Rollers resemble larger-sized Latchers. Unlike their smaller counterpart, Rollers will jump at players, bludgeoning and staggering them and will continue to attack the player until they are destroyed. Rollers are sent as a syndicate death squad by Steel Meridian.


  • Care should be taken to destroy these on Grineer defense missions. While you focus on the Grineer, the Rollers might change targets to the generator at which point they will seem to "stick" to it, not rolling or moving but rapidly depleting its health and shields making it much easier for other Grineer to damage it. In such a situation, they may be extremely difficult to hit with a ranged weapon. Using a melee weapon's AoE jump attack or a damaging AoE ability like Saryn's Miasma and Ember's Fire Blast can solve this.
  • Placing Vauban's Tesla in the surrounding areas or on players can help protect against roller attacks.
  • A sentinel with a well equipped Sweeper weapon, can dispatch these easily before you are staggered.
  • The codex entry for this enemy is easily completed fighting Kela De Thaym, who can constantly spawn up to three Rollers during her battle.
  • Parrying will not prevent the staggering effect.
  • Rollers can inflict a Slash b Slash proc to the player on hit, which always deals 3 damage per tick due to their damage not scaling with level.
  • Rollers have a wider angle of Detection range compared to regular Grineer, and it alerts its allies once pursuing its target regardless of Noise.


  • Currently they can get stuck and spin in place for extended periods of time before continuing to chase their target.
  • Rollers don't stop capture percentages in Interception missions, allowing a player to capture a tower even if rollers are in the capture range.
  • The Arson Eximus variant of this enemy cannot use its Fire Blast ability, but its Leech form can lifesteal.


  • Rollers were first introduced in Update 6. ​They were initially smaller and named "Grinders" when first released.
  • The Grineer Roller is one of the few enemy types to have proper capitalization in its name in-game, rather than the usual all capitals.
  • Up until circa Update 11, when destroyed by certain warframe abilities Rollers would spawn severed arms and/or legs, leading to theories that they somehow contained Grineer soldiers within. The gibs were ultimately removed.
  • Rollers no longer spawn in Grineer Settlements as of Update 9.5.3.
  • Rollers have extendable blades that use the same super-heated ceramic surface of the Machete and Dual Cleavers.
    • Rollers currently do not use their blades. They seem to have been removed as of about Update 15.
    • They can still inflict Slash b Slash procs, even without blades.
  • On Halloween of Update 10.6, the model of the Roller is replaced by an angry pumpkin with a glowing orange light inside.
    • This pumpkin model is static and does not change its shape when moving.


  • Grineer Roller close up
  • Roller Codex

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