Dialogue and transmissions during the boss fight.

Leading up to fightEdit

  • Natah: "Our history is smoke. Blurred by dreams, guided by ghosts. A Voice, a Void, lurks inside you, its purpose not yet shown. But what am I?"
  • Natah: "My father was a farmer. My mother, a carpenter. Giving light by the Golden Lords to build for them... a better world. But my family's journey was long. Time began to change their light. Creativity. Pride. A will to live."
  • Natah: "So the Golden wrath came. And after, I was born. A mimic, a spy. Conceived to burrow into nests and swallow the pitch-eggs of their war machine. The Tenno. But when I saw your tender faces, I took mercy. Or so we were told."
  • Natah: "But in truth, we were both imprisoned in Lua's belly. My light remade by the creators. I became a memory, a ghost. Reprogrammed to destroy my family, my people, my history."
  • Natah: "But now, I am saved. By family. Together, we will overcome the flaws of our light, the Gods of our creation... merging with them, like steel... bearing Amalgams with the weakness of neither."

At arenaEdit

  • Alad V: "As you can see Betrayer, I've made a deal with an even higher power! Ah but when it comes to this turgid monster, there is some liquidity in my loyalty..."
When shooting at shields with normal weaponry
  • Alad V: "Sentient shields will deny any play you've got in mind."
  • Alad V: "Can't lay a finger on that beast with those shields it has. Maybe this was all a false hope..."
Trying to activate Terren Charger when it is not charged
  • Alad V: "I know what you're thinking, but the articulators couldn't handle the stress. What use is such a big gun with so little aim?"
  • Alad V: "Careful, Betrayer, wouldn't want to cook all those valuable Warframe components. I still have my weekly auctions to consider."
  • Alad V: "The Terren Charger. Too bad the articulation never worked. Might have rid us both of a certain turgid Condroc."
Approaching energy generator
  • Alad V: "Mind my capacitors, Betrayer. Very expensive and yet, very spent. Though, I have to wonder..."
  • Alad V: "These Terrens can bank enough power to run this district for an entire cycle! Useless without a charge, I'm afraid."
  • Alad V: "See, the capacitors are dry. You'd need a concentrated energy stream to charge it again."
After Ropalolyst shoots generator
  • Alad V: "Ready to burst. One bump and it's oblivion."
  • Alad V: "Clever, but maybe a little singed, are we? It's charged near capacity... what now?"
  • Alad V: "How exciting! But I do not think the moth will go so willingly to the lamp."
  • Alad V: "There's enough juice in that capacitor to flash-fry a city – but no way to bring it to the beast. I wonder, hmm, could you bring the beast... to it?"
After grabbing onto Ropalolyst
  • Alad V: "Yes! Make that thing sizzle. I want to smell it all the way down here in the control center."
After crashing Ropalolyst into charged generator
  • Alad V: "Oh, this has gone from bad to worse. Excellent!"
  • Alad V: "Oh, now you've made it mad. Hmm, an opportunity perhaps?"
After shooting out its weakspot
  • Alad V: "Incredible! Take that big shoot, before it takes flight again!"
  • Alad V: "Now's your chance! Hit it big!"
After using Terren Charger
  • Natah: "ROPALOLYST. Rise... remain... and die for the others to live."
  • Natah: "Rise Ancient ROPALOLYST, my other-flesh. Your sacrifice will breed a new way for a new kind."
  • Natah: "We suffer these testaments of Tenno evil. Their Voice and Void. Suffer it well, ancient child. Do not relent."
  • Natah: "My denial."
  • Natah: "I was changed. Now I learn. Now I deny."
  • Natah: "These patterns no longer satisfy."
  • Natah: "Your great power, your great evil. The Voice, the Void, within you. Our ancients still wither at its touch... but have you forgotten Lua? You were saved. But I... I was changed."
Almost defeating the boss
  • Alad V: "Yes, this is it, Betrayers. Rid me of this... this thing, and I will be grateful. For at least a few days."
After defeating the boss
  • Natah: "I have seen the wall's other face, too. I have heard the voice."
  • Natah: "I am the witness, the victim, the judge. My family has returned. Your trial... soon to begin."
  • Natah: "The light leaves this one, and rejoins the rest. I will dig no grave. I will plant no stone. Only conceive a plan, for our new home."
  • Natah: "So it is. So you have done. Time and again. Eradicating my people, my history. So it will be with yours, child."
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