High value metals collected from war salvage.

—In-Game Description
For the infested mission type, see Infested Salvage.

Salvage is a common component that can be found on MarsJupiter and Sedna. It is usually found in quantities of hundreds. Salvage is an important component in crafting many blueprints.

Farming Locations

These are based on opinions and may not be 100% true. These should be viewed as advice for finding the resource until better facts are proven.

Target Planet Name Type Level Tile Set
IconInfestedB.svg Jupiter Cameria Survival (Dark Sector) 20 - 30 Corpus Gas City
IconInfestedB.svg Mars Wahiba Survival (Dark Sector) 10 - 20 Corpus Ship

Blueprints Requiring Salvage

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Blueprint Type Quantity
Ack & BruntRegorAxeShield.png Ack & Brunt Melee 7,500 (620)
AcridAcrid2.png Acrid Secondary 6,000
Adrenal Stim Gear (30,000)
Air Support Charges x10 Gear 2,000
AkstilettoTennoUzi.png Akstiletto Secondary 800 (550)
AkzaniAkzani.png Akzani Secondary 1,500
Amesha Harness Component (6,200)
Amesha Systems Component 6,700
AmphisDEAmphis.png Amphis Melee 500
Ancient Healer Specter x5 Gear 2,500
AngstrumCorpusHandRocket.png Angstrum Secondary 900
AnkuParisScythe.png Anku Melee 800 (500)
AnkyrosAnkyros.png Ankyros Melee 900
Antiserum Injector Gear 6,000
Apoc Mk I Ship Turret (1,000)
Apoc Mk II Ship Turret (1,000)
Arca PlasmorCrpShotgun.png Arca Plasmor Primary (12,000)
Arca SciscoCrpScopePistol.png Arca Scisco Secondary 12,500
ArgonakLaserAimRifle.png Argonak Primary (2,000)
Ascaris Negator Quest 450
Ash Locust Helmet Cosmetic 500
Ash/PrimeAsh PrimeIcon272.png Ash Prime Neuroptics Component 1,000
Ash Scorpion Helmet Cosmetic 500
AshAshIcon272.png Ash Systems Component 500
Atlas/PrimeAtlas PrimeIcon272.png Atlas Prime Neuroptics Component 4,700
Atlas Shikoro Helmet Cosmetic 4,400
Atlas Tartarus Helmet Cosmetic 1,200
AtomosGrnHeatGun.png Atomos Secondary 1,500
AtteraxGrineerWhip.png Atterax Melee 1,500
Atterax Desert-Camo Skin Cosmetic 775
AtticaTnoPrmryXbow.png Attica Primary (300)
AzimaSundialPistol.png Azima Secondary 2,750
Banshee Chorus Helmet Cosmetic 500
BansheeBansheeIcon272.png Banshee Neuroptics Component 500
Banshee/PrimeBanshee PrimeIcon272.png Banshee Prime Chassis Component 7,000
Banshee Reverb Helmet Cosmetic 500
BansheeBansheeIcon272.png Banshee Systems Component 500 (1,000)
BaruukBaruukIcon272.png Baruuk Chassis Component 3,250
Baruuk Meroe Helmet Cosmetic 5,000
BazaBaza.png Baza Primary (1,750)
Bishamo Greaves Cosmetic 50,000
Bleeding Dragon Key Gear (100)
BoBoStaff.png Bo Melee 900
BoarBoar.png Boar Primary 750
BoltorBoltor.png Boltor Primary 900
Broken ScepterGrnQueenSceptre.png Broken Scepter Melee 2,500
Burston Solstice Skin Cosmetic 775
BuzlokGrnGorgSniperRifle.png Buzlok Primary 5,000 (500)
Calcifin Stim Gear (30,000)
CassowarCassowar.png Cassowar Melee 5,700
CastanasTaserStar.png Castanas Secondary 800 (500)
CatabolystCatabolyst.png Catabolyst Secondary (3,750)
Ceti LaceraCetiLacera.png Ceti Lacera Melee 8,150
Charger Specter x5 Gear 2,500
ChromaChromaIcon272.png Chroma Chassis Component 900
Chroma Mark Quest 2,000
Chroma/PrimeChroma PrimeIcon272.png Chroma Prime Chassis Component 7,800
Chroma Signal Quest 1,000
Cipher x1 Gear 400
Clem Clone x5 Gear 2,500
Clotra Stim Gear (30,000)
Corinth Solstice Skin Cosmetic 775
Corrupted Bombard Specter x5 Gear 2,500
Corrupted Lancer Specter x5 Gear 2,500
CyanexCyanex.png Cyanex Secondary (2,250)
DaikyuAsymmetricBow.png Daikyu Primary 1,200 (500)
Decaying Dragon Key Gear (100)
DespairDespair.png Despair Secondary 4,500
DetoniteInjector64.png Detonite Injector Resource 500
Djinn Sentinel 30,000
Dual CestraDualCorpusMinigun.png Dual Cestra Secondary (400)
Dual CleaversDual Cleavers.png Dual Cleavers Melee 1,000
Dual EtherDual Ether.png Dual Ether Melee 900
Dual Heat SwordsDualHeat.png Dual Heat Swords Melee 900
Dual IchorDualInfestedAxes.png Dual Ichor Melee 15,000
Dual KeresDualKeres.png Dual Keres Melee 13,250
Dual RazaSomaDualKamas.png Dual Raza Melee (400)
Dual ZorenDualZoren.png Dual Zoren Melee 900
Elytron Systems Component 6,000
Ember Backdraft Helmet Cosmetic 500
Ember Phoenix Helmet Cosmetic 500
EmberEmberIcon272.png Ember Systems Component 500
EmbolistInfestedPistol.png Embolist Secondary 15,000
EquinoxEquinoxIcon272.png Equinox Day Aspect Systems Component 500
Equinox/PrimeEquinoxPrimeIcon.png Equinox Prime Systems Component 5,400
Excalibur Avalon Helmet Cosmetic 500
Excalibur Pendragon Helmet Cosmetic 500
ExcaliburExcaliburIcon272.png Excalibur Systems Component 500
ExergisExergis.png Exergis Primary 8,500
Exergis Shock-Camo Skin Cosmetic 775
Extinguished Dragon Key Gear (100)
Falcor Shock-Camo Skin Cosmetic 775
FerroxFerrox.png Ferrox Primary 35,000
Fieldron64.png Fieldron Resource 500
FluctusArchRocketCrossbow.png Fluctus Arch-Gun (500)
FragorDEFragor.png Fragor Melee 750
Fragor Brokk Skin Cosmetic 500
Frost Aurora Helmet Cosmetic 500
Frost/PrimeFrost PrimeIcon272.png Frost Prime Systems Component 500
Frost Squall Helmet Cosmetic 500
FrostFrostIcon272.png Frost Systems Component 500
FuraxFurax.png Furax Melee 900
FurisFuris.png Furis Secondary 400
FusilaiGlassKunai.png Fusilai Secondary 10,000
GalatineGalatine o.png Galatine Melee 750
Galatine Solstice Skin Cosmetic 775
Gara Virago Helmet Cosmetic 5,000
Gauss Mag Helmet Cosmetic 500
GaussGaussIcon272.png Gauss Neuroptics Component 6,200
Gazal MacheteDjinnMachete.png Gazal Machete Melee 2,600 (500)
GlaiveDEGlaive.png Glaive Melee 4,500
Glazio Mk I Ship Turret (500)
Glazio Mk II Ship Turret (750)
Glazio Mk III Ship Turret (1,000)
GorgonGorgon.png Gorgon Primary 6,000
GrakataGrineerAssaultRifle.png Grakata Primary 900
GramDEGram.png Gram Melee 750
GrattlerGrnAntiAirGun.png Grattler Arch-Gun 6,000 (540)
Grendel Glutt Helmet Cosmetic 500
Grinlok Desert-Camo Skin Cosmetic 775
Guandao Solstice Skin Cosmetic 775
Guandao Synoid Skin Cosmetic 775
GunsenWarfanWeapon.png Gunsen Melee (15,500)
HarrowHarrowIcon272.png Harrow Chassis Component 25,000
Harrow Suffragan Helmet Cosmetic 5,000
HateDEStalkerScythe.png Hate Melee 4,500
HekHek.png Hek Primary 1,200
Hek Desert-Camo Skin Cosmetic 775
HemaInfestedBurstRifle.png Hema Primary 50,000
HikouHikou.png Hikou Secondary 4,000
Hildryn Asuron Helmet Cosmetic 500
HindHind.png Hind Primary 1,000
Hobbled Dragon Key Gear (100)
Hydroid/PrimeHydroid PrimeIcon272.png Hydroid Prime Chassis Component 10,500
Hydroid Triton Helmet Cosmetic 500
Ignis Solstice Skin Cosmetic 775
Itzal Systems Component 800 (72,500)
Ivara/PrimeIvara PrimeIcon272.png Ivara Prime Neuroptics Component 4,250
Jat KittagGrnJetPwrPolearm.png Jat Kittag Melee 5,000 (500)
Jat KusarJatKusar.png Jat Kusar Melee 7500
KarakGrineerM16Rifle.png Karak Primary 900
Karak Desert-Camo Skin Cosmetic 775
KarystKarystDagger.png Karyst Melee 1,500
KestrelKestrel.png Kestrel Melee 4,000
Khora Delphi Helmet Cosmetic 5,000
KhoraKhoraIcon272.png Khora Neuroptics Component 16,000
KnellPriestPistol.png Knell Secondary 20,000
KohmGrineerSparkGun.png Kohm Primary 2,500
KrakenKraken.png Kraken Secondary 750
KunaiKunai2.png Kunai Secondary 4000
Laith Mk I Ship Turret (500)
Laith Mk II Ship Turret (750)
Laith Mk III Ship Turret (1,000)
Landing Craft Foundry Segment Orbiter Segment (6,000)
LatronLatron.png Latron Primary 900
Lavos Cordatus Helmet Cosmetic 500
LectaLecta.png Lecta Melee 900
Lenz Solstice Skin Cosmetic 775
Limbo/PrimeLimbo PrimeIcon272.png Limbo Prime Systems Component 3,000
LimboLimboIcon272.png Limbo Systems Component 500
Loki Essence Helmet Cosmetic 500
Loki Swindle Helmet Cosmetic 500
LokiLokiIcon272.png Loki Systems Component 500
MacheteMachete.png Machete Melee 750
Mag Coil Helmet Cosmetic 500
Mag Gauss Helmet Cosmetic 500
Mag/PrimeMag PrimeIcon272.png Mag Prime Systems Component 500
MagMagIcon272.png Mag Systems Component 500
MagnusTennoMagnum.png Magnus Secondary 900
Mantis Fuselage Component 9,000
MarelokGrineerLeverActionPistol.png Marelok Secondary 5,000 (650)
Marelok Desert-Camo Skin Cosmetic 775
MasseterMasseter.png Masseter Melee 8,600
Mesa/PrimeMesaPrimeIcon272.png Mesa Prime Systems Component 625
Mirage/PrimeMirage PrimeIcon272.png Mirage Prime Systems Component 23,000
Mirage Trivelin Helmet Cosmetic 350
MOA Specter x5 Gear 2,500
MutagenMass64.png Mutagen Mass Resource 500
Nekros/PrimeNekros PrimeIcon272.png Nekros Prime Systems Component 15,000
Nekros Raknis Helmet Cosmetic 500
Nekros Shroud Helmet Cosmetic 500
NekrosNekrosIcon272.png Nekros Systems Component 500
NeuralSensor64.png Neural Sensors Resource 25,000
Neurode64.png Neurodes Resource 25,000
NezhaNezhaIcon272.png Nezha Neuroptics Component 4,500 (500)
NezhaNezhaIcon272.png Nezha Systems Component (1,000)
Nidus Myxini Helmet Cosmetic 5,000
Nidus Prion Helmet Cosmetic 5,000
Nova Flux Helmet Cosmetic 500
Nova Quantum Helmet Cosmetic 500
NovaNovaIcon272.png Nova Systems Component 500
NukorGrineerMicrowaveGun.png Nukor Secondary 5,500 (550)
Nyx Menticide Helmet Cosmetic 500
Nyx/PrimeNyx PrimeIcon272.png Nyx Prime Neuroptics Component 1,000
Nyx/PrimeNyx PrimeIcon272.png Nyx Prime Systems Component 1,000
NyxNyxIcon272.png Nyx Systems Component 500
Nyx Vespa Helmet Cosmetic 500
Oberon Markhor Helmet Cosmetic 500
Oberon Oryx Helmet Cosmetic 500
Oberon/PrimeOberon PrimeIcon272.png Oberon Prime Chassis Component 7,500
ObexCorpusKickNPunch.png Obex Melee 900
Octavia Cadenza Helmet Cosmetic 5,000
OctaviaOctaviaIcon272.png Octavia Chassis Component 25,000
Octavia/PrimeOctaviaPrime.png Octavia Prime Neuroptics Component 3,750
Odonata Prime Harness Component 1,000
Odonata Systems Component 500
OgrisOgrisNew.png Ogris Primary 5,000
OrokinCell64.png Orokin Cell Resource 25,000
PanderoTnBardPistol.png Pandero Secondary 25,000
PhageInfestedLongGunTwo.png Phage Primary (550)
Phase Specter x5 Gear 5,000
Plasma SwordPlasma.png Plasma Sword Melee 450
Plinx Shock-Camo Skin Cosmetic 775
Protea Mavv Helmet Cosmetic 500
ProteaProteaIcon272.png Protea Neuroptics Component 11,500
ProvaProva8point2.png Prova Melee 1,000
Pulsar Mk I Ship Turret (500)
Pulsar Mk II Ship Turret (750)
PupacystInfStaff.png Pupacyst Melee 8,750
PyranaSawnOffShotgun.png Pyrana Secondary 800 (500)
Pyrana Synoid Skin Cosmetic 775
QuantaCrpShockRifle.png Quanta Primary 7,000 (500)
QuartakkGrnFourBarrelRifleWeapon.png Quartakk Primary 12,450
QuatzQuatz.png Quatz Secondary 12,750
Railjack Engine Cowling Component 1,000
Refract Stim Gear (30,000)
RevenantRevenantIcon272.png Revenant Systems Component 8,000
RhinoRhinoIcon272.png Rhino Systems Component 500
Rhino Thrak Helmet Cosmetic 500
Rhino Vanguard Helmet Cosmetic 500
Roller Specter x5 Gear 2,500
RubicoFiveShotSniper.png Rubico Primary 3,800
Rubico Synoid Skin Cosmetic 775
Saryn Chlora Helmet Cosmetic 500
Saryn Hemlock Helmet Cosmetic 500
SarynSarynIcon272.png Saryn Neuroptics Component 400
Saryn/PrimeSaryn PrimeIcon272.png Saryn Prime Neuroptics Component 3,500
SarynSarynIcon272.png Saryn Systems Component 550
ScindoDEScindo.png Scindo Melee 750
Scindo Manticore Skin Cosmetic 500
Scindo Solstice Skin Cosmetic 775
Scorched Beacon Quest 1,000
ScourgePriestSpearGun.png Scourge Primary (9,750)
Seekalla Grip Zaw 900
SerroCorpuspolearm.png Serro Melee 1,000 (500)
SevagothSevagothIcon272.png Sevagoth Neuroptics Component 2,750
Shield Osprey Specter x5 Gear 2,500
Sigma & OctantisSundialSwordAndBoard.png Sigma & Octantis Melee 2,750
Sigma Engines Mk I Ship Component (300)
Sigma Engines Mk II Ship Component (450)
Sigma Reactor Mk I Ship Component (1,000)
Sigma Reactor Mk II Ship Component (1,500)
SkanaDESkana.png Skana Melee 750
SnipetronCorpusSniperRifle.png Snipetron Primary 1,200
SobekGrnDBSG.png Sobek Primary 900
SomaU10DesignCouncilTennoAR.png Soma Primary 8,000
SpiraLiDagger.png Spira Secondary 4,000
Squad Ammo Restore (Medium) x1 Gear 600
StugGrineerCrossbowGooGun.png Stug Secondary 3,000
SupraCorpusMachineGun.png Supra Primary 7,000
SybarisTnoLeverActionRifle.png Sybaris Primary 800 (500)
SydonGrnTridentWeapon.png Sydon Melee 4,000
SynapseU10InfPrimary.png Synapse Primary 30,000
Synthula64.png Synthula Resource (3,000)
Talyn Mk I Ship Turret (500)
Talyn Mk II Ship Turret (750)
Talyn Mk III Ship Turret (1,000)
Tatsu Solstice Skin Cosmetic 775
TenoraTnBardRifle.png Tenora Primary 15,000
TigrisDETigris.png Tigris Primary 1,200
Titania Aurai Helmet Cosmetic 5,000
Titania Mab Helmet Cosmetic 5,000
TonkorGrnGrenadeLauncher.png Tonkor Primary 1,500
Tonkor Desert-Camo Skin Cosmetic 775
ToridGrineerGrenadeLauncher.png Torid Primary 4,500
TravocyteAlloy64.png Travocyte Alloy x20 Resource 500
Trinity Aura Helmet Cosmetic 500
Trinity Meridian Helmet Cosmetic 500
TrinityTrinityIcon272.png Trinity Systems Component 500
Twin GremlinsGremlin.png Twin Gremlins Secondary 1,500
Tycho Seeker Mk I Ship Ordnance (1,000)
Tycho Seeker Mk II Ship Ordnance (1,250)
Valkyr Bastet Helmet Cosmetic 500
Valkyr Kara Helmet Cosmetic 500
ValkyrValkyrIcon272.png Valkyr Neuroptics Component 500
Valkyr/PrimeValkyr PrimeIcon272.png Valkyr Prime Neuroptics Component 15,000
ValkyrValkyrIcon272.png Valkyr Systems Component 500
Vapor Specter x10 Gear 7,500
Vauban Esprit Helmet Cosmetic 500
Vauban Gambit Helmet Cosmetic 500
Vauban/PrimeVauban PrimeIcon272.png Vauban Prime Neuroptics Component 16,000
VaubanVaubanIcon272.png Vauban Systems Component 500
VeldtVeldt.png Veldt Primary (12,000)
VelocitusArchRailgun.png Velocitus Arch-Gun (500)
VenkaTennoClaws.png Venka Melee 1,000 (400)
VerituxArchSword.png Veritux Arch-Melee 1,000
ViperViper.png Viper Secondary 300
Volt/PrimeVolt PrimeIcon272.png Volt Prime Systems Component 1,000
Volt Pulse Helmet Cosmetic 500
Volt Storm Helmet Cosmetic 500
VoltVoltIcon272.png Volt Systems Component 500 (1,000)
Vort Mk I Ship Turret (500)
Vort Mk II Ship Turret (750)
Vort Mk III Ship Turret (1,000)
VulkarVulkar.png Vulkar Primary 1,200
Wisp Gaoth Helmet Cosmetic 500
WispWispIcon272.png Wisp Systems Component 10,000
WukongWukongIcon272.png Wukong Systems Component 8,000 (1,000)
Xiphos Engines Component 7,500
ZaktiZakti.png Zakti Secondary (5,500)
ZarrGrineerCannon.png Zarr Primary 5,500
ZenistarSundialAxe.png Zenistar Melee 2,750
ZenithSundialRifle.png Zenith Primary 2,750
ZephyrZephyrIcon272.png Zephyr Neuroptics Component 500
ZephyrZephyrIcon272.png Zephyr Systems Component (1,000)
Total 1,089,575 (+306,810)
Research Ghost Clan x1   Shadow Clan x3   Storm Clan x10   Mountain Clan x30   Moon Clan x100

Last updated: Update 30.0 (2021-04-13)


By purchasing this item you can directly exchange Platinum64.png 30 for 3000 Salvage.

—In-Game Description

Beginning in Update 9.0 (2013-07-13) materials could be purchased directly from the market for Platinum64.png Platinum.

Gathering Tips

These are based on opinions and may not be true. These should be viewed as advice for finding the materials until better facts are proven.

  • Carme (Mobile Defense) on Jupiter will possibly drop as much as 2,000 a run if you loot all of the containers and lockers.
  • Olympus (Disruption) on Mars can provide at least 2,000 Salvage.
  • Endless missions have a higher concentration of mobs and also contains a decent amount of storage containers and lockers, which also have a chance to drop Salvage.