less efficiency is gained from enemy kills, capping at Zone 16.
    • Efficiency Stimulus: Pick-ups which increase the player's efficiency by 10%. The number of Efficiency Stimuli that appears starts at 4, which gradually decreases the deeper the player progresses into the Sanctuary, up until after Zone 15 after which they will stop appearing.


Simaris has his own rules within his sanctuary, as he seeks to produce an accurate experiment. These are the following rules:

  • The Gear wheel and Specters are disabled. Emotes can still be used.
  • Specimens do not drop Mods or Resources in the Sanctuary but will still drop Health Orbs, Energy Orbs and ammo pickups.
  • Storage Containers do not appear in the Sanctuary.
    • However, locked lockers may appear depending on the tileset, and can be opened using Mod TT 20px Master Thief or Mod TT 20px Scavenge to acquire orbs and ammo pickups. Lockers do not drop resources or mods, but, unlike specimens, they may yield Affinity Orbs and sometimes an invisible Ayatan Star.
  • MOA Cabinet Spawners can appear in their appropriate tilesets, producing fragile allied Shockwave MOAs if hacked.
    • Despite gear restriction, Ciphers are still available if equipped before starting, visible only while hacking a cabinet.
  • Each conduit entered/zone advanced removes current buffs, active Warframe abilities, combo multipliers, and resets Energy to the respective initial level, as well as restoring ammunition back to 100%.
    • Additional base energy contributed by a Warframe's spare mod capacity will not be accounted for.
    • NidusIcon272 Nidus will lose 4 Mutation Stacks upon entering the Data-Conduit.
    • AtlasIcon272 Atlas will lose approximately 300 Rubble upon entering the Data-Conduit.
    • SarynIcon272 Saryn's Spores130xWhite Spores damage growth decreases by 30% upon entering the Data-Conduit.
    • However, GaussIcon272 Gauss' battery will not drain upon entering the Data-Conduit; the same goes for BaruukIcon272 Baruuk's restraint meter.
  • Instead of dropping normally, Convergence Orbs are granted automatically at the beginning of each zone after the first. The Convergence Orb Boost scales in multiplier up to 16x.
  • There is a 20% chance for a random environmental hazard to appear in a zone.
  • Enemy level starts at 20-30 and gradually increases to 80-100 beyond Zone 15, 110-130 beyond Zone 20, and 130-150 beyond Zone 25.
  • Weekly leaderboards are available based on overall score for both Sanctuary Onslaught and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught.

Elite Sanctuary Onslaught[]

Rank yourself among Hunters by facing the most elite specimens of Sanctuary.
—In-Game Description

Elite Sanctuary Onslaught is a higher difficulty mode of Sanctuary Onslaught. In addition to featuring stronger specimens, tilesets and enemies are predetermined every week, and usage of Warframe abilities must be staggered or they will become temporarily disabled.

  • A Rank 30 Warframe or a Mastery Rank 30 player whose Warframe has been polarized once is required to play Elite Sanctuary Onslaught.
  • Enemy level starts at 60-70 and gradually increases to 150-180 beyond Zone 15, 200-220 beyond Zone 20, and 250-280 beyond Zone 25. Increased efficiency drain caps at Zone 15.
  • Abilities become disabled if used in quick succession:
    • First abilities are disabled for 8 seconds if used six times within 2 seconds.
    • Second abilities are disabled for 8 seconds if used four times within 10 seconds.
    • Third abilities are disabled for 10 seconds if used four times within 10 seconds.
    • Fourth abilities are disabled for 15 seconds if used twice within 10 seconds.
    • Channeled abilities only count when turned on; however the cooldown timer only begins once the ability is turned off again.
    • Injected abilities are disabled using the conditions applicable to the new slot they occupy.
  • Zones 1-5 only spawn 2 Efficiency Stimuli (Stimulus spawns in Zone 6 and beyond remain unchanged).


Rewards are given per two successful zones in an AABC rotation in both Sanctuary Onslaught and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught to players before they jump into the Data-Conduit.

  • 2, 10, 18, etc. Zones = Rotation A
  • 4, 12, 20, etc. Zones = Rotation A
  • 6, 14, 22, etc. Zones = Rotation B
  • 8, 16, 24, etc. Zones = Rotation C
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LithRelicIntact Lith A6 9.17% Helmet Khora Neuroptics Blueprint 9.09% Blueprint2 Khora Blueprint 11.28%
LithRelicIntact Lith C11 9.17% MesoRelicIntact Meso B9 9.09% Systems Khora Systems Blueprint 11.28%
LithRelicIntact Lith G10 9.17% MesoRelicIntact Meso G6 9.09% NeoRelicIntact Neo A11 9.68%
LithRelicIntact Lith P8 9.17% MesoRelicIntact Meso G7 9.09% NeoRelicIntact Neo A12 9.68%
LithRelicIntact Lith P9 9.17% MesoRelicIntact Meso H5 9.09% NeoRelicIntact Neo M5 9.68%
LithRelicIntact Lith R5 9.17% MesoRelicIntact Meso V9 9.09% NeoRelicIntact Neo O2 9.68%
LithRelicIntact Lith T12 9.17% MesoRelicIntact Meso W4 9.09% NeoRelicIntact Neo P6 9.68%
Endo Endo x300 9.17% MesoRelicIntact Meso W5 9.09% NeoRelicIntact Neo S18 9.68%
Corpus Depository Scene 9.17% Endo Endo x300 9.09% NeoRelicIntact Neo Z10 9.68%
Grineer Sealab Centrifuge Scene 9.17% SyntheticEidolonShard Synthetic Eidolon Shard 9.09% Endo Endo x600 9.68%
Chassis Khora Chassis Blueprint 8.33% Grineer Settlement Artillery Scene 9.09%


  • Sanctuary Onslaught, Sanctuary Onslaught

Drop tables outdated? Readers can update Module:DropTables/data and cross reference with official drop tables on https://www.warframe.com/droptables.



Patch History[]

Update 36.0 (2024-06-18)

  • Fixed Shields in Sanctuary Onslaught not scaling like the rest of the game.

Hotfix 35.1.2 (2024-02-28)

  • Fixed physics getting whacky after using Qorvex’s Chyrinka Pillar to dive into a Sanctuary Onslaught portal.

Update 34.0 (2023-10-18)

  • Fixed becoming invisible after switching from Warframe to Operator quickly while inside a Sanctuary Onslaught Conduit.

Update 33.6 (2023-07-27)

  • Fixed Eximus in Sanctuary Onslaught not dropping their guaranteed ammo.

Hotfix 33.0.14 (2023-05-29)

  • Fixed a script error in the end of mission screen when returning to the Orbiter from Sanctuary Onslaught missions.

Hotfix 32.3.1 (2023-02-15)

  • Fixed Script Error that could occur if a Client disconnected from the Host while loading into Sanctuary Onslaught.

Hotfix 32.2.5 (2022-12-14)

  • Fixed Eximus enemies not dropping Health and Energy Orbs in Sanctuary Onslaught missions.
  • Fixed Eximus enemies not contributing towards the Efficiency score in Sanctuary Onslaught missions.

Hotfix 32.2.4 (2022-12-07)

  • Fixed Nekros’ Terrify 100% Armor Reduction not working on Eximus in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught.

Hotfix 32.0.3 (2022-09-14)

  • Fixed a script error that could occur with the Smeeta Kavat’s Mischief after traversing a Sanctuary Onslaught portal.

Hotfix 31.7.1 (2022-07-28)

  • Fixed incorrect number of Stimulus pick-ups in Sanctuary Onslaught.

Hotfix 31.6.1 (2022-06-09)

  • Fixed Eximus enemies not dropping their guaranteed Energy and 2x Health Orbs on death in Sanctuary Onslaught.
  • Fixed Sanctuary Onslaught occasionally spawning an extra Eximus that didn’t contribute to Efficiency when killed.

Update 31.1 (2022-02-09)

  • Fixed a lack of enemy spawns in the Gas City Sabotage tileset, most noticeable when the tileset is selected for Sanctuary Onslaught.
  • Fixed Preparation Mod not setting your max Energy after entering a Sanctuary Onslaught Conduit.

Update 30.9 (2021-11-11)

  • (Undocumented) Elite Sanctuary Onslaught now allow Mastery Rank 30+ players that have put at least 1 Forma into their Warframe to bypass the "Rank 30 Warframe" requirement.

Update 30.9 (2021-11-11)

  • Fixed a nasty hitch that would occur periodically in Sanctuary Onslaught missions.

Hotfix 30.5.3 (2021-07-09)

  • Fixed Buff and Energy not resetting upon entering a Sanctuary Onslaught Conduit when Yareli is riding Merulina.

Hotfix 30.3.3 (2021-05-28)

  • Fixed a softlock when attempting to use the Emote wheel via controller in Sanctuary Onslaught.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent Conduits from appearing in Sanctuary Onslaught.

Hotfix 30.3.2 (2021-05-27)

  • Missed Change: You can now use Emotes in Sanctuary Onslaught missions!
    • We’ve also fixed the entire Gear wheel being usable - just Emotes, Simaris said so!

Update 30.0 (2021-04-13)

  • Fixed Zephyr getting stuck in her Divebomb animation when going through a Sanctuary Onslaught portal.

Hotfix 29.10.3 (2021-03-23)

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Alt-Tabbing out of the game during a Sanctuary Onslaught mission.

Update 29.10 (2021-03-19)

Update 29.3 (2020-10-27)

  • Fixed Syndicate Standing earned in (Elite) Sanctuary Onslaught not being displayed on the Mission Progress screen.

Hotfix 29.2.2 (2020-10-06)

  • Fixed cases of Simaris appearing white instead of orange when entering Sanctuary Onslaught.

Update 28.0 (2020-06-11)

  • The Blazing Step Ephemera has been removed from the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught rewards table and added to two places:
    • Arbitration Honors Store in the Relay
    • Railjack Commander Boss Drop Tables (5%)
      • Out of the growing list of Ephemeras, Blazing Step was the more difficult to obtain due to its drop rate within the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught table. By taking Blazing Step out of the ESO table, the rewards within ESO will normalize and fill in the missing 1.01%. You now have the option to either spend your Vitus Essence in the Arbitrations Honor Store or by bringing demise to Railjack Commanders during your Railjack missions.
  • Fixed not receiving Credits for completing the first 2 Zones of Sanctuary Onslaught.

Update 27.4 (2020-05-01)

Hotfix 27.3.15 (2020-04-17)

  • Fixed a script error that would prevent Sanctuary Onslaught Conduits from appearing.

Update 27.2 (2020-03-05)

  • Fixed Ability menu remaining open when entering a Sanctuary Onslaught Conduit.
  • Fixed the “waiting for players” button mission the pause icon in the UI when loading into Elite Sanctuary Onslaught.

Update 27.1 (2020-02-04)

  • All Sanctuary Onslaught and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught Captura Scenes can now be sold for 3500 Credits for those that have duplicates!
  • Fixed being able to get behind the first Data-Conduit in Sanctuary Onslaught.
  • Fixed Power Menu UI remaining open when entering a Data-Conduit in Sanctuary Onslaught when using a controller.

Update 25.8 (2019-10-01)
Gauss Changes & Fixes:

  • Battery will no longer drain during the Sanctuary Onslaught Zone teleport.

Hotfix 25.7.6 (2019-09-18)

  • Fixed cases where enemies would be standing around idle in Sanctuary Onslaught instead of storming towards you.

Hotfix 25.7.4 (2019-09-05)

  • Fixed missing Sanctuary Onslaught Portal FX.

Hotfix 25.7.2 (2019-08-30)

  • Fixed a rare crash when transitioning between Zones in Sanctuary Onslaught.

Update 25.7 (2019-08-29)

  • Fixed a crash in Sanctuary Onslaught.
  • Fixed mid-Wave Host migrations in Sanctuary Onslaught resulting in pixelated Warframes and enemies until you enter a new portal.
  • Fixed Wukong’s Celestial Twin kills not counting towards Sanctuary Onslaught efficiency.

Hotfix 25.4.1 (2019-07-24)

  • Fixed inability to move properly when Titania is in Razorwing in Sanctuary Onslaught.

Hotfix (2019-07-16)

  • Fixed issues on Earth as reported here.

Update 25.0 (2019-05-22)

  • Sanctuary Onslaught now has a chance to roll the Vay Hek Trial tileset.

Hotfix 23.6.1 (2018-08-30)

  • Potential fix for crash on host migration in Onslaught.

Hotfix 23.0.3 (2018-06-19)

  • Fixed the return of the perpetual loading screen when a Host Migration in Onslaught occurred.
  • Fixed spawning inside a geometry collision in a specific Onslaught.

Update 22.20 (2018-05-17)

  • Onslaught mission Credits are now rewarded every 2 successful Zones. This eliminates being able to achieve free Credits in the initial spawn room by letting the timer run out.

Hotfix 22.19.1 (2018-05-03)

  • Fixed excessively tiled floor material in the Grineer Asteroid Onslaught tile.
  • Fixed crashes that could occur when leaving Onslaught due to Warframe abilities still being active when Zone gets destroyed.

Update 22.19 (2018-05-02)

  • Removed Kuria’s from Onslaught tiles since Simaris does not allow the use of gear in the Sanctuary.
  • Sahasa Kubrows can no longer dig up Resources in Onslaught.
  • Fixed several Host migration issues in Onslaught.
  • Fixed a Lua Onslaught tile having doors that appeared unlocked due to incorrect materials.
  • Fixed End of Mission rank being A- when aborting before a Zone has been completed.

Hotfix 22.18.8 (2018-04-28)
Sanctuary Onslaught Changes:
We still see Onslaught as a more bite-sized gameplay experience, but combined with the efficiency changes below, how far your team can last should be dictated slightly more by your ability to kill instead of hard numeric limits. The Simulation is alive and ever changing.

  • Removed the increased Efficiency drain when you hit Zone 20 in Sanctuary Onslaught and from Elite Sanctuary Onslaught when you hit Zone 14. Efficiency drain will hit its max rate in Zone 16 of Sanctuary Onslaught and Zone 15 of Elite Sanctuary Onslaught.
  • Added more tiers of increasingly higher level enemies in both Sanctuary Onslaught and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught:
    • Sanctuary Onslaught
      • Level 80-100 in Zone 15
      • Level 110-130 in Zone 20
      • Level 130-150 in Zone 25
    • Elite Sanctuary Onslaught
      • Level 200-220 in Zone 20
      • Level 250-280 in Zone 25
  • Removed unnecessary ice environment textures in the Grineer Shipyard Onslaught tile.
  • Removed an Orokin Derelict tile from Onslaught that was too small - this means that Zone 12 of Elite will have a new tile.
  • Removed an Infested Corpus Onslaught tile that was deemed unsuitable for the Simulation.

Sanctuary Onslaught Fixes:

  • Fixed Clients being perpetually stuck on the loading screen after a Host migration in Onslaught.
  • Fixed cases of Conduits not materializing after a Host migration occurs.
  • Fixed cases of Clients being trapped in the old Zone after the Host transitions through the Conduit first and disconnects on the other side.
  • Fixed Efficiency continuing to drain after a Conduit has appeared and you have yet to pass through it. Once all players are through the Conduit and into the next Zone, the Efficiency will recommence draining.
  • Fixed Specimens beating the crap out of helpless players who are trapped in the loading screen when a Host migration occurs. Specimens will now be paused while you are in the loading screen.

Hotfix 22.18.7 (2018-04-25)
Sanctuary Onslaught Balance Changes:
Player experiences and data determined that enemy scaling was broken and not consistent with game modes outside of Onslaught. A more descriptive and in-depth read can be viewed here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/950011-sanctuary-onslaught-difficulty-changes/

  • Elite: Lowered Specimen level ranges, with Zone 1 starting at level 60-70 and reaching a max of level 150-180 once you hit Zone 15 (instead of Zone 10).
  • Elite: Removed additional Damage Multiplier for higher level Specimens.
  • Efficiency drain ramps up more aggressively between Zones 10-20 in either Onslaught mode.
  • Efficiency Stimulus spawns will not appear beyond Zone 15 in either Onslaught mode.

General Sanctuary Onslaught Changes:

  • Khora Blueprints have been removed from Elite rewards and replaced with Radiant Axi Relics. Other Relics have moved around rotations to fit - see our drop-table site for full drops!
View Elite List
Rotation A

400 Endo (9.48%)
Lith T1 Relic (Radiant) (9.48%)
Lith N3 Relic (Radiant) (9.48%)
Lith Z1 Relic (Radiant) (9.48%)
Lith B2 Relic (Radiant) (9.48%)
Lith C2 Relic (Radiant) (9.48%)
Lith H2 Relic (Radiant) (9.48%)
Lith S7 Relic (Radiant) (9.48%)
Lato Vandal Receiver (2.01%)
Kuva Fortress Crevice Scene (4.42%)
Lua Balcony Scene (4.42%)
Meso N5 Relic (Radiant) (4.42%)
Meso O2 Relic (Radiant) (4.42%)
Meso G1 Relic (Radiant) (4.42%)

Rotation B

Synthetic Eidolon Shard (15.18%)
400 Endo (15.18%)
Meso T1 Relic (Radiant) (15.18%)
Meso T2 Relic (Radiant) (15.18%)
Braton Vandal Barrel (15.18%)
Braton Vandal Receiver (5.53%)
Lato Vandal Blueprint (2.01%)
Neo S7 Relic (Radiant) (5.53%)
Neo K1 Relic (Radiant) (5.53%)
Neo B4 Relic (Radiant) (5.53%)

Rotation C

750 Endo (18.97%)
Neo M1 Relic (Radiant) (18.97%)
Neo Z1 Relic (Radiant) (18.97%)
Neo B2 Relic (Radiant) (18.97%)
Braton Vandal Stock (2.46%)
Braton Vandal Blueprint (2.01%)
Lato Vandal Barrel (2.46%)
Peculiar Bloom (2.46%)
Axi A3 Relic (Radiant) (2.46%)
Axi E2 Relic (Radiant) (2.46%)
Axi H3 Relic (Radiant) (2.46%)
Axi N5 Relic (Radiant) (2.46%)
Axi O2 Relic (Radiant) (2.46%)
Axi K2 Relic (Radiant) (2.46%)

  • Removed the Rank 30 Warframe requirement from Sanctuary Onslaught - remains a requirement for Elite Onslaught.
  • Certain Onslaught tiles now have a 20% chance of having an environmental hazard.
  • Increased Specimen spawns in the Corpus Gas City Onslaught tile and Grineer Fortress Onslaught tile.
  • Reverted the addition of more types of Grineer, Corpus, and Infested Specimens to Onslaught. More testing will be done for these Specimens and added in at a later time.
  • Removed more tiles that were leading to Specimen navigation issues.
  • Removed physical lockers and containers from the Void Onslaught tile.
  • Removed Simaris line referring to 'comrades' when Conduit is closing to eliminate possibility of referencing other players when running Solo.
  • A prompt will appear that indicates you need to have a Rank 30 Warframe (Elite) and have completed The New Strange quest when selecting Sanctuary Onslaught if you do not meet those requirements.

Sanctuary Onslaught Fixes:

  • Fixes towards crashing when entering a Conduit.
  • Fixed rejoining right before the Conduit materializes can prevent it from spawning.
  • Fixed invulnerability not being applied/removed correctly in various scenarios of jumping through the Conduit as the Operator.
  • Fixed some Onslaught tiles having permanent Fire hazards due to explosive barrels.
  • Fixed initial Conduit not showing at correct size for Clients.

Hotfix 22.18.6 (2018-04-24)

  • Added more types of Grineer, Corpus, and Infested Specimens to Onslaught.
  • Overhauled the Onslaught Void tile by adding more Specimen spawns and improving Specimen navigation throughout the tile.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality when trying to launch Onslaught with a rank < 30 Warframe.
  • Fixed Conduit transitioning FX restarting if you enter Conduit during the final 5 seconds where screen is already auto-fading to white.

Hotfix 22.18.5 (2018-04-24)

  • We now give Zone rewards the moment the Conduit portal appears instead of requiring at least one player to transition through.
  • Fixed a crash as a result of a Conduit closing in Onslaught.
  • Fixed a permanent white screen if a player revives during Zone cross fade.
  • Fixed issues with time still passing when playing in Solo and pausing the game.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality that could occur during Zone transitions.
  • Fixed 'Wave Complete' appearing over End of Mission.
  • Potential fix for the 'white wall of fog' that would stay up between Zones.
  • Possible fix for no initial Conduit spawning.
  • Fixed issues with missing sound FX within the Onslaught game mode.
  • Fixed the 'Repeat Last Mission' button not working with Onslaught game modes.
  • Fixed Clients not receiving rewards after Onslaught mission ends due to a failed Host migration.

Hotfix 22.18.4 (2018-04-23)

  • Potential fix for a deadlock that could occur between Zones.
  • Fixed many common crashes with Sanctuary Onslaught - still more to go!
  • Fixed inbox transmissions missing from Simaris - he recorded a selfie-video for you all but forgot to attach it earlier.
  • Removed a larger cap room from the Grineer Galleon as AI had pathing problems from them.
  • Fixed an exploit where hosts running at (intentionally) low framerate could cause the mission timer to run super slowly.
  • Fixes to ensure mission timer pauses once all enemies have been cleared and players are waiting for portal to appear.
  • Fixed an issue for Clients when transitioning through the portal, which could result in Clients not hearing music.
  • Potential fix for being sent back to previous room when falling into pit immediately after Conduit use.
  • Fixed issues with enemies spawning out of attack range on a tile.
  • Fixed issue with enemies getting stuck on certain ledges.
  • Fixed issues on Moon tile with spawns & getting stuck

Hotfix 22.18.3 (2018-04-21)

  • Fixed more cases of crashes caused by joining Sanctuary Onslaught missions in progress.
  • Fixed crashes by timing issues more likely to happen on slower computers.
  • Fixed enemy spawning after host migration.
  • Fixed Efficiency meter draining while waiting for portal transition effects to finish.
  • Fixed Efficiency Boosts not being tracked correctly when squad is split up between different zones.

Hotfix 22.18.2 (2018-04-20)

  • Conduits now automatically closes in 30 seconds after spawning. If you take too much of your sweet time getting to the Conduit, you will be auto-extracted with your spoils intact. This is also our intended extraction mechanism for those who do not wish to go on - simply stay behind!
  • Improved Infested spawns by adding more spawn points in the Onslaught Derelict tile (most commonly encountered in Zone 17 of this week's Elite Rotation).
  • Improved numerous enemy spawns to Onslaught Asteroid tiles.
  • Removed an Infested Corpus tile and Orokin Tower tile that contained unremovable spoils in Sanctuary Onslaught.
  • Removed a white bar in the End of Mission screen for Sanctuary Onslaught summary under the "TOTAL" panel.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when joining an Onslaught in progress.
  • Fixes towards players getting a white screen after jumping through a Conduit.
  • Fixed dark Warframe lighting when standing on broken platforms in the beginning Onslaught room before you enter the Conduit.
  • Fixed very dark lighting in the Orokin Derelict Onslaught tile.
  • Fixed Sanctuary Onslaught total wave score showing incorrect value after the first two zones.
  • Fixed Sanctuary Onslaught music not playing for Clients.

Hotfix 22.18.1 (2018-04-20)

  • Removed the Lua puzzle room tile from Onslaught. Given the spawning logic of Onslaught this would be a dramatic re-occurrence beyond our intended rarity for Forma.
  • Removed a Grineer Sealab tileset from Onslaught. The Submersible water volumes do not function in the Sanctuary.
  • Removed Crates that were dropping spoils in Sanctuary Onslaught; replaced with 100% grass fed simulation friendly standard crate spawns now.
  • End of Mission screen now displays ‘Elite Onslaught Summary’ when playing Elite Sanctuary Onslaught.
  • Onslaught pickups will now be heard by other players when in radius.
  • Fixed a plethora of crashes related to Host Migrations, Conduits, etc, in Onslaught.
  • Fixed Onslaught Conduits not spawning if a Host Migration occurs.
  • Fixed Onslaught HUD being pre-translated into the Host's language.
  • Fixed Clients possibly getting stuck with Mesa’s Peacemaker active if they fall into a pit.
  • Fixed missing Onslaught Conduit FX transition and lingering white screen if you moved away from the Conduit as it spawned.
  • Fixed intro Simaris transmission not playing for Clients when initially loading into Onslaught.
  • Fixed incorrect End of Mission Simaris transmission when completing between 3 & 5 Onslaught zones.
  • Fixed missing door frames in Orokin Onslaught tile.

Update 22.18 (2018-04-20)

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Hotfix 23.6.1 (2018-08-30)