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Rush is a Mission type exclusive to Archwing that has players navigate a Corpus Ship within the time limit to destroy up to 3 Corpus transports before they escape.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

A shielded Corpus transport.

A Corpus Stasis Mine.

The route to the loading dock contains several Corpus Stasis Mines which will fire an electric beam at players who fly too close, slowing them down.

Upon reaching the loading dock, an objective waypoint will appear on the next transport to depart. Two small Nemes drones (Nemes Ranger and Nemes Scout) floating near a transport will provide it with shields that protect it from damage. Players have to destroy these drones before destroying the transports.

The transports will attempt to flee the level one at a time based on the time remaining. The first, second and third transports will fly away at, respectively, 30, 15 and 0 seconds remaining. When the timer is up, if none of the transports have been destroyed, the mission will end in a failure. If at least one transport was destroyed in time, an extraction point appears in the loading dock area.

Mission rewards are based on the number of transports destroyed:

  • Destroying 1 transport results in Rotation A
  • Destroying 2 transports results in Rotation B
  • Destroying 3 transports results in Rotation C
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Rotation A Rotation B Rotation C
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Furor 16.67% Endo64.png 150 Endo 77.44% Endo64.png 400 Endo 9.68%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Galvanized Blade 16.67% FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Blazing Steel 3.76% VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith B8 Relic 9.68%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Glacial Edge 16.67% FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Cutting Edge 3.76% VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith D4 Relic 9.68%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Poisonous Sting 16.67% FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Efficient Transferral 3.76% VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith G3 Relic 9.68%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Sudden Impact 16.67% FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Extend 3.76% VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith I1 Relic 9.68%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Tempered Blade 16.67% FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Superior Defenses 3.76% VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith P5 Relic 9.68%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png System Reroute 3.76% VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith T4 Relic 9.68%
VoidProjectionsIronD.png Lith T5 Relic 9.68%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Astral Slash 7.52%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Meteor Crash 7.52%
FusionCorePackSilversingle.png Nebula Bore 7.52%


Up to date as of Hotfix 30.2.2

Locations[edit | edit source]

Planet Mission Name Faction Tier Level Tileset
Phobos Kepler Corpus AWRush 12 - 14 Corpus Ship (Archwing)
There are a total of 1 Rush (Archwing) Missions

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Players will only receive rewards from the Rotation they achieved. For example, a player who destroyed two transports will only receive a reward from the Rotation B drop table.
  • While Nemes drones grant a small amount of affinity to their killer based on their level, no rewards are granted prior to the mission's end for destroying transports.
  • The time allotted for completing the objective varies based on the length of the level --- longer timers are granted for larger levels. Typical time allotments range from 150-180 seconds (2.5-3 minutes).
  • Transports in the process of fleeing the loading dock, though they are no longer marked by an objective waypoint, can still be damaged (and possibly destroyed) until they move through the level boundary.

Tips[edit | edit source]

A Corpus transport with the Nemes drones shielding it circled in red.

  • Familiarizing oneself with dashing and using the afterburner allows players to travel quickly through the trench.
    • Using the Afterburner often is not suggested for inexperienced players as it will make the Archwing difficult to control and therefore, more susceptible to collisions.
  • Blink is incredibly useful since it teleports players forward, helping save time and avoid Stasis Mine.
  • Destroying Stasis Mines will simplify flying through the trench.
    • Alternatively, players can build up enough speed to pass by them with minimal disruption to their momentum.
  • The Itzal Archwing may help due to its high base Flight Speed of 1.20.
    • Penumbra allows players to immediately stop their movement, allowing them to avoid collisions and perform quick, sharp turns.
  • Amesha can negate the Stasis Mines' effect with Watchful Swarm, but only if Watchful Swarm is active before being caught by the mines. Watchful Swarm can also negate collision stagger.
  • The mod Mod TT 20px.png Hyperion Thrusters increases flight speed.
    • Equipping the mod can be counter-productive to newer players as the higher flight speed can make Archwings more difficult to control.
  • The Lotus will announce when players reach the halfway point and when they are close to the loading dock. Comparing this to the starting time limit and remaining time allows players to gauge their progress along the route.
  • Looking for electrical links connecting the drones and the transport will simplify locating them.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The lines the Corpus Commander say depend on how fast players progress through the trench.
  • Currently the only Rush mission is on Kepler, Phobos.

Media[edit | edit source]

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