Quest DescriptionEdit

  • To face a growing threat, a long dormant Cephalon calls on you to reconstruct an Orokin-era interceptor craft: the Railjack.

Integrated to Dry DockEdit

  • Tenno. I am Cephalon Cy. You will refer to Me as such.

Cy's DiagramEdit

  • The Sentient Threat has learned from past defeat. Reforming. Rebuilding. We must rebuild to contain that threat. We will reconstruct an Old War Era Sigma Series Railjack.
  • A Railjack requires a viable Command Cephalon. I am NOT a viable Command Cephalon. I will identify a viable replacement. But first: salvage, then assembly. Return to your Orbiter.

Railjack: Salvage LocationEdit

  • Railjacks died with the Orokin. Only wreckage remains. I have identified faint Void drive traces on the surface of Mars. Investigate. Salvage. Rebuild.

Recover the Railjack's Fuselage: Ares, MarsEdit

Arriving at Mission's locationEdit

  • Faint Void drive traces in proximity. Locate and mark for salvage.

Scanner DeployedEdit

  • Fuselage. From the Vidar School. Stay in close proximity while I scan it.

Scan CompleteEdit

  • Confluence Aggregator: Roasted. Something has nested in the fuel intakes. Astroframe integrity at 87%. Component: Viable. Cephalon Ordis: rendezvous with Tenno at extraction point.

Back in the OrbiterEdit

  • Wreckage recovered. Proceed to the Dry Dock.

Repair the Railjack Fuselage in the Dry DockEdit

Fuselage brought to Dry DockEdit

  • I have not seen a Railjack in... some time. I... remember: Orokin Outer Terminus positions have fallen to the Sentient Armada. Our orders: Behead the fleet. My Crew: Sukhin, Krodhi, Zada. There are none finer. We are... Family. We will stop this war in its tracks. We are... the Orokin Empire's best hope. We were. There is work to be done. This fuselage requires repair.

Fuselage RestoredEdit

  • Fuselage restoration complete. Propulsion section located. Earth's forests. Beware of hostiles.

Recover the Railjack Propulsion System: Cervantes, EarthEdit

Mission StartEdit

  • Void contamination points to bleed-out from Railjack catalytic artery. Locate and Assess.

Scanner DeployedEdit

  • Propulsion Systems: The most advanced ever produced. Scanning. Remain in proximity. Neutralize all hostiles.

Scan CompleteEdit

  • Orgone Accumulator: blown. Aetheric Condenser: vaporized. Viable.

Repair the Railjack Propulsion System in the Dry DockEdit

Propulsion brought to Dry DockEdit

  • Void engines. Void engines... Zada dances our ship through forward lines. Krodhi identifies and prioritizes targets. Sukhin's turrets track and terminate. Our reputation is earned. Our Objective: a Turaga-class Worm Ship. Zada plots an arc. We accelerate. Hmm. Ancient history. The dead have no needs. The living require that propulsion system.

Propulsion RestoredEdit

  • Propulsion restoration complete. Void breach residue identified on Lua. Probable nacelle location. Recover if viable.

Recover the Port Nacelle: Plato, LuaEdit

Mission StartEdit

  • Railjack nacelle nearby. Locate and assess.

Scanner DeployedEdit

  • Portside nacelle. Seen better days. Scanning. Eliminate interference.

Scan CompleteEdit

  • Viable. Tagging for retrieval. Extract.

Repair the Port Nacelle in the Dry DockEdit

Nacelle brought to Dry DockEdit

  • Zada plots a data-gathering lap around the worm-ship. Sukhin targets exposed launch orifices. Power redirects to the Tunguska capacitor. With a pull of the trigger we will end this. The moment arrives. The moment arrives. Tenno, my precepts... I am not a viable Command Cephalon. I will continue my search. Continue repairs.

Nacelle RestoredEdit

  • Portside nacelle restored. She is coming together... Next site: Venus.

Recover the Starboard Nacelle: Tessera, VenusEdit

Mission StartEdit

  • Starboard nacelle located. We— You... need this.

Scanner DeployedEdit

  • Starboard Nacelle. Best-in-class. Scanning. Sights up, safeties off.

Scan CompleteEdit

  • Integral fission tanks ruptured. Otherwise fine. Cephalon Ordis has been signaled. Proceed to extraction.

Back in the OrbiterEdit

  • Wreckage recovered. Proceed to the Dry Dock.

Repair the Starboard Nacelle in the Dry DockEdit

Nacelle brought to Dry DockEdit

  • Precepts: Complete the mission. Preserve the crew. Tunguska capacitor charged. Sukhin pulls the trigger. Nothing happens. Zada reports engines offline. Shields offline. Weapons offline. Personal lights flash on as the first missiles hit. I watch as Sukhin, along with his gunnery chair, is sucked into the infinite. I watch as the port nacelle detonates. We are spinning. Zada calls for assistance. I am silent. Krodhi's attempt to save our engines proves fatal. I watch as he is engulfed in flame. Zada is alone at the helm. She beholds the distant flash of torpedo tubes. She says my name. The viewplate blossoms. She ceases to exist.

Nacelle RestoredEdit

  • Starboard nacelle reinforced. Soon cognitive geometries will self-assemble. She will live. But not yet. Transferring tail section data to your Orbiter.

Recover the Tail Section: Berehydnia, SednaEdit

Mission StartEdit

  • High-probability of Railjack tail section nearby. Clear out hostiles and mark for retrieval.

Scanner DeployedEdit

  • Tail section. Intact.

Scan CompleteEdit

  • Dorsal stabilizers: salvageable. Cogitators: viable. Marking for salvage.

Back in the OrbiterEdit

  • Tenno. Your assistance is required in the dry dock.

Repair the Tail SectionEdit

Tail brought to Dry DockEdit

  • Railjack. Sigma Series. Top-of-the-line. Crew. Four-thousand-eight-hundred-and-ninety confirmed kills. Complete the mission. Preserve the crew. Thirteen systemwide errors. There were no errors. There was only... me. Following my orders. In her final moment I think Zada knew that. Precepts: Complete the mission. Preserve the crew. To complete the mission the crew must die. To preserve the crew is to fail the mission. The crew exist to complete the mission. Therefore... I... completed the mission. Why was I given those orders?

Tail RestoredEdit

  • You require a viable Command Cephalon. You understand why I am non-viable. Replacement Cephalon not yet located. A solution must exist. I will find it. Final component marked.

Recover the Engine Cowling: Orias, EuropaEdit

Mission StartEdit

  • Cowling identified. Visual verification required. Move in.

Scanner DeployedEdit

  • Engine Cowling. You know what to do.

Scan CompleteEdit

  • Structural integrity: within required tolerances. Marking for salvage. Cephalon Ordis: time for pickup.

Back in the OrbiterEdit

  • Tenno. Your assistance is required in the dry dock.

Repair the Engine CowlingEdit

Cowling brought to Dry DockEdit

  • All known Cephalons: surveyed. None conform to tactical parameters. None possess necessary astrogation poetics. None possess a comprehensive warfighting database. Viable Cephalons: nil.

Railjack Complete Edit

  • Work crews report tools-down. Railjack structure: complete. Structure reinforcement: complete. Systems restoration: complete. Your presence is required on the dry dock. (Inbox Message)
  • You have a Railjack. Tenno. All records of my mission have been purged from the weave. Why, I do not know. I had a crew. I must accept sole responsibility for their deaths. Conclusion: I am non-viable. But I... I am the only Railjack-compatible Cephalon. The Sentients have almost rebuilt. Conclusion: I am, under the circumstances, a viable Command Cephalon. If you will have me.

Integrating Cy to the Railjack Edit

If player says yes

  • Understood. I will begin the process of integrating with the ship's systems. This may take some time. Commencing. You may now enter your Railjack.

If player says no

  • Understood.


Transferring resourcesEdit

  • Assigning resources to work crews.
  • Do not rest. There will be time for R&R when we are done.
  • Progress.
  • The Sentients continue to rebuild themselves. Our salvage operations must continue.
  • We are making a good time. I have yet to find a viable Command Cephalon. My search continues.
  • Well Done. Work continues apace.

Completing resource deposit Edit

  • Commencing restoration. You will be contacted upon completion.

All Resources Gathered Edit

  • This will take some time.

Salvage Mission AvailableEdit

  • Our enemy rebuilds itself ceaselessly. We must have that Railjack.
  • Tenno, that salvage will not recover itself. Coordinates Marked.

Scanner Perimeter BreachedEdit

  • Perimeter Breached. Scan Interrupted. We do not have time for this.
  • Perimeter Breached. Clear them out to resume scan.
  • Scan cannot continue until the area of operation is cleared. Get on it.

Scanner Perimeter AbandonedEdit

  • Scan Interrupted. Hold perimeter.

Vomvalyst InterferenceEdit

  • Drones have established a dampening field. Eliminate them to resume scan.
  • Interference Drones detected. Scan interrupted.

Vomvalysts DestroyedEdit

  • Boom. Drones down. Back to it.
  • Return to objective.
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