This remotely detonated electrical trap is used by devotees of New Loka to protect their temples and shrines.

The Sancti Castanas are an exclusive version of the TaserStar Castanas available only from New Loka. It has higher base damage, status and critical chance as well as innate Purity effect.


  • The Sancti Castanas can be acquired by reaching the Rank of Flawless with New Loka, and spending ReputationLargeBlack100,000 to purchase. As with all Syndicate Weapons, the Sancti Castanas cannot be chosen as the free offering upon ranking up to Flawless rank.
  • Syndicate weapons can be also be acquired via Trading, but only for unranked copies without Forma and Orokin Catalyst installed.
  • Players must have a Mastery Rank of at least 10 to acquire the Sancti Castanas, either through trading or through the Syndicates themselves.


This weapon deals Electricity b Electricity damage.


  • Highest base damage of all throwing-type secondaries.
  • High critical chance.
  • Very high status chance.
  • Very high reload speed.
  • Pinpoint accuracy.
  • Mines can stick to surfaces, including enemies and allies.
  • Silent, even if the projectile hits the enemy.
  • User can detonate charges on command via Alternate Fire, giving the player precise timing in detonation.
    • Detonation has an explosion radius of 3 meters.
    • Up to six deployed mines can be ready for detonation at the same time.
  • Extra projectiles generated by Multishot have a very wide horizontal spread, effective at covering large groups of enemies.
  • Innate Purity effect.
  • Two innate Madurai Pol and one Vazarin Pol polarities.


  • Innate Electricity b Electricity damage – less effective against Alloy Armor.
  • Projectiles have very slow travel time with arcing.
  • Explosions inflict self-damage.
  • Semi-automatic fire, unlike other throwing weapons.
  • Extremely low magazine size of just 2 rounds; requires frequent reloading.
  • Low ammo capacity size of 18.
  • Can only have six deployed mines out at once.
    • Extra projectiles generated by Multishot will count towards this limit.


Weapon LoadoutsEdit


  • New Loka Operatives found within Syndicate Missions use this weapon, however due to the Castanas' heavy arcing, their shots will often land on the floor far from their target at range or become stuck upon a cover or wall.
  • Up to 6 charges can be active at one time. Using alternate fire will detonate all active charges in rapid succession.
  • Enemies will be alerted by thrown Castanas.


  • The first part of its name, Sancti, is likely derived from the Latin word "sanctus", meaning holy. The Sanctus is also the name of a hymn in Catholic liturgy, or 'Hymn of Victory' in the Greek rendition.


  • Like the TaserStar Castanas, the Sancti Castanas, when equipped with Multishot, will spread out heavily when multishot is activated, making accuracy drop drastically.


  • Sancti Castanas in Codex.

Sancti Castanas Skins

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 23.10
  • Updated weapon FX for the Sancti Castanas.

Update 22.20

  • Reduced the ammo pool of Sancti Castanas.
  • Increased the effect of gravity on the Sancti Castanas.

Hotfix 22.13.3

  • Made the additional projectiles of Castanas from Multishot spread in a more uniform/predictable pattern.

Update 22.12

  • Mastery Rank increased from 6 to 10.
  • Damage increased from 115 to 300.
  • Status chance increased from 15% to 34%.
  • Critical chance increased from 10% to 23%.
  • Critical damage increased from 1.5x to 2x.
  • Increased speed of projectile.
  • Deployed damage radius increased from 2m to 3m.
  • Multishot now spreads additional projectiles horizontal only.
  • Ammo pool decreased from 30 to 18.

Update 21.6

  • Picking up disarmed thrown Secondary weapons (Castanas, etc.) will now display the context action “Pick Up *Thrown Weapon” instead of “Pick up Auto Pistol”.
  • Reduced the damage AoE radius of the Castanas family in Conclave.

Hotfix 21.4.1

  • Fixed Castanas projectiles being destroyed in flight doing 4x damage with 2x radius in Conclave.

Update 21.4

  • Increased the damage Castanas do on impact in Conclave.
  • Fixed the Castanas not doing damage when detonated while airborne in Conclave.

Update 21.0

  • Fixed Mod TT 20pxMagnum Force equipped on Castanas modded for multishot resulting in pin-point accuracy.
  • Castanas family are now destroyable by damaging them in Conclave.

Update 20.5

  • Reduced the detonation delay of detonated explosive weapons (Castanas, etc).

Update: The Index Preview

  • Increased damage of Castanas series in Conclave.
  • Maximum amount of deployed Castanas reduced to 2 in Conclave.
  • Conclave Mod Heavy Warhead is no longer usable with Castanas.

Update: Specters of the Rail

  • Fixed an incorrect material being used on the Castanas’ holster.

Update 18.5

  • Increased AoE damage of the Castanas series in Conclave.
  • Increased the lifetime of the Castanas series in Conclave.

Hotfix 18.4.10

  • Removed the headshot multiplier from the Castanas series in Conclave.
  • The Castanas series explosive damage no longer ignores cover in Conclave.

Update 18.4

  • Fixed Castanas not having a duration if they pass through Volt's Electric Shield in Conclave

Hotfix 18.0.7

  • Castanas now have a 10 second lifetime duration when used in Conclave matches.
  • Castanas will now wake up Rested targets in Conclave.

Update 18.0

  • Castanas Series is now available for use in Conclave.

Update 17.5

  • Fixed the Castanas being unable to destroy rotating laser traps in the Void.

Update 16.8

  • Fixed Castanas' explosions not using the proper energy color.

Update 16.0

  • Fixed Sancti Castanas looking blurry.

Hotfix 15.12.2

  • Fixed an issue causing attachments on the Sancti Castanas and regular Castanas to turn grey.

Update 15.5

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Update 24.8

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